Sex Encounter with my Cousin’s wife Part-2

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Hi all, my name is deep from Hyderabad. Hope you all enjoyed part-1. Let’s begin the story. As i gave the interval bang at the pussy will start from there.

She got a very clean shaved pussy with wet juices flowing down her clits. I just spread her legs wide so that i can bury my head into the pussy.

Slowly moving fingers all around the spot to make her more horny. She was moving with pleasure and moaning uhhh uhhhh….. Please don’t tease eat it…… Took my finger over the clits and started rubbing them slowly for which she got a shiver in her body.

Started licking the clits and biting them slowly by moving fingers all over her thighs and belly.
She held my head and started pressing deep into the pussy and moaning ahhh… Uhhhh… Ufffff..

I now slowly kept my fore finger inside the pussy which is already wet and precum is flowing. With my finger rubbing the Gspot inside with a slow pace by licking her clits made her cum in a very short time.

Now pushed my two fingers inside and started to do to and fro fastly by licking and sucking her clits and pussy lips. She is breathing and moaning heavily ahhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhh come on eat it suck it please don’t stop……..

Did this for around 15 min and made her cum again for which she got exhausted. Made her comfortable by let her sleep on my chest for a while and then again i started to kiss her pussy and now inserted my medium sized dick into her pussy as she is already wet it went inside smoothly and i started my pace slowly. As it is my first it gave me pain but it doesn’t seem like pain because of the pleasure we are having. Took both her legs onto my shoulders and started to do fastly by pressing her boobs so badly.

Did this for around 10min but i cum quickly because it’s my first time. Now took break for 5 min and started again but now in doggy style and then miltary and horse. Almost fucked in every angle possible for around 1 hour. By this time we totally got exhausted for the day to end.

Later we used to meet everytime possible and now i moved to Hyderabad and haven’t met her. I really missed her sexy body and boobsssss.

Wait for my next encounter.

All the beautiful women in Hyderabad just ping me in hike at 8096388774 as my hangouts isn’t working. Secrecy will be maintained for sure. Fulfilling your desires is my responsibility. Love you all

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