Physical love with Monty

As I reached a new destination in my life,even my class changed from B.A 1st year to 2nd year and there I got introduced with some guys as well as gals ,who failed to clear their yearly exam,so their promotion were held and a guy Monty,is my classmate.we got introduced in a college fest as he is a nice guy with tall figure of 6’1 feet ,wide chest and strong arms.He belongs to a business class family as our meet took new turns as our friendship reached to new level and I got attracted to him.we both started talking in lunch hour as he is trying to make me her girlfriend ,but leaving Anuj is not easy for me ,so I thought to keep our secret affairs out of college.swati a 22 years gal , height of 5’6 feet with physical measurement of 32-24-34 is sexy ,her boobs are nice as sexy ass sounds better when she walks as getting promoted in other class have made me more bold and my friendship with Monty is changing in secret meets ,we are now having nice time evening ,as he called me …………….

“Hi Monty
(Monty)Hello how are you?
(Swati)fine and you
(Monty) waiting for you to meet
(Swati)but this time , how I will leave my home?
(Monty)some excuse to mom ,only for an hour
(Swati)ok I will call you after sometime.”


As I walked to my mom and sitting near him on chair ,I started talking to him……..”mom I am going to meet my one friend Sonali
(Mom)but it’s late evening ,what’s the purpose?
(Swati)she is I’ll ,so missed her class
(Mom)ok you may go but come back soon.”so I frisked inside my room and after refreshment ,changed my clothes ,putting a crop-tops with a skirt to keep myself well covered and it’s 06:10 pm as I walked out of my home ,Monty is waiting near my appartment’s gate as I have called him out of appartment ,I can see a black alto car parked near road side ,I walked towards it as I can see Monty sitting inside and he opened the door as I am on front seat.looking at me ,he smiled as he starts the car and put it on road ,I don’t know our destination as I am sitting near him.looking at me ,he smiled…….

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“thinking about our destination
(Swati)yes where we are going?
(Monty) panchsheel park baby.”

As I felt his eyes going on my boobs often but he is driving car we both reached Hauz khas as he stopped car on a deserted path ,it’s an outer zone of panchsheel I am bit shy as well as afraid,but Monty opened the doors as we both get out from it ,it’s a dense greenery zone ,a safe heaven for Monty took out a carry bag as he locked the car ,holding my wrist and walking inside dense bushes as it’s a nature’s dark but street lights are enough to give us some we both are in dense bushes ,Monty put carry bag on grass as he hold me in his arms ,feeling shy I showed my resistance as I pushed him back but Monty took me in his arms again and his lips started kissing my face to’s a discrete affair as he is kissing me with his hand on my skirt ,moving on my sexy as he put his lips on my lips ,our curiosity mounts as he put my lip in his mouth to suck.I am not new to sex as I have lost my virginity and enjoyed Anuj’s ,Nikhil’s ,yogesh’s and Javed’s penis in my glory my boobs are on Monty’s chest as his hand is lifting my skirt and as he left my lips ,I pushed my tongue in his while standing on grass ,we both are loving eachother as my tongue getting sucked ,his bulge of penis is touching my navel as his hardness is exemplary,my mouth is tasting it’s saliva and than as I felt lot of sensation ,I pushed him Monty sits on grass with me as he took out a bottle of beer ,putting it in two disposable glasses ,I said……..

“Monty I don’t drink
(He smiled)darling ,it’s not an alcohol but it will enhance our pleasure .”

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As both took glass and started drinking beer ,Monty is looking smart in his short shirt with black coloured jeans and as he put hand on my boobs to press ,my hand moved to his bulge ,like a shameless gal ,I started unzipping his jeans and Monty put glass on grass as he removed his jeans from waist and putting it on his knees.His long penis is shining as it’s glans are soft and long,he hold my wrist and put my hand on his penis ,as I got it in my hand ,I showed him my resistance”no Monty please don’t do it” and as my hand left his cock ,he put my hand on his penis again but this time ,I started masturbating it slowly while getting massaged of my boobs .I am bit horny as I have my drinks and Monty took more beer to drink ,now my hand is jerking his cock to make it fully erect.
We are sitting on grass facing eachother ,as I hold his penis getting erected and he is pressing my we are drunk as well as horny ,Monty smiled……

“have you sucked cock before?
(Swati)no Monty it’s a start of physical love for me
(Monty)ok but I think you can suck it ,it will give you immense pleasure.”

And I love cock sucking but it’s secret from my new friend or lover I ask him to stand on grass as I knelt in front of his legs ,my face is near his penis and I put my lips on it as I am kissing fifth penis of my life.while removing it’s skin as my lips are touching its base to shaft,my finger is on his dense pubic hairs and now his soft long glans is on my lips as I am rubbing it on my lips to make myself looking at Monty,I opened my mouth and took his cock inside as closing my mouth ,I am sucking it ,let it erect more as my hand is on his testicles to press and Monty is screaming

“ohh aahh love you baby ,now jerk it in your mouth.”

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And I put my hand on his waist as my mouth is moving fast to give him a nice blowjob.its going harder in my mouth as it’s glans are hitting my deep throat and lastly ,I took it out as my tongue is licking his wet it’s fully erected ,I put it again in my mouth to suck and started sucking it hard and fast as he is

“uuhh aahh lovely suck my cock Swati ,never felt it before .”

As I am going hard my mind is thinking of his statement,lastly I left his cock and walked away in bushes ,as I unhooked my panty and urinated there while sitting on legs .now I took my panty on hand as I walked to him and took a bottle of water to wash my vagina .now Monty make me sleep on grass as my legs are wide and he put his hands under my sexy ass to make it up as he leaned his face on my cunt.its clean shaved and I put my fingers to distract my labias as he started rolling his tongue in my vagina ,feeling hot and horny but not going to swallow his long penis today in my cunt ,it’s my addiction of cock that makes me somehow Monty is licking my cunt fast with his long tongue as my ass is up from grass ,my both legs are shivering and I can expect my vagina pouring cum Monty took my vagina in his mouth to suck as he is sucking it ,my sexy voice

“uuuhh aahh uumm “is making us hot and lastly ,vaginal juice is out of cunt as he licked it for a while to taste it’s I am lying on grass and Monty have already removed his jeans with undies ,now he knelt in between my thighs as he is rubbing his glans on my vagina ,now I wake up and …….

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