After partying, Jimmy comes home to Mom

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, After partying, Jimmy comes to , Staggering up the steps of his front porch, Jimmy Woodson leaned against the railing and waited for his head to stop spinning. It was around 1:00 on a Saturday morning and he'd spent his Friday night living it up the way people his age tended to. It was the , Jimmy's first year of college was looming ahead, and a good friend from high school had thrown a major bash while his parents were out of town.

Alcohol had been readily available at the party, even though nobody there was 21. Jimmy wasn't much of a drinker, so it hadn't taken too many beers to knock him loopy. Once the party ended, some of his friends had driven him home. A few of them helped Jimmy out of the car, although he didn't actually need their help. He was a bit woozy but he was steady enough to walk. He planned to wave them away and do it himself, only to change his mind when he saw Julie waiting to assist him.

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Jimmy had always liked Julie, but he never had the guts to ask her out. He milked his condition a bit, giving him an excuse to lean on her and feel her body against his own. It was probably the most physical contact the two of them would ever have. Jimmy put his head on her shoulder, feeling her hair against his face. He loved the way she smelled.

As they made their way onto the porch, Jimmy's opened the door. It was well past Nancy's usual bedtime, but she always stayed up and waited when her went out, just in case.

“I can take him from here. Thanks, guys.”

“Okay, Mrs. Woodson,” Julie said. “Bye, Jimmy, I hope you feel better.”

Nancy guided her son through the door and into the front hallway. She was wearing a bathrobe over her nightgown, and Jimmy nuzzled up against his mom the way he had with Julie. Her robe felt so soft against his skin, and as much as he enjoyed Julie's scent, nothing compared to his mother's. Nancy blew a strand of her dark hair from her face as they rested for a moment.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Hi, honey. Come on, let's get you into the kitchen.”

Donald, Jimmy's father, couldn't have cared less about waiting up. He was upstairs in bed, fast asleep. Nancy talked to her son in a whisper and tried to keep him quiet so that they wouldn't wake her husband. Donald was strongly against underage drinking, and if he saw his son coming home in this condition, there would surely be hell to pay. As they made their way into the kitchen, Nancy asked Jimmy if he wanted a cup of coffee. In response, he simply mumbled something about sleep.

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Several months earlier, after he'd turned 18, Jimmy made a big stink about being grown up and wanting more privacy. After some discussion his parents agreed that he could move his bedroom down to the . It was a nice setup and gave him plenty of space, including his own private bathroom with a shower. But the staircase was pretty steep, especially for someone who wasn't able to walk into the house on his own.

Again, Jimmy could have managed it by himself, but he pretended to be more out of it than he was. Besides, his mother wasn't about to risk him falling and getting hurt. Nancy guided him to the basement door, flipped on the downstairs light, and helped him to the steps.

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