Part 1 Of Me And My Mom

This is a story I am about to share about me and my mom…
I was in bed one night about 2:30am and my mom was in the room next door and all of a sudden she had put her Television on and turned it up to a high volume and this was really strange because it was 2:30am and she never does this, but then a few moments passed and I began to hear her slightly moan and I began to figure out what was going on, her moans kept getting louder and louder and I began to start getting interested and horny over this. So I got out of bed and went into the hall and went to her room by the door and it was slightly open and I watched her lay on her bed naked while she was fingering herself and rubbing her vagina. I started to get very horny over this and continued to watch her so I began to start wanking off a bit and this went on for about 5 minuets until the floor that I was standing on made a loud noise and my mom looked over and I dodged out of the way and went quickly to my room. I got into bed and pretended I was sleeping and about a minute later I heard her start walking down the hall towards my room and she opened my door and stood there for a few moments then whispered my name a few times then whispered ‘I know you’re awake. And I know you like watching me’. I began to get scared in what she was going to say to me so I still continued to pretend to sleep then she walked over to my bed and started shaking me to wake me up (as if she thought I was sleeping) then I turned round on my side to face her and pretended I was only wakening up and she was standing right next to my bed right beside my face completely naked still and I looked away as if I didn’t want to see (even tho I would have loved to see) then she said ‘don’t act like you don’t like it, I seen you watch me.

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I know you love this’ I turned round again slowly and began staring at her giant tits for about 10 seconds and she said ‘come on are u just going to stare at me all night’ and she began to sit down next to me on my bed and my mother started to kiss me and we were both kissing each other for about 2 minuets and then I started to grab her big fat ass and I started to holding it then I had my both hands on her big fat ass and started holding and squeezing her ass like it was mine and something about that just made our kissing 10x better. Then I just went for it and brought one hand round and started to rub her vagina and once I knew she was not going to say anything about that I started to finger her. She bagan to bring her hand down my body and started feeling my cock through my briefs then she put her hand in my briefs and then took my cock out and started wanking it off then I started holding her big giant tits in my hands and sucking her nipples and I said to her ‘I’ve always wanted to do this’. She then forced me to lie back down on the bed and she then started to kiss me again and started to lick my body from my chest down to my cock then she started licking my cock up and down and was jerking me off and had my balls in her mouth and she then started to suck my cock and she sucked it for about 5 minuets and she stared at me the whole time with her sexy eyes and she started to grind up my body until her tits reached my cock and she started spitting all over her tits and my cock and then started to wank me of with her big giant tits. She started to grind her way up my body again until she reached my face again and started kissing me once more then I started to finger her again while we were kissing and I decided to just turn my body round and started to lick her vagina and I started to go right in and move my tung all around there and then she moved closer to my cock and started sucking it again and we were in a 69 position and we were both deep into what we were doing and I began to start fingering her while licking her clit and she was sucking hard on my cock and we both started to force ourselves against each other. She began sucking harder and harder and I felt myself about to cum so I stoped what I was doing and she stoped sucking andshe turned around and I kneeled up on my bed and she wanked me off until I cummed and she aimed it all over her face and her tits and began rubbing it all over her body and I turned round and began to keep on fingering her and another 2 minuets passed and she started to do it herself this time and began to start squirting all over my bed and we were both laying there on my bed together while it was wet and cum on us. And we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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