My Wife My Life-2

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

We got dressed and closed the room with a DND tag hanging headed for the hotel reception. We met the same manager (John) who was smiling at us while constantly staring at Rekha.

He also apologized for the earlier incident. He said very proudly we are the most preferred hotel for honeymoon couples. He said till you don’t put a clean my room tag outside, no one will disturb you.

I thanked him and asked if there were any malls nearby. He said we were within 5km distance of a very big mall which was a favourite of all the foreigners also. He suggested we take a taxi to do shopping as it will be easier to manage the bags.

I said ok. He called a cabbie called David and a taxi showed up within 5minutes. John gave him instructions about where to take us etc. We reached the mall quickly and thru the journey David kept us busy with his talks about all the good places.

Let me describe David, he is an average built man in his 40’s and very well informed. Thru the journey he kept staring at Rekha thru his mirror. I got mixed feelings about how John and now David stared at Rekha.

I was less irritated and more turned on by this. We entered the mall and Rekha was behaving like a kid in a toy store because she had never seen anything like this before. I wanted Rekha to forget her village life including her dressing.

There were many popular brands here. We went to a store and asked if they had ladies clothing. The store assistant said yes taking us to the ladies section and asked me if I wanted to buy for my wife. I said yes and I wanted a full modern makeover for her.

Rekha nudged me asking what I had in mind. I said you wait and watch and don’t say no to anything. The assistant took us to the underwear section and asked me what are her measurements. I looked at Rekha and she was blank too.

I asked the assistant if she could take the measurements herself and guide us. She said yes, She asked Rekha to follow her to a trial room big enough and Rekha panicked. I assured her I was also going with her and three of us got inside.

She made me to sit on the bench next to the mirror. The assistant let’s call her Ana, asked Rekha to remove her clothes. Rekha stared at me and I told her to do it. She removed her salwar kameez and put them on the hook.

Ana asked her to remove her bra also. Again after my insisting she did standing covering her boobs with her hands. Ana assured her to not feel shy as this was normal. Rekha still nervous lowered her hands.

Ana took her measurements and said the bra Rekha was wearing was 34C and she needed 36C. I said you are the expert on this. She told Rekha to sit on the bench while she went out and got the right stuff.

Ana stepped out asking me to follow her, this made Rekha again panicky. I reassured her I was going to select a few clothes for her and will be back soon. She should lock the door till then. On the way Ana asked me if we just got married.

I said yes and we are in goa for our honeymoon. She said in that case I should start with the honeymoon special collection for everything. I said fine with me but she had to guide us. She showed me the catalogue to select what I like.

I said my knowledge is zero and she needs to suggest what will look good on Rekha. Ana picked two bra panty sets one in bright red and one black and headed to the trial room. On the way she asked me if Rekha had a jungle down there.

I said I don’t know. She stopped and stared at me with wide eyes. She asked have you had sex with your wife yet, I said yes we had many times. Have you not seen a hairy jungle between her legs? It struck me that she meant pussy hair.

I apologised that it did not strike me what you meant, yes she has a thick bush. Ana said for your wife to wear the new underwear, you will need to shave that bush first or it will show outside the panties.

I said fine I will do it after we get back to the hotel. We entered the trial room and I sat in my place. Ana gave the black bra to Rekha asking her to wear it, Rekha put it on with some struggle. Ana showed her an easier way to wear it.

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