My Sexy Aunt From Village! (True story)

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Hi everyone, this is my first story (which is true). Sorry if there are any mistakes.

This is Jon (name changed) and I live in Navi Mumbai. I am 19 years old with a good physique. I hit gym every day and I also play football. I have a strong interest in middle-age Indian MILFs.

This story happened about a month ago with my dream girl, a distant aunt whom I always wanted to get laid with! She was in her mid 30’s with a body to die for. She was a mother of 2. She lives in my village as her husband lives abroad and visits once in 2 years. She lives with my other aunt and her husband and their 1 daughter.

Coming to the story, I visited my village during my holidays. As my siblings were still having their college, I decided to go alone. My aunt lives next door as houses in the villages are very close. She was very close to my mother and they are like best friends. So, she was also close to me.

I was getting bored during the day as my cousins were at their colleges and I was alone. So I used to go to my aunt’s house as I liked her. She always used to smile while talking with me. She was beautiful and had a very sexy figure. I would always get horny and my sexual feeling would rise by just seeing her!

She would talk to me about my family, my studies and stuff. I would stare at her 38D boobs and her chubby figure. She used to notice me staring at her but ignored every time.

One afternoon I was at her house and she insisted me to have lunch at her house. I accepted as she was alone and everyone else in the house was outstation due to wedding function. I was very happy as I thought this was a good chance to get what I wanted from her.

While she was making lunch, I went into the kitchen and helped her. She was happy as she got some company.

I took every chance to get closer to her and touch her juicy ass and boobs and then pretend it was an accident. She didn’t give much attention to this.

While being close, I just loved the smell of her sweat, it was so heavenly. And that surely made me horny as fuck and my dick was hard. Aunt could feel it on her ass as I was right behind her. She felt something and smiled in a naughty way. I considered it as a green signal.

The lunch was ready and we had it together. During the whole time, I was just looking at her assets and she was smiling and looking away.

After lunch, the milf aunt told me to watch TV while she completed her work in the kitchen. After 30 minutes, she came back and sat beside me. We started talking. She asked to come to her bedroom. She said we would talk there as she had some work in the bedroom as well.

While going, I was watching her ass as they were swinging up and down. It made my dick strong again. I couldn’t see any work in the bedroom and I understood she had some other plans. I was very excited.

Aunt then asked me to lay on the bed and she went to the bathroom. She came after 10 minutes and changed into a nighty. I was able to make out that she had removed her bra. Her nipples were looking hard.

The sexy milf aunt then came and lay alongside me on the bed. We resumed our chit-chatting. But I couldn’t concentrate on what she was talking as my eyes were fully into her strong nipples. I just wanted to suck them hard right then and there.

She noticed the tent in my pants and to my surprise, she slowly put her hand on my thighs. It gave me intense chills.

I was a bit surprised by that. Aunt then slowly shifted her hands to my dick. I was so happy and nervous at the same time. She winked at me and gave a naughty look. I pretended like I didn’t understand and asked her what she was doing.

Aunt gave a soft slap on my chest and told as if she doesn’t know I was staring at her assets all the time. Hearing this, I smiled. She said she knew I wanted her and she told me she wanted me too as she was so hungry for sex. She hasn’t had sex for a very long time.

Aunt then came closer and we started to kiss passionately. It was the best kiss of my life. We both were kissing as it was the last thing in this world. I was working my hands on aunt’s boobs, they were very soft and big and the nipples were hard. We kissed for 10-15 minutes.

Then I undressed aunt and she undressed me back. She was surprised to see my 7-inch hard rock which was standing like a tower. She told me that uncle had a much smaller dick than mine.

I told her she was always my sexual fantasy and she was my dream girl. On hearing this, she became very happy.

Aunt went to my dick and took it in her mouth. She started to suck it deeper. I felt I was in heaven. I came in just 5 minutes as it was my very first time. She took it all in her mouth and swallowed all of it.

Aunt then told me how much she missed it and needed this very badly. She was well-shaved down there and I took no time in putting her on the bed and undoing her panties. I kissed her thighs and was making my way to her pussy slowly.

Then I played and teased the sex-starved milf’s clit. She went crazy and asked me to eat her! I started to eat her like crazy. Her pussy smelled so amazing. After 20 minutes of pussy licking, she reached had an orgasm. She came all over my face and some fell on the bed.

After that, I put her on the bed gently, slept beside her and fingered her pussy gently and went wild on her again. She seemed to enjoy everything I was doing to her.

She then got up and got a condom real quick and put it on my cock. She kissed me again and asked me to fuck her.

I turned her around and held her firmly. Then I inserted my cock inside aunt from behind. Aunt went crazy and was enjoying every thrust I was giving her. She screamed and moaned with pleasure whilst I kissed her neck from behind and kept fucking the milf’s wet pussy. After some time, I took her in doggy style position and licked her pussy and her asshole before inserting my cock in her pussy. I fucked her for 20 more minutes.

I told her I was about to cum and she told me to cum inside her which I did in the next minute.

Then I fell on her. We both were very tired. Still, we kissed for some time. Then we went to take a shower together. We had another session of sex in the standing position. It was very hard to fuck in the shower, I don’t know how people do it. But it was the best day of my entire life.

We then got ready before everyone else came back. Aunt was very happy.

The next day, we had a quick session at the noon while everyone was asleep. Later that day, I returned to Navi Mumbai. We are hoping to get together again soon.

I apologize if there were any mistakes. You can give me feedback on this.

Any middle age horny girl/aunty living in Navi Mumbai want to have some fun can contact me at [email protected]
I guarantee your privacy and it will be all secret.

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