My Neighbour’s Hot, Sexy Wife 2

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Hello All. Am Ravi from Hyderabad again. Thank you all for giving your feedback for the story “My Neighbour’s Hot, Sexy Wife”. This is real incident happened which I explained you without mentioning her name. Thank you all for your valuable feedback and look forward to stay connected with you.

In continuation to the first story the conclusion as follows….

Later I got transferred to Bangalore and one fine day I got a call from her that she is on her way to Bangalore as she had a fight with her husband and coming to stay with her sister who lives in there. My dick was waiting more than me to enter into her love pot. I made a plan to pick her and she will be with me for some time and later she can move to her sister’s place. As decided, I picked her at the city entrance, and made her call her sister that she is coming later due to some work at home and I booked a hotel near to my room and took her there.

Anyhow our first session was done on war foot basis so, this time we thought it has to be like a memorable night and enjoyed like newly married couple. She was more excited to see me and was not expressing anything out since we were in public. I too controlled my feelings and took all her belongings into my car and we started to the hotel. The moment she entered I thanked her for contacting and sharing her plan. There was no scope for us to do anything so I asked her what her feeling was after our first fuck. She was excited and starting sharing her feelings while I was fucking her first time. She said that her husband never sucked her boobs and licked her pussy and he just climbs on to her and drops of his liquid in seconds and sleep. I was the first person to do so and this made her to express all her inner feelings and her fantasies which she had hidden all these days. She said that why did I not met her much before and we wasted the most valuable time, maybe by now we would have explored many more angles. Anyhow we cannot change the past now. Saying this I put my hand on her right thigh and rubbing slowly and moving hand up towards her pussy, she did not show any hesitation and Infact she was feeling more comfortable. I took her hand and put it on my tent. She immediately grabbed the pole and said “is Ur’s eager to get into mine??? “, I said it was waiting for your arrival and given a chance can have a session in the car itself.. She was massaging my dick over pants and I took her to the hotel which I booked near to the PG where I stayed. Just after the check-in she asked me to get “Veet” hair removal cream and some honey. So I left her in the room and went to a nearby super market and took what she asked for. By the time I came back she settled and was waiting for me.

I stepped in and could not wait anymore so immediately grabbed her and planted a kiss on her lips and we exchanged saliva for 3 to 4 minutes. Then I asked her how I can service her. She removed all he clothes one after other. Since she was wearing saree, first she took her saree off and was standing in blouse and petticoat. The perfect round shaped boobs supported by the bra was challenging me to press them. I tried grabbing them then she said hold on till I give you permission….. Saying this she removed the blouse and put it aside and removed black bra. I under stood that she is trying to seduce me and want to have a rough sex since we are meeting after a long time and wants to reach peaks of happiness with multiple orgasms. She untied her petticoat knot and it dropped on the floor, and she slowly pulled her panty down and was standing nude in front of me. Oh god what a beauty, with the bushes covering her cave entrance.

She laid on her back and folded her legs and spread her knees giving me a clear view of her pussy. I understood and took the cream out and was ready to apply it. She told me to take my clothes off before starting the work. I followed her instructions and become nude in no seconds. I started applying cream around her pussy walls and my dick was jumping out of joy and was ready to enter in to either of her upper or lower lips. When I am done with applying the cream, since I have to wait for some time to remove the cream from there, I moved towards her boobs which were looking like cut musk melons and grapes on tips. I put my tongue on one of the boobs and started to make circles around her areola. The nipples become stiff and I was biting them to tease her. She was making “ss” sounds and I moved to other nipple and started massaging the previous one. I repeated the process and then I placed my tongue between the boobs and started to drag my tongue from there till her naval. This action activated all the enzymes in her body and she felt a current shock in her body and jumped in joy. I made circles around her naval with my tongue and started to insert my tongue in to the naval. When I looked at her face, she was biting her lips and closed her eyes and pressing the pillow. I looked down towards her pussy and the observed that liquids were rolling out of her pussy and dropping down. I touched her pussy and checked how wet she was, this action was to tease her. She had one more shock in her body and grabbed by dick and started stroking it. I understood that she needs me now. I stood in front of her and she asked me to come over her in 69 position. I followed her with the stick with which the hair removal cream has to be removed now.

I positioned myself near to her mouth and she immediately took my dick into her mouth and started sucking it. I started removing the cream and since this was for the first time I am removing the pubic hair of a lady, I was wondered how does this work. To my surprise this is similar to how I shave my beard at home. The cream started taking the hair off when I was removing the cream. This act has stimulated her vagina and she pulled the fore skin of my dick and was rolling her tongue around my dick head. I was pumping my dick slowly in and out and once the cream was removed completely, I cleaned that area with a napkin lying with me. The love pot was seen clearly with juices oozing out of it. I placed my tongue on it and started licking them. This act made her to increase the pace and I was enjoying the juices with a different smell of vagina mixed with cream odour giving me a different taste. I started rolling my tongue around her inner walls of the pussy and in between licking her clitoris. Licking like how a dog licks the bone. My saliva was getting mixed with her pussy juices. In between I put my hands down and press the boobs and pinch her nipples.

She was licking my dick as if she is enjoying a candy. I started to push my tongue into the pussy hole and she pressed my head against her. I started tongue fucking her and she was sucking my dick as if a calf sucks cow’s teat while drinking milk. I could not express the happiness and pleasure having this act and could feel a movement internally and knew that I will release my dick juice soon, so as I started running my tongue in her pussy and did not leave even a single drop of her juice, after 7 to 8 minutes of sucking I came in her mouth and she drank all my juices without a single drop wasted, and parallely she had an orgasm and released all her juices in to my mouth. We fell on the bed side by side and after few minutes we went into the bathroom to take bath.

I turned on the shower and we started to bath together. We started applying soap on each other bodies. I was massaging her boobs with the soap on my hands and that was giving me an extra lubrication when my hands move around her body. After massaging her boobs I slipped my hand on to her belly and inserted one finger into her belly button and further down to her pussy. The pussy was exactly filling my palm and was smooth to massage as I have shaved the bushes. When I started rubbing her pussy she held my dick and applying soap to it and massaging it front and back by closing her eyes and taking the pleasure of her vaginal massage. I asked her to turn back and started applying soap on to her back and she was still holding my dick. While applying the soap I moved forward and my dick was touching her ass crack and was ready to slide in between her butts. During this process the soap slipped from my hands and fell down. I asked her to pick it. When she bent down to pick it… Ohhh god what a view…….

Gokuldham Society : Ch 9

Her butts were spread and I could clearly see her anal and vaginal openings together, this reminded me about the love symbol used to express love with a heart shape and an arrow in it. Maybe this could be the reason to use that symbol. With no delay I inserted one finger in each hole and she made a sound “ SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”… I started moving them two & fro with this she changed her sounds “ SSSSS AAHHHH SSSS AAHHH”.. I made her to hold the wall and placed my dick at her vaginal opening and pushed my dick inside. She screamed “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH,” then I started moving it in and out, I could sense that my dick was touching something inside and that was giving her more pleasure…

She continued making sounds and started giving me reverse pushes, with this there were sounds in the bathroom rhythmically.. Her butts were hitting my thighs and I was holding her waist and was riding her like a bull rider. To add to it I opened the shower and warm water falling on us and water flowing all over our bodies giving us more pleasure. Each push I made into her pussy I could see her boobs were hanging and making rhythmic moves. I put my hands and grabbed them and started pressing them and fuck her hard. She was making noises and biting her lips.. AAhh, Ohhhhhh, Ouchhh, SSSSSS”……. Then after few more shorts she said that she is Cumming and had an orgasm… I could feel that my dick is getting more lubrication now and understood that she left her juices. With this I increased my speed and I too left my Semen into her vagina and keeping my dick in her I made her stand and hugged her under the shower.

After few minutes she turned towards myside and kneeled down and cleaned my dick with her tongue and we wiped each other bodies and stepped into the room, she was wrapping towel around her body covering her boobs till her upper thighs, just few inches below her pussy and I came out nude and fell on the sofa. By the time the food ordered while entering the room was kept at the room door, I slightly opened the room and ensured no one was watching me, and quickly pulled the food tray inside and locked the door. We had dinner and after sometime was ready for another round. This time I decided that I have to anal fuck her. She was surprised at first because never her husband did this and she never heard this from anyone. She was worried as this could hurt her. I persuaded her that I shall take care and she doesn’t get hurt.

I made her lye on the bed and took the honey bottle and applied it around her areola and belly button and her pussy. I started to lick it starting her boobs and she was enjoying my moves, I reached her pussy after completing her upper body and by that time honey applied at her pussy was mixed with her vaginal juices… It was like 50:50 biscuit ( sweet and Salt)…… I was licking it and my tongue was moving in all corners of her pussy. My hands were rubbing her thighs and I put them below her butts for a better grip. While licking her pussy, I inserted my finger and took some precum and applied it on her anal opening.. She was enjoying the act. I inserted finger in and she made a sound “ EEHH”, I started licking pussy and slowly lubricating the ass hole. I dipped my finger in the honey bottle and inserted into the ass hole and increased the depth and started spreading is around.. She relaxed her muscles and made the pitch ready for batting. I asked her to come to doggy position and I went on to the bed between her thighs and licking upwards so that her ass is rightly positioned. By now she was ready and I applied some honey on my dick and stood in front of her mouth. Being in that positon she opened her mouth and took my dick in and started running her tongue on my dick head. Was could not control and pressed her boobs hard, she was moaning with pleasure.. After few minutes I went back to drill her ass hole. I first placed my dick at the hole entrance and started pushing it. At first it was tough to get in, But I tried pushing it slowly and it went few inches in. She screamed in pain “ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”…….and tears rolled out of her eyes. I stopped it and without taking out the dick, with a gap of few seconds I pushed it with a great force and this time it was completely in. She once again screamed “ aammaaaaaaaaaaaa”..

Fucking my teacher

I held her waist with one hand and slowly sent my another hand down and starting rubbing her clitoris being in the same position. Now she was feeling the pleasure and I could feel the juices on my finger. Rubbing the clitoris I started moving slowly. Now she started enjoying the fuck and started moaning in pleasure,,,” SSSS, AAAAHHH,”, and encouraging me by saying Dengu, Denu, inka baaga dengu ( Fuck, Fuck me more).. this was giving me more comfort and I was fucking her hard. She was giving me back pushes. I understood that she too is enjoying. I was pushing my dick completely out and pushing it in. With this she was getting complete pleasure. The tight ass around my dick was pulling my semen out and I was going to cum. She was enjoying, I gave few minutes pause and again started my fuck so that I don’t cum soon. After sometime she said that she is going to release.. She was shouting “ AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.. and had an orgasm. I too increased my speed and left my semen in her ass and fell on her.

We both were so tired and exhausted, we never knew when we fell asleep. We woke up at 9 am in the morning and had another round in the bathroom and then I dropped her at Majestic Bustand. From there she called her sister as it was close destination from there, her sister reached in 20 minutes and took her. I was standing away when her sister has come so that she doesn’t know about us. After few months I left Bangalore and she too went back to her house as her husband has compromised and took her home.
Even today whenever I go there we will have a separate session based on her husband’s availability. Hope you liked this and any women interested in getting connected can always ping me. 100% secrecy will be maintained.

Any girls and women looking to get connected for secret fun feel free to contact by email or hangouts. Kindly share me your feedback and response at [email protected]

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