My Mom, My Sex Goddess Part 1

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Today I’m 20, but it was since I was 16 that I began to develop sensual feelings for my mom. While I was kid she used to change her clothes in front of me. But as a kid it seemed for me as my mother’s body.

As years passed she stopped changing clothes in front of me as I was growing. So it made me think why is she doing so.

As I grew upto 16, and got introduced to porn I got to know why she stopped. As she knew I would have hormonal changes!!

But this induced in me the thought of banging my own mom some day. I used to masturbate fantasizing her, sometimes kissing me, sometimes giving me nice blowjob, sometimes me licking her pussy, her boobs and sometimes fucking her hardcore. If you would have been watching me while even writing this, you could have seen my hard standing cock.

Then as the years passed by I somewhere forgot about her due to my studies. I had a girlfriend but I never felt it with her.

As I grew 19, I started to go to college so maximum of my time I spent at home as they seriously never cared for attendence!!

The home we lived in had a separate bathroom and toilet both at a right angle to eachother. And the way between the two was visible from my room.

My father daily went to his office at 7:00 in the morning so he was no problem. My mother had a habit of shushing everyone in their rooms. So that no one comes out, as she had habit of going fully naked to the washroom.

So one fine day the idea struck me and I decided to peep through the gap between the door and the wall. Luckily the things went my way and instead of just peeping I began recording her nude. On normal days she would just come out of the toilet and go to the bathroom, but that day she went on to clean the washroom so I could see her naked for more duration.

After she finished and went to the bathroom, I stopped recording and masturbated watching the video. Her boobs were so good and her pussy was, as I felt, just calling me to lick it.

Just got a rock hard thinking of it!!

But the day came when my father, who was out of town, was about to come home. My mum was in the bathroom but didn’t come out as she’d been to the washroom early in the morning.

So I took out my phone to watch some porn before she comes. As my cock was standing hard she called me to pass her a towel. With a rock hard cock I stood up, tried to adjust but failed. So unfortunately I had to go and give her the towel so I decided to hide my cock behind the towel.

I went she took the towel but I wasn’t able to make it and she saw it. I came back quietly to my room all scared.

3 minutes later as she came in she looked at me somewhat angrily and lovingly both. I can’t tell what she was about to.

She hanged the towel and then came to me and aske me to get up. As I stood she gazed at my cock and told me to sit.

She began telling me that she knows that this is common among boys of my age but there’s a perfect time for it not always can keep on doing it. She said it in a motherly tone.and went on to hug me. Her sweet boy!!

But as she hugged me and my chest touched her boobs my cock began to become even harder, than before!!

I thought she would feel it and leave me, but to my amaze she kept hugging me and I even felt her hug go harder. As I thought that this was the opportunity and was about to make a move, her phone rang. It was dad and he called me to pick him up.

So I missed, but things changed that day as I felt she too wanted my dick. On several occasions from then she used to call me to pass her towel while keeping exposed one of her boobs and a certain part of her crotch, which she never did before.

So finally the day came……..

If you liked this tell me and get ready for the second part

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