My life with wife Steph and her sister

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My life with wife Steph and her sister…
I’d been going with Steph for about three months; she was a gorgeous auburn haired 16 year old with a fantastic slim body and we were really into each other. I was 17 and about six months older than Steph. Neither of us were what you could call sexually experienced, in fact Steph was still a virgin when I met her. I had had a few sexual experiences but was by no means an accomplished performer.

We were on a date one night in town when after a few drinks we found a dark spot down an alley. We spent a while kissing and feeling each other up in that clumsy teenage way and I gradually worked my hands over her body caressing her small tits and arse and eventually worked my way around to the fastener on her skin tight jeans . She made a half-hearted attempt at brushing my hand away a couple of times but I persevered and finally managed to loosen the button and slide her zipper down allowing my searching fingers into her never before violated space. Steph struggled and squirmed a bit and tried to clasp her legs together in a vain attempt to forbid me access but I knew she was as excited as I was and was only putting off the inevitable. My fingers roamed over the thin fabric of her panties, feeling the soft hair that lay beneath as I ran my middle finger down the crease of her pussy she squeezed me tightly almost crushing the breath out of me, her lips pressed tightly against mine as she tried to keep control of herself.


I used my left hand to loosen the buttons of her blouse and began caressing her right breast underneath her bra, eventually pulling the bra up over her tit I clamped my mouth around her nipple and sucked and licked and flicked my tongue over the sensitive spot; slowly circling her areola and nibbling at the erect nipple. Her right hand pushed on the back of my head as I continued to massage her pussy with my right hand. Slowly she began to relax as never before experienced sensations coursed through her, the more she relaxed the more my fingers were allowed to explore and I managed to slip my hand over the waistband of her knickers and slide a finger into her now moist crack. She gasped and pushed her hips forward trapping my hand between us as I paused at that moment wondering if I had gone too far.

Steph gradually relaxed the pressure on my hand and I had the option to either remove it or carry on, I decided I had gone far enough and reluctantly began to slide my hand up and out, to my surprise Steph forced her hips forward, once more trapping my hand; this time she whispered into my ear “Don’t stop”. I gladly pushed my hand back down and she gave me a little room to manoeuvre by leaning back against the wall and letting her knees bend slightly and thus moving her legs a little wider. As I gained in confidence I began to push my finger deeper into her crack and as she became wetter it became easier so I slipped another finger into her warm moist crease. I quickened my action and moved my fingers further and deeper with each stroke, running the tips up and over her now engorged clit and then back down and between her pussy lips. “Mmmmmm” she moaned and relaxed even more, widening her stance a little as she began to weaken at the knees, this had the effect of tightening the fabric of her jeans and restricting my movement. I removed my left hand from her tit and slid it down to her arse hooking my thumb over the waistband of her jeans and tugged at them in a vain attempt to push them down. They were too tight and the only way was to remove my right hand and pull them with a wriggling motion. As they slid over her hips her panties came with them. Steph looked directly into my eyes with a mixed expression on her face, obviously enjoying what was happening but at the same time unsure as to where we were going. I smiled and pushed her jeans further down bending down at the knees as I did so, her hands moved onto my shoulders as I did so and soon my face was directly in front of her exposed pussy.

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