My hubby’s boss:part-10

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It’s a nice evening as I am sitting in balcony with my eyes on appartment’s gate ,waiting for my hubby’s arrival from office ,as it’s 05:45 pm and I walked to my kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee for I walked towards dinning space and started drinking coffee,after a while mobile started ringing as I can see Anish name on its screen and I received the call (read part 9 My hubby’s boss)……..

“hi ,waiting for you
(Anish)so sorry,I will be late but
(Bina)yes what happened ?
(Anish)don’t worry about me as I will join a party tonight with my friends
(Bina)oh I see ,have to spend night in lonliness
(Anish)no never ,if you desire you can meet my boss jai in guest house
(Bina)have you put me on his bed again?
(Anish laughed)if you wish ,he is a womenizer and he loves your beauty
(Bina)ok I will think about it but how I will reach there ?
(Anish)if you want to go there ,call me ,I will arrange official can to pick you.”

As I am bit confused about jairaj’s proposal ,so I am thinking about my Physical love session with him and his long thick penis.not ashamed in spreading my legs infront of too many guys or mens as I have been with my younger brother Jeet ,his friend Sunny ,my hubby Anish,my classmate Iqbal,my hubby’s boss Nishant , neighbourhood guy Raj ,an A/C mechanic ,a night guard Ishan and new boss of my hubby change of taste is important for more hunger and thirst in sex ,now I walked to my bedroom as I removed my skirt and I opened the wardrobe as I took out a black shorts with a crop-tops to wear as my physical fitness is upto the mark ,it’s measurement is 34-26-36 and my long legs with strong smooth thighs can make me I moved inside washroom and took out my brassiere and panty ,now I am nude under cascade as I have bath ,cleaned my every organs with gels and than rubbed my wet body with towel.standing infront of a large mirror nudely ,I can see my glittering labias as well as lovely boobs and I put a black brassiere on my boobs and put a G string on I put shorts as well as tops and took my mobile to call my hubby ,but mobile started ringing ,an unknown flashing on screen as I received the call……….

“hello Bina mishra speaking here
(Unknown voice)hi I am jairaj from your hubby’s office
(Bina)oh how are you jai ?
(Jai)fine , waiting for you ,are you ready
(Bina)sure ,send your car to pick me.” As I took my purse and opened it ,packet of condom as well as strip of contraceptive’Today’ is inside and I put a Revlon lip liner but put it on my lips and than walked to my dinning space as I put a high heel sandals on my legs .looking like a hot blonde ,I put kyes on table as I sit on sofa ,now waiting for car to arrive.after 6-7 minutes ,my mobile started ringing again as I received the call……”Hello Bina Mishra here
(Unknown voice)madam I am waiting for you near main gate
(Bina) ok wait for minutes.”

As I locked the door of my flat and walked towards main gate fastly ,what neighbours will think about me ? If they see me in this dress but no one saw me moving out of appartment as guard Ishan is there and he smiled as I responded him with smile and walked to a red Zen driver opened the gate ,I sits on the backseat and he drove the car on a busy traffic towards officers guest house.its 5-6 km from my home as he is driving fastly on a busy path and after 15 minutes ,I reached there as I left the car ,a lady staff received me and she took me to third floor via I am standing near his room door as I knocked it ,I got the voice…..”it’s open ,come inside.” And I pushed the door ,now moving inside ,I can see jairaj having drinks as I locked the door from inside and put my purse on a I sits on his thigh as I put my arms on his shoulder ,he kissed my face……

“really you are looking like a teenager
(Bina)thanks jai put some wine in other glass also for your whore
(Jai)no that’s not true Bina ,I love you but love for physical satisfaction only ,I can’t force you to be my slave .”

As I took my glass full of wine , started drinking it while smoking cigarette and jai put his hand on my thigh as he is rubbing it with dirty mind is on his penis as my eyes got the look of his bulge of penis and I have my drink as I put my glass .now feeling drunk ,I am on his legs as I pulled down his loose Bermuda to hold his long cock.jai is sitting on sofa’s corner as I took his round testicles in my mouth to suck ,it’s hairless as his wheatish coloured long penis is in sleep mode ,I am masturbating it hard while I am sucking his testicles.jai put his hand on my back as he is lifting my tight tops towards neck and lastly took it out of my chest ,so I left his testicles as I removed my tops but left my brassiere on my took his other testicals to suck while jai is pressing my breast hard as his hand is moving on my soft back ,he unhooked my brassiere as he took it his penis is semi erected as I opened my mouth and took it inside to suck but my face is still as I am sucking his cock and he is massaging my breast with his voice “oohh aahh sexy lady suck my cock “and his long wet penis got some erection as I started licking it with my fingers in his dense pubic hair.His soft round glans is moving on my face to lips as I put my nose on it and smelt it harder , lastly I took his cock in my mouth as my mouth is giving it a hard and fast jerk .jai is pressing my breast as it have become reddish and aerola becoming long and tight ,he is screaming in joy…….

“oohh you hot lady ,your hubby is lucky as his wife is too sexy and wild on bed.”

And I am sucking his penis fast as I sucked it for 3-4 I left his legs as I am sitting on sofa and jai started putting wine and soda in my glass as I took glass to have it ,my hand is on his vest as he removed it also.I am drinking wine as my palm is rubbing his wider chest and jai while pressing my breast ,put his other hand on my waist as he unbuttoned my shorts and started pulling it down ,it too tight as it’s giving a nice and real picture of my sexy I put my empty glass on table as I stand infront of jai and removed my shorts ,my G string is covering the vaginal zone .now I put my one leg on his thigh as jai started kissing it and rubbing my other thigh,my legs are wider as I hold his other hand and put it on my panty ,he is rubbing my general and I removed my G string both are nude as his lips are loving my inner thighs and now I put other leg on his thigh as my one leg is on ground.jai is kissing my thigh as his finger is on my vagina and he put it inside my vagina as he is fingering it fastly while kissing my legs are shivering as my hand is on his hairs and I started screaming…….

“oohh aahh uumm jai lick my cunt.”

As he put his face in between my thighs and started kissing my vagina ,my fingers have widend its hole as jai took out his finger and put his tongue in my cunt to lick my vagina is burning like a hot boiler ,his long tongue is going inside fastly as I have hold his hairs ,just pushing his face towards my vagina.I am shouting”oohh aahh my dear now fuck me soon ,aahh ” as he is rolling tongue in my vagina fast like a dog and after a while ,he took my both labias in his mouth as he sucked it till I pushed his face back to leave my glory hole.I walked to Washroom as I urinated there and than washed my vagina with water only ,came back in room as jai stand in front of me .
We both walked towards wall as window is closed ,he asked me to be like a four legged animal as I put my arms on wall and made my upper parts leaned forward ,my back is inviting him to fuck as I looked him and said……..

“jai please have a contraceptive pill from my purse and put it inside my cunt
(He moved towards the table )what if you will conceive ?
(Bina)will be a mother of your child.” As he took out a long white pill from the strip ,now pushed his long finger in my cunt to make my hole open ,as he put and pushed the pill inside ,it’s in deeper vagina as he is rubbing my back…….”now if you permits I can fuck you
(Bina)let it melt inside ” as jai leaned his face and started licking my ass hole ,his tongue is licking my anus hole and my boobs are getting pressed.I am standing on ground with my legs stretched as jai is licking my ass hole and after a while ,he hold his penis as he pushed it in my cunt and his hand is on my ass as he is pushing hard his long thick cock inside he hold my waist tightly ,he fucked me hard as I shouted”oohh jai your cock is too hard” and my vagina have swallowed his penis as he is fucking me hard ,my vagina is in fire as it have not cummed till now as we both are loving eachother for 45 minutes.jai is fucking me with speed as well as power as I started swinging my sexy ass fast and after 3-4 minutes of fuck ,I screamed”oohh aahh fuck hard ,I will cum soon .”

As he is pounding my vagina hard ,my cunt become juicy and I got relaxed with my vagina becoming a pond but jai is still fucking me hard as he have not licked it and cleaned it’s my wet cunt ,his penis is moving faster as his hand have hold my saggy boobs to press ,now I started swinging my round dome shaped ass as his penis is hitting inside my deep vagina.we both are enjoying fuck as my vagina is now free from cum and I made my ass still as he is going hard ,a 9-10 inches long ….3 inches thick cock is moving inside vagina for last 10-12 minutes and my vagina is getting dry as jai shouted”oohh aahh have it ,you bitch ,have my cum.” And his penis ejaculated sperms inside my vagina as we both walked inside washroom.

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