My hubby sexual desires

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Hello readers !
I am enjoying married life with my hubby for last two hubby Anish as well as me (Bina) have sex twice in a evening my hubby Anish came home with his friend Nikhil.I have never seen him and Anish introduced me…..”Bina meet my friend Nikhil
(Bina)Hello nikhil i am bina .” and nikhil took me in his arms as he kissed my face,its a warm welcome for a new relation but looking at Anish ,i thought kissing his friend infront of him may make him angry.I moved to kitchen to prepare coffee as anish followed me …….”bina are you stupid or don’t know how to greet a guest
(Bina) so what happened anish
(Anish)he embrassed you ,kissed you and you
(Bina)ok i thought you will be in anger .”I came with cups of coffee and started having it,looking at me my hubby said……”Bina my friend will be here tonight
(Nikhil)oh anish but yaar why
(anish)just to enjoy dinner all together.”now i walked towards kitchen as Anish followed me……”darling no need to prepare dinner
(Bina)oh than
(Anish)i will order to a local food plaza for meals but
(Bina) but what
(Anish)we three will enjoy hot night,will you be there
(Bina) anish are you mad or
(Anish)ok come with two glass.” as i came there i can see both friends sitting on sofa with a bottle of wine.I put the glass and moved to my bedroom.
I am in bit confusion of my hubby’s sexual desire as he want to see me nude with his friend Nikhil enjoying sex.I have enjoyed sex lot of times with others but never infront of my hubby.Anish came in room and smiled……”oh bina come on baby enjoy with us
(Bina) but anish i have never enjoyed sex with others .”now i walked with him to dinning hall and joined them.I am sitting in between Anish and Nikhil,looking at me nikhil asked…..”bhabhi will you love to drink wine
(Bina)ok prepare a light drink for me.” as i am feeling uncomfortable with them but a light drink made me hot and i asked nikhil……” please prepare one more drink but strong .” I took glass full of wine as i am curious to drink wine to feel little unconsicious and bold also.after drinking wine i put glass on table as i can see nikhil kissing my face and lips and he have hold my breast tightly to massage i stand in front of them and started removing my saree as well as blouse and peticote ,now i am a hot lady in my undergarments only.nikhil stand infront of me and started kissing my face and lips with his hand on my round dome shaped he is sucking my lips as my hand is busy removing his shirt and jeans,nikhil hold me in his arms as i pushed my tongue in his mouth to suck.while he is sucking it ,i can see anish removing my brassier and i am a complete nude lady with my hubby and his friend,my hubby is kissing my ass as his tongue is rolling in between my ass crack.nikhil left my tongue as he is kissing my breast and than i put my breast in his mouth,i am standing nude with my legs wide stretched,anish is licking my ass hole as his finger is in my vagina and nikhil sucked my both breast .now my hubby is standing in front of me as nikhil is sitting on my legs,he put his lips on my labias as i put my fingers to wide open my vaginal hubby massaged my breast for a while and moved to washroom while nikhil is licking my vagina with his long tongue.after a while,nikhil sits on sofa as i am near his legs to love his while holding hos penis,i started kissing its glans and moved it on my face to lips,later on i took nikhil’s long thick penis in my mouth to suck as his hand is pressing my breast hardly.after a while,i took out his penis from my mouth and started rolling my tongue on it ,nikhil is holding my hairs tightly as pushed his long cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth ,i am feeling the glans in deep throat.later on nikhil left me and moved to anish is sitting near me with a light drink…….”bina enjoy my friend’s dick
(Bina) but i think you are examining my sexual desires
(Anish) no darling its my desire .”
Nikhil came back and i stand infront of him ,as i have bend down my upper parts of body… a four legged animal i have stretched my legs wide apart and now anish is standing in front of my mouth.I hold my hubby’s waist and took his dick in my mouth to suck and i can feel penis moving inside my vagina of nikhil have pushed his 1/2 cock in my vagina and fucked hard to enter his whole penis inside my glory he is fucking my cunt with speed as well as power and i am licking my hubby’s cock while swinging my ass doubt nikhil is giving me hard time as i looked back…..”oihhh uummm be slow dear why you want to ejaculate soon
(nikhil)oh bhabhi you have got two penis and anish will also fuck you.” now my vagina become hot as his long penis is hitting my vaginal depth and anish hold my hairs tightly as he is fucking my mouth with his penis fastly.after 10 minutes of fuck,nikhil screamed….”oohh aahhhh i will pour my cum.” and its a great time for me as my hubby poured cum in my mouth and nikhil ejaculated in my vagina.we three moved to washroom.

Added by Bina mishra

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