My hot neighbor

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Hello readers, This story is about my first sex with my sexy and beautiful neighbor Kesha.

Myself Karthik Murthy from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 22 years old, 5’5’’ tall, fair, handsome and a bit shy personality.Having a face resembling a bit to Virat Kohli, I sometimes get favorite in girls gang.

Kesha, on the other side, is a very beautiful girl, 20 years old, tall, fair and a very sexy body with 32B sized boobs, big booty, and curvy assets. She somehow resembles a bit with Kriti Sanon (Bollywood actress).

This is a long and interesting story to read on. The story takes place a year from now when I was preparing for my MBA admissions.

We have a society of around 10-12 bungalows and Kesha lives exactly opposite to my home. Having this advantage, I sometimes can see her dancing, cleaning lobbies and exercising. We were friends since childhood, playing together we grew up.

At that time she wasn’t that attractive and used to roam like a tomboy.

With growing years when she joined college, her dressing sense changed, she was now looking pretty in Salwar-suit, tank tops, tight T-shirts, capris, jeans, and shorts. I had her number but we never used to talk as I was not that attracted towards her and was focused to clear my entrance exams.

Days passed, one night suddenly I dreamt of her having a cuddle in my bed. I was shocked and thought how I dreamed about her even if I hadn’t any thoughts about her in that way. Next day, I saw her in tight blue tees and shorts. She was looking damn sexy. I kept staring her from my home as she was cleaning lobby.

I waited her to bend and wished if I can have glance towards her cleavage, but to my luck, she finished cleaning and went inside.

Moments after, she came to my home with same clothes. Her hair was free and wet (she just had a bath) and asked me if my mom was there.

I directed her towards the kitchen. She was here to ask for ice. I was so tempted to see her in tight tees and bottoms. I could not resist and when I bathe, I masturbated on her for the first time.

From that day I secretly had a fantasy to have sex with her. I somehow every day get a glance of hers. From now onwards I started masturbated having her in mind.

Soon my entrance exams were over and I successfully made it to get admission in good MBA College.

Now I had a vacation time of two months. In the evening, I used to play with society boys and sometimes I get to talk with Kesha.

She would ask me about college and other stuff. I would ask about her studies too and I get a glance towards her cleavage. (Her cleavage is so tempting. She has got milky boobs that every guy’s mouth would get watered). She has a huge crush on Ranveer Singh.

I sometimes keep my beard styled like him. So she would call me and tell that I was looking handsome. Since vacations, we also started chatting. The common stuff we would talk about like if we had any gf/bf etc.

One night I sent her the latest image of Ranveer Singh and asked her if I should keep beards like this. She replied positively. After half an hour, at midnight, my mobile beeped.It was her. She said she wanted to confess something. I asked what it was.

To my surprise, she told me that she had a huge crush on me in past days (a year or a two before). I was exclaimed and asked her why did not she say this at that time.

She said she was afraid what I would react. I said I liked that she told me this and asked if she was having a crush on me now. She declined. I said okay and complimented her that she looks good in blue tees and bottoms to which she thanked.

That night I was on cloud 9. I masturbated about her for 3 times. I could not sleep properly.

From then we used to talk every night. We would talk for almost 2-3 hours till we sleep. She used to tell me about things she liked in me, what she adored about me etc. In reply, I would also compliment her about her looks, her figure etc.

We started being frank with each other. We talk about relationships, sex, etc. Also, I once told her that I was attracted towards her sexy figure.

One night she told me what they girls talk in their WhatsApp group about Bf’s, their fantasies etc. She told me her fantasies about having sex at the first night, roses with bed and all. I too depicted my fantasies and asked her to have a dirty chat.

For some moments, she declined but because of my asking reluctantly, she gave in. I started talking to her about what she was wearing, what positions she liked. She wasn’t that much aware of it. I told her some and sent pictures of it.

For some nights, this stuff was talked. One night I asked her to send her sexy pictures. She sent her pictures in tees and bottoms. I said, not this, sexy means only in Bra and panties. She declined. I thought it will take time and didn’t force her.

I started talking about her bra size. She said it was 32B.

Then I asked about what colors of bra she have in her wardrobe, and then panties. She depicted the colors. (Trust me guys, I was imagining her in all the colors of her bra and panties.

My one hand was on phone, typing and other on my dick, rubbing and fantasying about her) I wasn’t able to reply her. She caught me.

She said ”You naughty, what you’re thinking,” I said “what?” she said, “I know you are having thoughts about me in mind”. I said “ So what? How could anybody resist you imagining in different colored bra”

She said “Mister, control your thoughts, you’re not gonna get any of it” Then once again I asked about her sexy pictures to which she again declined. And I had to sleep jerking off on her for 3 times that night.

Days passed and I was looking for chances to have a glance towards her cleavage while playing in street, she would also come to play and sometimes I would touch her on the back, on her waist, ass etc. and she would not mind that.She also, being naughty, show me some cleavage while batting and raise her brows asking how it was.

Now during nights, we would talk some real stuff like “come, lie over me, remove your tees, lemme lick your navel, lemme taste your boobs, etc and to that she won’t mind.We used to talk these every night, do phone sex and then I masturbate and sleep.

My vacations were about to get over and now I wasn’t satisfied with only sex on phone. I wanted some real stuff. I asked about it to her. She said it was risky and what if we get caught. She told me to wait for time and I was again on cloud 9 that she didn’t deny.

We planned for it 2-3 times but somehow our meeting did not happen (although we live cross to each other, still).

Then finally the day arrived. The day I was going to get her in my arms, to kiss her, to satisfy all my fantasies of her which I dreamed.

We had a plan that she would call me to her home for some project work and I would go her home. (Nobody would be there in her house that time, but I have to act to my mom that she had called me for project work so that she don’t get ideas).

I went to her home, in her room (in this room too, I fantasized her in different positions in my dreams), she was sat on her bed wearing pink kurti and white leggings. Her hairs were tied. She was slaying! I was going weak on my knees seeing her.

I sat beside her and we thanked God for giving us this pleasurable time together! I asked her if we could start. She closed her eyes (this was the first time for both of us). I cannot explain how tempting I was feeling to see her in my front. I took her face in my hand and kissed on her lips. She didn’t react.

I was kissing her for almost 5 minutes, then she opened her eyes and kissed me back. This time it was really gentle. I kissed her upper lip and then lower, and then I inserted my tongue in her mouth. She held it with her teeth.

Then she bit my lip and inserted her tongue in mine. I was enjoying it like hell. Her fragrance was mesmerizing.

Then she hugged me and said I was too good at kissing. While hugging, I rubbed her back with my both hands and we kissed again. She was standing on her knees.

I pulled her hairs and kissed her neck, she felt very nice. I kissed all over her neck, from the front, to back and then on sides.

I reached her shoulders. She helped me loosen her kurti from shoulders. I bite her shoulder. She moaned heavily. I could see her cleavage. She was wearing a gray colored bra (I remember she had one when she told about it during chats). I liked licking her shoulders.

Then she sat on my lap facing me, hugging. I slipped my hand from her upper open side of kurti to reach her back.She had a very soft back. I was struggling to reach her back.So I removed my hand and slipped it from down. I reached her lower back. I was pressing it.

Soon I reached her bra hook. She asked to wait. I told her I wanted to see her bare back (she said in our conversation that she has got very sexy back).

She turned her back towards me and asked me to pull kurti from behind.

I pulled it a little and trust me, she was right, she has got such a sexy back. I planted a kiss there. Now I was licking her lower back.

Soon I reached her tight ass. I grabbed it and bite it. She moaned heavily. I asked her to bend and she did so. I was pressing her ass and kissing it from her leggings. I tried to pull it off but she refused to do so.

Then she slept beside me facing the bed and I was over her kissing from her upper back to her knees.

I again pulled her kurti and licked her back while she was lying. She sat back and started kissing my chins.

Now I was licking her neck and reached her breast. She stopped me there and said that was enough. We can’t go further than that. I said let me see your breast and I will leave (this was only decided in advance). She refused.

I then just slip my hand to her cleavage. She moaned and refused me to go further.

I asked her to stay calm and opened her kurti buttons. Now I can see huge 32B melons on which I masturbated for so long. I couldn’t resist and pressed it heavenly. She was moaning and refusing me to do so. but I kept pressing. She moaned heavily and then didn’t say a word.

She then suddenly pulled my head and threw it between her breasts. I started kissing her breasts through her bra.She then helped me remove her kurti. I too removed her bra. She was now topless in front of me.

I went mad and kissed, sucked her nipples, pressed her boobs and bite it. Then, I slipped towards her navel (omg.. her navel was anyone would die for! She got a perfect belly button.) I kissed all over her waist and then her navel. I put my tongue into her belly button and licked there.

Then my hand slipped towards her pussy. She again refused and said we can’t go further.(also I didn’t know this would happen and thus, I didn’t bring condom). I insisted on her to let me just see her pussy. She said okay and I removed her leggings.

Then I put my finger on her panty she refused me to do so. I declined and removed her panty. I saw her white, hairless, beautiful pussy and kissed it. She felt so good. I did it again. And now I was licking it. She was moaning louder and louder and this time she insisted me to lick on. She felt very good.

I was now on cloud 9 and removed all my clothes.

We didn’t plan for sex but now it was impossible to left.

She said, “Oh! Akaaash!!.. please put your dick in!, please show me heaven.. come on Akaaaash!” (I still remember her voice) and I removed my underwear, applied some saliva and put it in. She cried. I did it again and this time it was all in. She moaned wildly and I was now having sex with her. I didn’t buy condom so she asked me to jerk off outside. I did it so. She was very happy to break her virginity and so was I.

After one more session, we cleaned up the bed. Then we tried anal. I applied oil and it was really good (more than the previous session).

I banged her ass which I dreamed for months! After that, we bathed together. She then made tea for us. We drunk it and then she said thanks for making her ride to heaven. I said I will always be there for that and left kissing her.

Added by Karthik Murthy

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