My hot afternoon with a neighbourhood guy

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It’s my destiny to have what I want but illicit relationship or extra martial affairs is not new for our society and being a hot lady for those who know me is something special in my character.I know how to make a guy or men hot,I have always provoked them for sex and now it’s better to write my feelings happened two weeks ago in our neighbourhood. I live in a rented flat in Noida with my hubby Anish as I am a bold ,hot and gorgeous lady for our neighbours . I always wear modern outfit like leggings and crop tops or kurti and jeans,in our apartment a large park with natural beauty is there ,where I spend times in the evening as I walk there fastly with my eyes on appartment gate for my hubby Anish returning from office. For last one month a guy ,who is smart,having well built body with white complexion is following me in park while walking and an evening makes our introduction…… we both were walking there,light rain made us uncomfortable and I ran fast towards car parking,guy was standing near me and looking at me,he smiled and said……..” Hello madam ,I am Nikhil
(I smiled) hi ,I am Bina living in C block in flat no.12 but Nikhil I am watching your activity for months
(Nikhil) don’t you feel attracted or you are annoyed
(Bina)meet me tomorrow evening in my flat and I will reply you.” We both moved towards our flat ,my mind is in dirty state as I am sleeping on bed with my hubby thinking about that young guy .
Next day I took lunch on time and have a rest for hours,it’s 3:30 pm as I left my bed and started preparing for hot evening,I took refreshment and removed my saree and blouse with peticote to wear a pink gawn upto my knee length with G string panty and brassiere ,looking my hot body in mirror I can see my body in transparent gawn ,I have chosen it to attract Nikhil.Its 04:05 pm as door bell started ringing and moved towards door to open it ,Nikhil is standing there and I asked……..”let’s move inside Nikhil .” He moved in our dinning hall and I closed the door,I just turned back to move towards Nikhil but he is standing there,we are in closest position and he took no time to hold me in his strong arms,i smiled…..”Nikhil are you mad
(He started moving his palm on my bum) yes darling you are too hot and wild.” And we both started kissing each other ,my breasts are brushing his chest as we both have hold each other’s tightly.nikhil than put his lips on my lips and I pushed my long tongue in his mouth ,we both are standing near door like a hot couple and he is sucking my tongue with his hand lifting my gawn upto my waist .I can feel my nude buttocks getting the touch of his hard palm and after a while ,I took out my tongue from his mouth.we both walked towards sofa and he is sitting on it as I am standing in front of him .now I put my one leg on sofa as I have stretched my legs wide to incite him and Nikhil put his strong arm in my waist to hold it but his other hand lifted my gawn up and he is kissing my thigh and massaging the softest portion of my ass,he is making me hot as he kissed my strong thighs and than removed my G string to see my vagina .looking towards me,he said…….”oh Bina your vagina is so hot without pubic hairs,love to kiss it
(Bina) Nikhil love my cunt and don’t waste my time .”
I am standing with my legs wide stretched as Nikhil have put his face in between my thighs and while holding my waist,he is kissing my labias and I put fingers to open the vaginal mouth and Nikhil started licking my cunt with his tongue as my hand is on his hairs just pushing his mouth towards my vagina and he is licking my vagina with his long tongue,I am screaming in pleasure…….”oohhhhh aahhh uummm Nikhil aahh fuck my vagina it’s in fire.” But he is still licking my cunt and lastly he took my labias in his mouth to suck.after a while I took out my vagina from his mouth. I moved to washroom to pee and came back to see Nikhil removing his shirt and jeans ,I smiled on him as he is sitting on sofa wearing undies only. I am on my knees near his legs and put my hand on his penis bulge to feel it’s touch ,than looking at him I pulled down his undies and a long thick cock is in my palm ,a 7-8 inch long,2 inch thick cock is in my palm. As it’s strong and hard also ,I started kissing his dick from base to shaft and glans ,looking to him I started moving glans on my face and lips as he hold my gawn and slowly lifted towards my neck,he took it out to make me semi nude ,my boobs are caged in pink brassier as my vaginal zone is nude . I took his glans in between my lips to suck as Nikhil have put his hand on my breast to massage it hard and his one hand is moving on my back,slowly I took his long cock in my mouth as my mouth is slowly moving upwards and downwards to suck his long cock and Nikhil removed my brassiere to press my nude boobs .I am sucking his cock slowly and he is screaming in joy…….”oh aahh my sweet heart oh you are a nice cock sucker aaagh suck it fast ” but I am still slow in sucking his cock as his glans is hitting my deep throat and I took it out to lick it but looking at Nikhil I asked……”Nikhil will you reply me a question
(Nikhil)sure my baby
(Bina) you followed me for months ,is this your goal to enjoy with me or some thing different
(Nikhil) you will never trust me Bina that I love you and want to marry you
(Bina) impossible Nikhil but till I am here you can satisfy me .” And I licked his cock for some time.
We both are on bed like a hot couple ,Nikhil is 4-5 years younger to me and I slept on bed like an Indian lady waiting for his hubby to come and fuck his cunt.nikhil put his glans in my cunt and slowly pushed his 2/3 Rd cock inside my vagina ,a nice hard cock is inside my cunt and while holding my waist ,be pounded hard to fuck me with his long thick penis and like a novice fucker ,he is fucking me hard with speed and power and I am shouting……..”oohhhhh aahhh Nikhil fuck me hard ,be on my hot body .” As he slept on my hot body ,I hold him tightly and started bouncing my ass up and down ,he is kissing my lips and pounding me hard but 5-7 minutes of deep penetration made him hot and he screamed……..”oohhhhh aahh my sweet heart I will cum aahh.” And his penis poured sperms in my vagina as my cunt also ejaculated cum .He is exhausted as he is still sleeping on my body with his penis in my cunt but as he woke up ,I took his penis in my mouth to taste the sperms.

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