My friends wife Deepa (Bong Beauty) – part 2

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After the first part.. My friends wife Deepa (Bong Beauty) came back for the second part with one more character in it.

So let’s start as I told you we are in holiday in castle so it’s the next morning where we we went to some side scene into some moutains near by. Deepa was looking very beautiful today in sea green kurti as usual very ethnic. Her bosoms were bulging out from her kurti.. we reached out destination and started to explore the places.

Deepa and ranjiv were in front of me walking. And we came to close small shop to buy some food for us and there I got to see my old school friend and my crush. Her name is Antara chatterjee. And we got to meet after pro long time..she is also from kolkata and a bengali too. And i introduced her to my friend Rajiv , Deepa and i excused from rajiv and then me and antara sat there to talk about our old school memories back in kolkata like what we used to do that time and all the memories. I got to know that she got married 4 years back and then she get divorced as her hubby was having affairs outside. She started telling everything to feel relaxed we are very close from our school days and after that we get to involved into our own life.

I felt sorry for her about being in this situation. Btw let me tell you about Antara, she is very sweet girl very intelligent and a software engineer comes from a well to do bengali family.

She is now 32. Like all bengali girls she is also very curvy, chubby and voluptuous figure and fair complexion and good tummy with big rounded butt and good pair of boobs. After that i told her that am in a vacation here and she was also in vacation like me. So she asked if she could join with us and I said yes and Rajiv also said it will be good. And we started to explore the area it was in the afternoon we returned to our castle and i told that antara that she can take my room i will book a room for my own but she told it will be okk she can be in my room. I was thinking if today night rajiv and deepa again starts how will i watch it.

Then Antara went to change in the bathroom and I went to think. Antara came out in a saree. I was bit surprised to see her in saree in night time. She sat beside me in the bed and we started to chit chat. She asked about my gf. As we went on talking she started telling me about her good old days with her hubby.

They have arranged marriage. They had wonderful time together with streamy nights. Everything seems fine as per her words but when she got pregnant situation started getting worst. Her hubby didn’t like her as she put on some more weight. So we chit chat a bit more then we slept. As in the night and i woke up to pee and i was stepping towards the bathroom suddenly antara came hurriedly I asked what happened she told she need to pee urgent and I told her to go first and I stand outside the door. I can hear her peeing sound and from the outside of bathroom i can feel it really urgent. I felt sensation in my body from hearing her peeing act. She came out by adjusting her panty with her saree. I went in and did my job and when I came out she was standing near the common door of mine and Rajiv.

I came out and she suddenly came near to her bed and I was passing from that common door I got to heard again moaning sound now I got sure that my friend started their night duty. I came to my bed and suddenly antara told

That there are some sound coming from their flat I understand that she knows everything just pretending like that. She is a mature experienced lady she knows what sound it is but in front of me just pretending. I said what where? She moves into the common door and I also went with her and I was thinking now what will happen. And their bedroom door was half opened and and we were standing in the drawing room and Antara and I were watching.

Antara: what the fuck they are doing? ( ki korcha bedroom dorja kula rakha) by opening the bedroom door..omg.
Me: I didn’t told her the yesterday night incident I pretend like seriously omg..

That time Rajiv began to unbutton deepa’s blouse shaking his head. She was in a saree like most married bengali woman be in- she was not wearing a bra underneath and her large, pendulous bosoms with dark purple nipples came into view. Her flesh was dusky – she looked like she was mature wife in her mid thirties. She took off her saree and petticoat as well and got onto the empty bed – she wasn’t wearing any panties either – and then, she spread her legs, showing the Rajiv her pubic and crotch hair covered vaginal lips. Antara and me was watching closely into that room.

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