My Cousin Julia Or The Summer Of Awakening

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In the behavior culture of our family, farting had always been a taboo. It literally never happened and it was seen as something very disgusting. I was socialized in a kind of philosophy that farting was something impolite and basically, I was warned that really nobody was going to fart neither in public nor around family members, which I believed indeed. I also felt something like that. I was happy not to fart and even more I was happy not to experience anyone else farting. But seventeen years ago, there was a summer which changed my life forever. In retrospective I would say it was the discovery and realization of my fart fetish. Even several years after that life-changing experience I hadn’t already noticed it was something that anyone else could also have and that it was called “Fart Fetish”. But it turned my feelings, especially my sexuality upside down. So, let me describe to you what happened that time with the aim that maybe some of you could understand and comprehend what made me feel the way since then:

2003 had a very hot summer, one of the hottest I could imagine. I was thirteen years old. There was summer vacation, which in Germany always lasted six weeks. In August we had our annual two-days-family-celebration at my aunt’s and uncle’s house. It was such a big house that even three families could have lived there. Although living in Central Europe we had such tropical temperatures outside and inside the house. My parents and I arrived around 2:30 p.m. Almost half of all family members I knew at that time were invited and most of them were present. We were warmly welcomed by my aunt, my uncle and my eleven years old cousin Julia. As long as I remembered Julia and I had played together since we both had visited each other. My dad’s family and my uncle’s family lived far away from each other and therefore, we were not usually able to meet more than once a year. Maybe that was the reason that even my cousin Julia seemed to have missed me as much as I was looking forward to getting to know the way she had changed since the year before. Personally, I was also happy to see her again, although I almost forgot the way she affected me. She had a relatively slim but feminine and delicate body figure, long light blonde hair with blue eyes, full lips, long legs. She was very tall for her age with around 5.1 feet. On that day, her hair was made into a braid. She was wearing a white short dress with some blue flowers and green leaves on it, perfect for such family occasions in summer. Although her braid seemed to be stuck together lovingly, a few highlights of her hair had leaked out of her braid and were moistened. The weather was so hot that even it was cooler inside while windows were shut, a typical dog day. Around 3 p.m. we had our coffee and cake, which took about an hour. After that my uncle and my dad started a good conversation. And so, my mom and some other relatives, my grandparents, all were involved and had a good time. Even my younger relatives were playing outside in the garden.

My cousin Julia asked me to come to her room to play with her. She probably had an urgent wish to show me everything she had learned to know since we met last time. She told me about her camping tour two months ago, the last birthday party of her best friend from school and lots of other things. We ended up sitting on the floor (she in her typical cross-legged position) playing some board games. Usually, I didn’t prefer playing such things but she really liked it and told me about exciting new levels which also would be fascinating for me as well. I don’t remember exactly how long we had been playing but it was in the middle of a game round when we both hadn’t talked for a while, because I had to make a decision what to choose next to reach the next step to a higher level. But suddenly I noticed without a warning that Julia let out a popping jackhammer-like fart (in a way like p – p – p – p – …) which must have lasted for about five seconds. I suddenly got frightened because at the first moment I thought it was something else.

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