My biology teacher asked my sperm

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This is a true story happened to me in Tamil Nadu. This incident happened when I was studying 12th std. My name is Nitin (name has been changed). I had a medium physique and I was horny almost all the time since I have started to masturbate from 11th std. I used to stare at the back of girls and women and used to masturbate thinking of that.

So let’s come in to the story.

The heroine of this story is my biology teacher. Her age was in between mid 30’s. She had a beautiful breasts with a soft and slightly bumpy tummy (but that was cute to her) and her ass was really jaw dropping. All the boys was a fan of her curve when she used to stand straight for the anthem. She was married and her husband was working in abroad. She had a nice character and some how I managed to talk and get close to her whenever I get a chance. Since I was my class leader all the teachers used to call me to make any decisions or to sort out any problem.
It was a day before our biology practical exam. She was making arrangements for the biology practical. She called me during the break and said that we’ve got a problem.

I asked “What’s the problem?”. She said “The slide for human sperm is missing and she have searched everywhere for that”. As we have a practical regarding human sperm it was a must to have component for our practical exam. Then I said “I’ll once again search for it mam” then I’ve searched everywhere and couldn’t find it. As she was tensed she began to blabber herself that what she could do. I said to her weather we can order it?. But she told it won’t reach us within tomorrow and we cannot conduct the practical without it or else she would face severe problems from the educational dept. officers during the inspection. She was totally confused. As the break got over the bell rang and she told me to go to my class.

Then during the lunch break she called me again to the lab. I went to the lab. She’s still unable to find the thing. She told me “We’ve got a way ”. I asked “what is it mam?”. She said that we’ve got extra empty slides & glycerin to make the sperm slide, the only thing we need is sperm sample. I said “That’s great mam, but from where do we get those sperm samples?”. She told me that her husband is in abroad or else she could have collected his sperm. Hearing this suddenly my face have gone red and I was bit shy. She told “Now only you can help me”. I said “Me?, How?!”. She asked me to give my sperm sample to her. I literally thought that this would happen but pretended to be innocent. I said what are you telling mam? in a loud voice. She then pleased me to give my sperm sample and said it was for the sake of the school’s reputation. Then I said “Ok I’ll bring it tomorrow”. She said “Tomorrow?!, I need it within today, only then I could set it ready for tomorrow’s practical.”. She asked me to come to the lab after school hours.

Then after school hours I went to the lab. The entire school was silent and only me & my teacher were there in the lab it was evening 5 o clock. She was setting the slide for the sperm. At that time I noticed her saree was pulled down to her waist I could see her naval. She asked me weather I know to masturbate. I was shy hearing it and I told “Roughly I have an idea of it with an evil smile”. She gave me a small ounce cap & said me to fill my sperm in it. I said can masturbate only on looking some porn. She said “Porn?!, Where can we get pornographic videos now?”. I then after a deep breath she asked ‘’Would you masturbate looking on a women?”. I said I’ll try to do so. Suddenly she said if I mind considering herself as a masturbating material?.

Hearing that my cheeks have gone red and blushingly I said Ok. She then sat on the chair and put her saree pallu down and gave me a clear view of her breast with her blouse. I was aroused seeing that but pretended to be unaroused. She then said me to start doing my job. I went beside a table and unzipped my pants and took my tool out. I was hiding myself beside a table. I then said “I couldn’t reach the mood”. She said what do I need to ejaculate. I came out from beside to table and now she could see my penis which I was holding in my hand.

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