Mother, sister, brother, lover

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Mother, sister, brother, lover

Twenty year old Julie Barnes walked into her bedroom and gasped, her eighteen year old younger brother was sitting on her bed and holding her dildo, the drawer in her bedside cabinet was open, he was so intent on studying it he didn’t hear her come in.

“Robbie what the hell are you doing?” she said and strode towards him.

Blushing he stood and fumbled the small penis shaped dildo, dropping it on the carpet. He had obviously turned it on as it now it bumbled and rolled over the carpet. Julie bent to pick it up grasping it into her fist to turn it off. It tumbled out and rolled away buzzing gently. Robbie laughed and scampered after it.

“It’s not funny, what the hell were you doing snooping through my things?”

Robbie blushed and mumbled as he stooped to grab the dildo. He raised it triumphantly and switched it off.

“There you go sis, one lovely dildo, safe and sound.”

He handed it to Julie and turned to go.

“Robbie, you still haven’t told me why you were in here and what you were doing, apart from invading my privacy and playing with something you have no right to touch!” Julie’s voice rose as she turned on him. “Just what the hell were you thinking?”

“Sorry sis, I just sort of came in and well you know..”

“Actually I don’t know so please tell me why the hell you were here and what you were doing?”

“You’ll get mad at me, I know you, you’ll be all sweet then you’ll just kill me.”

“Try me?”

“Nope, I don’t think you’d understand.”

“Tell me or I’ll tell Mum.”

“Oh yeah, what, that I was playing with your dildo friend there.” He pointed at the slim rubber penis in her hand.

“You think she doesn’t know?” Julie’s left eyebrow raised in question.

“What? Mum knows about it, yeah right, you’re bluffing.”

“Again, Try Me?”

“You’re kidding right?”

“Nope, it’s true, so that blows your bargaining chip out the window, so come clean little brother or you’re toast.”

“Fuck, you’re serious aren’t you, she does know?”

Julie nodded and placed the dildo on her bed, sitting next to it.

“Come on out with it you little perv, why and what.”




“OK, I’ll buy it, why knickers?”

“well you know on websites like Literotica the brother always finds his sisters knickers fascinating and uses them to er,,,”

“Toss himself off with them?”

“Yeah, well they always find the dirty ones and smell them and rub them on their dick then come in them.”

“So why are you looking in my bedside cabinet, my knickers are in the chest of drawers over there and the dirty one’s are in the laundry basket.”

“I know I went through them; you’re pretty boring in that department aren’t you. They’re all pretty standard big pants, no thongs, no French Knickers, no girly boxers or anything.”

“I prefer comfort over sexy, especially as I’ve no one to be sexy for.”

“You’ve not got many bras either, just a couple of bog standard white things.”

“Small boobs, no need, they’re just for show really, I rarely need to wear one.”

“Wow, you’re usually braless, fucking hell, that’s enough to give a boy a boner.”

“Oh gross, I’m your sister, please tell me you don’t get off on my underwear?”

“Well I have wanked off into your bra once or twice, but I made sure it went straight in the wash afterwards.”

“Eugh yuck, why did you do that, which one I’ll never wear it again.”

“Well it’s not in the drawer now and I didn’t see it in the wash basket.” Robbie grinned and stared at her chest.

“Oh no, not the one I’m wearing, oh that was my favourite and now I can’t wear it again. ”

Julie turned her back on Robbie and began to unbutton her blouse then pulled it over her head, unclasping the bra she flung it backwards at Robbie.

“Here you might as well keep it, I’ll never use it again.” She pulled her top back on and rebuttoned the top two buttons on the blouse.

Robbie picked it up and sighed.

“Thanks sis, it’s lovely and warm, mmmm”

Robbie buried his face in it and breathed in his sister’s scent.

“Oh stop that, you little perv, I never want to see that again. She was panting from the effort of pulling her bra off and redressing. Her nipples grazed the blouse and formed little indents. Robbie stared in fascination and licked his lips.

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