Moonlight Ep1 – The Dinner

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Episode 1. The Dinner


Zeel knocked on the front door of her house as she came back from work on that Friday night. She was standing there on a rainy night holding her umbrella waiting on her mum to open the door. After a while her mum came and opened the door, letting her in. worried about her daughter getting wet in rains she looked at her and told her to quickly go and change and also informed her about the guest coming for dinner, as she made her way back to the kitchen.

Zeel slowly walked towards her room wondering who would be coming for dinner, as mom was making such a huge fuss about it. As she made her way into her room she saw her sister Jiya, seating at her desk and studying. Zeel kept her bag on the desk and pulled out a book she had brought for Jiya. “Le ye teri book, Ab mera dimag mat khana! Okay”, (here is your book. Happy now? now stop eating my head) as she just hit Jiya on the head with the book. She then grabbed her towel and made her way to the washroom to freshen up.

After a while Zeel shouted out to her sister from the washroom, “Oye khane pe kon aaraha, aaj pata hai?” (Hey, you have any idea about whos coming for dinner tonight?). Jiya looking through her new book in excitement she just heard her sister ask her about the guests, “Are Soham bhaiya, uncle and aunty aarahe hai” (Yeah, Soham and Uncle aunty are coming), Jiya replied and then she went back to reading her new book which she just got from her sister.

Zeel just stood in front of the mirror for a couple of minutes looking at herself. She always had a crush on Soham, knowing that he was a cousin of hers but that didn’t matter to her. She had a crush on him from their childhood days going to school together. She had to shake off her thoughts before she could take a bath. She then quickly took a shower and got dressed nicely.

She made her way into the kitchen, where she saw Soham’s mum (aunty) talking to her mum. She greeted her aunty and started helping her mom in dinner preparations. Zeel could not help herself from ease dropping on Soham talking, she tried to get a peek of Soham as she was cooking. Whole throughout dinner Zeel and Soham kept looking at each other, they couldn’t stop themselves from stealing looks at each other.

Soham too had a crush on Zeel but he could never really tell her, he could never really find a way to express his feelings. After he finished dinner he headed up to the terrace to call his girlfriend Priyanka. He had made plans to meet her tonight after dropping his parents to the airport after the family dinner. He called her to check up on her, he talked on the phone walking to and foe on the terrace.

Zeel and Jiya cleaned up the dinning table and washed the dishes as their parents sat down and talked in the hall. Zeel’s mum asked them to serve ice-cream for everyone in cups. Jiya served ice-cream for her parents as well as Soham’s parents. While Zeel took the opportunity and grabbed two cups and headed to the terrace. She watched as Soham walked to and foe on the balcony talking to his girlfriend. Before she entered the terrace she put the cups down on a table near by, She adjusted her t-shirt by pulling it down a bit so that they showed her cleavage, she then loosen her hair which she usually tied into a bun and let it fall on her shoulder. She looked hot she thought taking the cups of ice-cream and walking onto the terrace. She made sure Soham saw her as she walked towards him to give him the ice-cream.

Soham smiled at Zeel, as she walked towards him. He then quickly said goodbye to Priyanka as he kept his phone. He walked towards where Zeel was waiting for him. Zeel sat on the parapet of the terrace facing him. He came closer to her, he stood besides her facing the outside.

He picked the ice-cream cup from her hand, “Tuje toh bas ice cream hi chaiye na abi bhi” (even now all you want is ice-cream, right?). Zeel just sipped on her ice cream, holding the cup in her hand, “tu jaldi kha le, nahi toh me kha jaungi vo b” (Have your’s fast or I’ll eat that too).

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