Memorable trip to Goa

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Hi this is Raj, From Belgaum, North Karnataka, I’m 37 (Divorced) 5.7 in height, normal physical body, This story is which happened 2yrs ago with a female who I found on lacanto dating page. Pooja is from Bangalore Very cute, beautiful simple She maintained herself Very well aged 32, 5.2 in height, 34 30 36 perfect boobs size, Flat tummy with big round ass one would die for. she was married I came to Know later, pooja was very shy type female.

Now coming back to the story we started with exchanging mail then it came to chatting on hangout we fixed a time to chat every day. one day on the chat I directly asked her what she wanted from me, either sex or just friendship, I said I am ready for both but I better known because this chatting was going no where except hi hello and a few extra lines. So pooja decided to meet up so we get to know each other better and then decide to be friend or sex partner.

So at last we planned Goa (Arambol) for weekend, Booking was done by her and place and time was decided before we reach the resort. Guys it was in Goa that I saw this simple beautiful lady turning to a wild beast, which I could never imagine,

we reached the room and hugged tightly as it was the first time we were meeting, I started getting hard on as she was crushing her big soft boobs on my chest and as myself and pooja were just friends and still didn’t decide what relationship we would be in I didn’t want to ruin this relation. So to change my mood I went to the beach to have a chilled beer.

Now what I saw I couldn’t believe I saw my Lady in a two piece black bikini in which she was looking so hot and dam sexy she was showing off her assets proudly 34 sized boobs flat tummy and her round ass of 36 clearly she was totally different. I still carried on sipping on my chilled beer thinking her to be someone else.

Pooja went to the beach and started playing in water after a few mins she tried calling me but as I didn’t give a look at her thinking her to be someone else, she came to me and I was shocked to see her right in front of me in that two piece exposing her big boobs which was covered only half by her bra I couldn’t control myself I had a huge blug in my shorts.

Pooja saw that and laughed and asked me what’s happening I knew she was playing so told her directly seeing her I couldn’t control my sex urge she kissed me on my cheek and pulled me to the beach to play in the water we walked in the water till are bodies were half in water we were having fun now, the change in her started and she once again hugged me tightly and started kissing me to which I responded and our lips were locked and playing with our tongues pooja was getting so wild and horny that I could feel her tits getting bigger and hard she was sucking my lips as though she going to eat me we kissed passionately for some time it was an awesome feeling smooching someone standing in middle of cold waters where your body is hot, and mind filled with romance and sex.

Slowly she put her hands in my shorts and playing with my rock hard dick. I started licking her on her neck and biting her ears. Pressing both her boobs softly, she pulled out my dick from my shorts and
started rubbing it over her pussy I too inserted my hand in her panties and found her pussy was clean shaved and soft. I could feel her hot pussy even in the cold waters So I started fingering her after a while we came out of the waters and slept on The beach,

By now she was restless and only a few foreigners were to be seen on the beach where we were Sleeping this lady couldn’t control herself and pulled me over her and we smooched I got her over me and moving my hands over her back and her big round ass which was so soft then started pressing her big boobs nicely hard, pinching and biting her Brown nipples it was easy access coz she had worn a bikini I pulled her big 34 size boobs from her bra she was moaning so loud with all the aaahhhh ohhh and getting more wild She didn’t care who is seeing at us as she was top of me

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