Maid From Heaven Part-6

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

I said “go change into a nighty while I also change”. I changed into my tracks and t-shirt and she wore a semi-transparent black baby doll nighty without underwear. I kissed her and said “Darling you are looking very hot and sexy”.

She held my cock over my tracks saying “I don’t think you are telling the truth Krishna because he is still sleeping”. It was past midnight, I said “let’s go to my bedroom”. We entered my bedroom and switched off all the lights leaving only the bedside lamp on.

Uma was already lying on my bed smiling at me. I switched on the AC closing the door and got in the bed with her, Uma removed her clothes and got on top. She pushed my t-shirt to my neck and removed it.

She held my face and smooched again and kissed all over my face going down to my neck and then my nipples. All the while she kept grinding her crotch against my cock trying to make it hard.

It was exciting to see her taking the lead during sex. I made her get in 69 so I could eat her pussy and ass while she sucked my cock. I pushed two fingers in her pussy and ass while I licked her clit.

Her body trembled while I did this and her pussy started leaking juices. I licked all her juices while I continued fingering both her holes. Uma started moaning while sucking my cock, after some time she stopped me and got on top riding my cock in her pussy.

She was rocking her butt fast on my cock and after a few minutes I was getting close to my release. I stopped her and made her lie down and got on top resuming fucking her while also sucking her boobs.

Uma was flipping her head from side to side saying “Krishna fuck me harder”. I knew she was getting close to her orgasm, I continued at a slow pace because I wanted to last longer. In the next few minutes her body wriggled with her orgasm.

I paused waiting for her to come around and while she held my face and smooched. I got off and flipped her on her chest and pushed my cock in her ass. Fucking her butt was giving me crazy pleasure making me cum in the next few minutes.

I remained on her for some time while we caught our breath. I rolled over to her side and she turned to face me. Uma looked at me smiling and said “thank you Krishna” and kissed me. We smooched for a few minutes and fell asleep.

Next morning, I woke up as usual at 7am and saw she was not there. I went to the hall naked sporting morning wood and wanted to fuck. Uma was working in the kitchen and I hugged her from behind pushing my cock in-between her butt cheeks.

She let me enjoy for some time and turned around and smooched while stroking my cock. She said “let’s go to the bedroom”, I said “I want to have you right here” and she blushed. I held her waist and seated her on the kitchen platform.

I removed her baby doll nighty and we kissed again. I started sucking her nipples while she opened her legs holding my cock and stroking it. I was getting ready to penetrate her when she stopped me saying “Krishna wait, I need to use the bathroom”.

I asked “for what”? She said “I want to piss”. I pushed her making her lay on the platform and put my mouth on her pussy, I said “do it now, I want to drink it”. Uma got up and pushed me back saying “Krishna chichi, it is very dirty, please don’t do it”.

I said “I will do anything for you, now stop wasting time and do it slowly because I want to enjoy every drop”. I made her lay again and put my mouth back at her pussy and she let out a slow stream which I happily drank.

It took a long while for her to finish pissing slowly. After she finished I continued eating her pussy making her wet again. I stood up and pushed my cock in her pussy fucking her while sucking her nipples.

Uma held my face and smooched saying “Krishna you did the most unimaginable thing for me, I never knew I meant so much to you. If ever the situation comes, I will die before any harm comes to you”.

I kissed her saying “I am happy you understand. Can we do this everyday morning”? Uma blushed while I held her butt increasing my pace fucking her. Soon she wriggled to another orgasm while I continued fucking and sucking her nipples.

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