Maid from Heaven – Part 26

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 25 ). Now let’s continue

I raised her face kissing her forehead, I said “you still have 4hours before mum and dad return, so why not make the most of today”? She blushed saying “if I call them when you are around I will feel very bad and feel like I am doing injustice to you”.

I said “you don’t worry about me, I have enough things to take care off. Even the TV guy should be coming anytime now. Once they install and leave I will go out and finish my work”.

Uma asked “why are you saying this? Please understand I am not desperate for them”. I answered “I never said you are desperate, life is looking up for you, so you might as well enjoy it when you have the chance”.

She was lost in her own thoughts for a moment, then she said “no Krishna, you carry on with your work but I will not call them. You heard me refuse Rizwan in front of you right. Please understand you alone are everything I need in my life”.

Well I could see that she had made up her mind so did not push her again. Then the doorbell rang, I went to check while Uma quickly put on her clothes and stayed inside my room.

It was the TV guys, I told them to wait for a few minutes while I went inside and told Uma to go to her room upstairs and change into normal clothes and then to buzz me when ready.

After Uma called I went to her place with the TV guys and waited till they completed the installation and left. I went after them to see them off along with the payment.

I came back to my living room where Uma was sitting on the sofa wearing a maroon skirt and light pink blouse top with a beer pint waiting for me. I joined her and we sipped from the same pint like old times.

Today for the first time she drank a few sips from my mouth doing lip locking. I was for sure enjoying this new avatar of hers. After downing two pints Uma sat in my lap placing my one hand on her boobs and my other inside her skirt.

I now realised that she was not wearing anything inside and was already very wet between her legs. While my hands were busy she held my face and kissed me with wild passion all over.

She then lowered my tracks and straddled herself on either sides of my thighs and started riding my cock. Today for sure she was overly hungry for sex. Today her moans which earlier used to be soft hisses and moans were much louder like “ohh uhhh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh ohhhhhhh “showing how much she was enjoying it.

Even her orgasms seemed to be crashing thru her more intensely and sooner than earlier. I was wondering what was going on in her mind that got her so aroused today.

Unable to contain my curiosity any longer, I asked “what’s up with you today Uma, you seem to be at another level. I have never seen you so aroused”. She looked at me with lusty eyes and between riding my cock kissed me wildly.

Gasping for breath she said “I love you… I love you Krishna”. I held her by her butt and got up with our bodies still mated together at the crotch. Then I lowered her on the sofa and got on top.

She continued kissing me wildly while I resumed pumping my cock into her, soon she hugged me tightly locking her legs around my back and let out a loud hoarse groan with her body trembling with another orgasm.

She took a while to come back to her senses this time, I too paused and waited for her. When she opened her eyes and looked at me, she was smiling with a very satisfied look on her face.

Now I was yet to cum and both of us were sweaty already, so I pulled her with me to my bathroom and got under the shower. We were barely showering though still standing under running water, we were instead playing with each other still very sexually charged.

Then Uma turned around and bent forward holding the hand rail. I knelt behind her and put my face to her pussy giving her oral pleasures till she started moaning loudly again.

Now I began switching between tonguing her pussy and butt hole making her moan even louder and jerk her body due to pleasurable sensations. I was surprised because this was the first time I was seeing her so crazily aroused.

Unable to control myself I got up and stood behind her guiding my cock in her butt. The moment I entered her, Uma let out “Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Ohhh yes ohh yes oh yes oh yes”.

I stopped and asked “something happened” because I have never seen Uma audible like this during sex. She said “nothing Krishna, it just felt awesome, now please fuck me crazily hard like papa did yesterday”.

Surprise bells went off in my head listening to dad’s name from her mouth especially considering that just yesterday he had ravaged her body all day. Then I got into my normal rhythm of thrusting into her but now she was thrusting herself back against my strokes much harder.

She was flinging her face from side to side, constantly moaning and saying “Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh ohhhh uhhh ohhh uhhh ohhhhhh uhhh ohhhhhh uh oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma ohhhhhuhhhhh OHHHHHH yes fuck me like this, fuck me hard Krishna”.

The constant convulsions of her pussy muscles around my cock was getting me near my own climax but I wanted her to also climax with me. So I slipped my hand to her clit and began fingering it hard while continuing to fuck her.

Uma started moaning even more, clearly she was in a totally different level of arousal. In a few moments she screamed loudly “OHHHH HUHH HHHH HHHHHAH HHHHHHH Oh ma uhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHH” with her body going into raptures due to her orgasm.

AS I too was on my peak and her contraptions sent me over the edge and I pumped her pussy full with my cum. We both were now leaning against the wall still under the falling water with me on her regaining our breaths.

After coming back to our senses, I turned Uma around to face me. She did not look at me at all and just buried her face in my chest while hugging me tight. This was by far the most intense sex we had ever.

I also got to see the new far more hornier and extremely aroused side of Uma. I wanted to desperately talk to her about why she took dad’s name but asking now did not seem like the right thing to do.

So after slowly disengaging from our hug, I knelt below raising her one leg and placed her thigh on my shoulder. Just when I was bringing my mouth to her pussy, Uma placed her hands on my head stopping me.

She said “please don’t do it Krishna, I am dirty down there. I looked up in her letting our eyes do the talking. She understood I was stubborn so she relaxed her grip on me.

Then I put my mouth to her pussy licking our mixes love juices which were flowing out in abundance. This was giving me a strange kind of arousal. While doing so for a little while I again felt her hand at the back of my head applying gentle pressure.

Then she arched her back and pushed her hips forward placing her love hole fully on my mouth. For a second I thought she simply was aroused again and wanting me to eat her more.

Then she let out a loud groan “sorry Krishna” and she let loose a stream of her golden fluids which I eagerly drank. After drinking till the last drop I looked at her while still continuing to tongue fuck her pussy while pleasuring her clit with my tongue.

Uma’s eyes were burning with lust even now and she started rocking her bottom against my mouth while holding my head firmly with her hands. It looked like something had opened the flood gates of her sexual desires making her horny and aroused like hell.

Again she screamed loudly “OHHHH HUHH HHHHHAH Oh maa uhhhhh AHHH Oh maa uhhhhh”. Now I was also stroking my cock back to life with one hand while I pushed two fingers inside her rear orifice making her scream “Aaaaahhhh” loudly.

Within minutes of me fingering her butt while orally making love to her pussy made her orgasm trembling hard like a fish out of water. This time Uma collapsed on me completely due to the intensity of her orgasm.

A few moments later I got her back on her feet looking into her eyes. I asked “so did you enjoy it”? Now instead of shying away or blushing at my question she held my face and kissed me hard giving me my answer.

To be continued….

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