Maid from Heaven – Part 24

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Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 23 ). Now let’s continue

Mummy woke up at 5.30pm for her evening tea, that is the only time he let go of me. But till that moment he was like a monster in heat with an erection that never seemed to die down.

I served mummy in her bed only, she said she wanted to take more rest so I came outside after closing her door. Papa was again waiting and pulled me to the kitchen and took me again.

I pleaded to him to let me go to my room to get some rest but he did not allow. He made me sleep naked on the couch in the living room while he sat naked on the sofa playing with his boner.

He continued ravaging me like a rag doll every time he felt the urge to fuck. He did not even spare me to go use your bathroom to clean-up. I had to use my clothes only.

He fucked me so many times that I cannot even remember the count. I had given up totally lying lifeless on the couch while he ravaged my body repeatedly to quench his own thirst.

He did not care that my body was sore and hurting due to his relentless repeated assaults. I can only try to imagine what he would have done to mummy that she ended up with a severe back pain the following morning.

You arrived at 7pm, from the time I served mummy till you arrived he banged me three more times. So I hope you are able to perceive what papa would have done to me in the 5hours.

Even just now when I was clearing the dining table he came and fucked me again bending me over the table. Now I hope now you understand the reason for my condition and tiredness.

I said “Uma I am really sorry about the whole thing. I had no clue dad would turn out to be like this. I am as shocked as you are.

I promise you that till they are here, I will find some excuse to be around the house so this does not repeat”. Even though Uma had been stroking my cock while narrating her ordeal, I never really got hard and now at the end I lost what little was left of it.

I did help remove her clothes because I know she enjoys sleeping naked more comfortably. I saw the countless bite marks all over her body left behind by dad. He had truly abused her like an animal.

Then we slept in each other’s arms and did not have sex at all. Next morning Uma woke me up at my usual time 6am looking very cheerful again as always. She held my cock and started stroking it followed by a blowjob.

I did not get hard because I was not in the mood for sex at all. Yesterday’s thoughts were still buzzing fresh and loud in my mind. I said “Uma, please I am not in the mood today, but if you want I can help you to an orgasm or two”.

Just like before she blushed and I understood her answer. I went down on her only doing foreplay being careful to gently suck her nipples avoiding the areas with dad’s bite marks.

I was very careful with her pussy and only licked and used my tongue gently but strictly no fingering. I continued with my foreplay till I gave her the two promised orgasms.

Then we cleaned up and got dressed. Uma reminded me saying “your parents had to get ready early and leave, so please go downstairs to your room and stay there. I will knock on your door when I come down so you can be there to save me from papa”.

I went down to my room and saw my parent’s door was still closed and there was total silence. I went to my room and got fresh, then I sat in the living room on the sofa reading the newspaper.

Uma also came down soon wearing a light blue salwar kameez suit. She smiled at me and went to the kitchen. Soon dad emerged from his room and looked a little surprised seeing me sitting there.

After wishing each other he went to the kitchen. Uma told me later that dad again hugged her from behind running his hands all over her privates. This time she pushed him off strongly.

She said “papa don’t even dare to touch me ever or I will shout”. He said “why are you doing so much drama darling, after all did we not enjoy so much yesterday”.

She said “papa only you enjoyed, my entire body was hurting because of your repeated banging and is sore even now”. He calmly said “no problem darling, we will be busy with the functions for the next three days, that should give you enough time to get ready for us again”.

She said “papa don’t you dare touch me ever again or I will let everyone know everything you did to me yesterday”. Dad turned around and walked out and sat in the living room with an angry look across his face.

He took the newspaper from me and quietly started reading it. Mom also joined us soon. Uma served tea to them and coffee to me. I made some calls and booked a full day taxi cab for them.

Then they got ready and sat down for breakfast. Today Uma sat next to mom because obviously dad would not dare to try anything with mom around. Mom said “Uma please do not cook dinner for us tonight, we will have it at the function only. And also please don’t stay up late waiting for us either”.

Uma nodded in affirmative. Then they left in the cab and I settled down on the sofa. Soon Uma came down from her room wearing a transparent baby doll night dress without anything inside like before my parents came.

She came and sat on my lap. She asked “Krishna can I take care of you now”? I said “Uma, I am not an animal like dad. I want to wait till you heal completely”. She said “you know Krishna, the way you shower me with your love and care is all I need to heal. Now let me”.

I stopped her again and to divert her attention, I said “Uma remember we discussed that distance education thing, If you are ready then now is a good time because I am free the entire day”.

Her face lit up with extreme joy, she held my hands in hers and kissed my palms also touching her forehead to my palms. She overwhelmed with excitement was fumbling for words.

Finally getting her composure, she said “Krishna I don’t know how to thank you, I had forgotten all about it but you still remembered. I will forever be grateful for your kindness and assistance in helping me study”.

I hugged and kissed her and then holding her by her waist I went towards my study where I normally do all my office work. I pulled a chair and sat on my computer.

I opened the university website and enrolled her for 11th grade even though she had done that earlier to bring in some continuity. The best thing about this university was that there was no restriction as to what pace as which you want to study.

So I went ahead and made the payment also for the first year online, they promised to deliver the course materials within a few days by courier. After I was done with the formalities I turned to Uma who was seeing stars never having worked on a computer.

I said “now you are officially enrolled for your 11th grade. So how do you feel”? Her joy knew no bounds hearing this and she again kissed my hands profusely and this time before I could react touched her head to my feet showing ultimate respect (Indian culture).

I had to jump on her pulling her up by her shoulders. I said “I have told you that you should never do this to me right”? With moist eyes which were clearly indicating an impending burst of tears, she said “I was only trying to thank you Saab”.

I cut her saying “we agreed that you will not call me Saab also right” and hugged her. I could hear her sniffles while her head was over my shoulder and knew for sure she was in tears.

I broke the hug and looked at her, she was smiling while tears rolled down her cheeks. I asked “now why are you crying Uma”? She said “I must have really done something worthwhile in my last life that I met you Krishna”.

I wiped her tears and sat back in the chairs. I said “now enough of this, let’s prepare a schedule for your studies since your books will be here in a few days”. I took my notepad and drew out a plan for her to study 2hrs every noon and 2hrs early evening.

I said “2hrs in the noon you will study by yourself, the 2hrs in the evening I will tutor you and clear all your doubts. Is that fine”? She smiled and nodded yes. I took her to the living room and showed her some English documentary channels.

To be continued….

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