Maid became my mistress

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Hello friends the below is a story of how my divorced maid became my mistress.

First lets introduce about me- I am Shabir ahmed leaving in Ponani kerala. I am in late 40s. I got married in 1999 and blessed with 3 kids by 2004. I enjoyed sex with my wife very well till 2020 may that was when we all lost my wife due to covid. Being a widower i married off both my daughters to some good grooms working in abroad. My son completed class 12 during 2021 and he had moved to college. All in one year had change if lifestyle for me.

That is when my daughter had to hire someone to cook for me since one of them got pregnant and another one is moving abroad due to visa. I had my business of textile trading around kerala where my workers do and i manage through phone calls and emails. So i had to stay back and take care of it. My house is a 3 bhk home with one more room attached bathroom there in top for my wife to take tuition.

About maid- Her name is Maria. She is from Kanyakumari half malayali and half tamil. She has a Son who is 5 years old during 2021. She replaced her aunty as a maid to her house. Her aunty worked in our house and few houses in neighbor’s for 25 years. Only issue was her stay as she didn’t have anyone near by. Her aunty also vacated her house left to Chennai. My daughter offered her to stay in our house. There was a small portion in terrace with a bathroom which my wife used for tuition. She was tan color had good assets. I never had lust for her until one day.

That day there was an unexpected rain in oct 2021 due to some cyclone. Maria got drenched and came to our home knocking. Her kid use to stay alone when she goes to work on other houses. When i opened the door she was damn sexy. I could see her belly button and sarre stuck on her. She came in and said she wil come in 15 minutes. She went changed her dress and came. My lust towards her began. I use to stare her melons and navel. She too noticed it many times. She also asked whether she can take old sarees of my late wife. I gave her 4 5 sarees.

One day there was a function in locality and she decided to wear the saree of my wife. The blouse was bit tight. She called me to help on the knot and also on the pleats. I said to wear it as a single pleat. She loved the saree. One day while i was about to go to oil bath she said she will apply oil. This started happening regularly. But something is stopping her from doing it to next level. I also asked her to put her son in a school which she preffered government school.

One day her husband came home and had a huge fight. She called her a whore and sleeping with me for money. 2 of our neighbours sacked her due to this. I said her we will arrange a lawyer and finalise the divorce. In 3 weeks her cousin called and said her husband got married to some other woman. When we went there to check he had married and the marriage between Maria and him was never registered. He said that kid isn’t his as she might have slept with someone. I somehow convinced maria and bought her from Kanyakumari. I asked can we sight see trivandrum. We went around trivandrum in 2 days she became close to me. I bought things for her son and her. Sarees and dresses. She was happy. I booked a sleeper bus to kanyakumari. We got a berth and lied to conductor her son is 4 years.

Actually he was 6. Bus started at 10pm. Both she and son slept well in bus. I also thought of sleeping but i didn’t have any room. She said lets adjust and closed all curtains and shutter. She was wearing a yellow saree. We went inside same blanket. I slowly caressed her. She laid on my chest. She said its wrong. I said its never wrong. I slowly inserted my hand inside her saree. She started moaning heavily. I removed her pallu and lifted her saree. I removed my t shirt and put my pants and undies down. I climbed on her and started fingering her pussy. I lifted her saree and petticoat. Kissed her lips where she almost gave up. We were close to rhythm of sex that is where the cleaner called us on rest stop. We all went to restroom after correcting dress. Her son also when to pee came back and slept. She came back with handbag. We didn’t do anything after that. We reached home. 2 days I was busy in office.

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