Living Again After Growing Old-5

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Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old-4 ). Now let’s continue

In this position he was not only clapping my thighs with his, but also my big bums making my whole body shake. This was also new position for me because I did not see this in any of the videos yet but I was really enjoying it.

After some time, I asked “do you want to try something different hubby darling”? He stopped pumping me and asked “what do you have in mind this time Munni darling”?

I said “Darling you lay down first then I will show it to you”. He quickly lay down and this time I got on top, I pushed his dick in my pussy and sat on it. Putta let out a loud Aah feeling the pleasure.

I too froze for a few seconds because my weight on him had pushed his big dick even deeper into my womb. Putta cupped my boobs and squeezed them bringing me back to the present.

Now I recollected how the lady was rocking her bottom on the man’s dick so I also started doing exactly the same way. Putta was often moaning now obviously because he was deriving as much pleasure as I was.

I continued for some time but because I was already tired with his two round of marathon sex before this, that I had to stop often. Putta pulled me on him making me lay on him, I said “Putta my weight will crush you”.

He kissed my lips and said “Munni darling right now you are feeling weightless on me” and started pumping me from below. I was extremely horny and aroused now and getting far too much pleasure with him.

So even while lying on him I started bouncing my bottoms on his dick trying to synchronise our strokes. Putta again cupped my boobs and resumed sucking them like crazy while his dick continued its pumping inside me.

We were both much more sweaty now than even when under the shower. Our sweaty bodies were now sliding against each other. I was also extremely tired because of our marathon love making.

I sensed Putta slowing down pumping me from below, I looked into his eyes and asked “are you getting tired hubby darling”? He said “no Munni, I am very close”.

I got off and got between his knees giving him a blowjob, soon his dick erupted with his seed in my mouth. I happily drank his tasty juice and continued licking his dick so not even a drop is wasted.

We both lay on the bed with me in his arms, I was feeling so much satisfied today that I did not ever feel on my previous first night with my ex. In the last few days Putta had truly shown me heaven on earth.

He had turned my boring and meaningless life around 360degrees. The best part was, I found my real loving husband in him and became his real wife today.

In the last 2hours I enjoyed a much more pleasurable and memorable honeymoon with him than with my ex for 1 full week. I truly felt I might have done some good karma in my previous life that god brought Putta in my life.

We saw the time and we still had 1hr to go, I looked at Putta. I asked “is my darling hubby tired”? He said “no, not enough that I cannot make love again to my Munni darling. Why are you tired Munni”?

I playfully patted his cheek and said “Putta do you think I am still a teenager to be able to match your stamina for so much sex back to back”? He pulled my face to his kissing my lips.

He laughed and said “Munni darling, it is time for you to increase your stamina because I will always be like this only. Imagine if you move in with me leaving all this behind, then what I will do to you”.

I mocked him and said “you are expecting too much from an old woman. Moreover, if I moved in with you then I can always run to your mother to save me from you”.

He mocked me back saying “Munni darling, imaging what will happen to you when I take you very soon on our honeymoon? Maybe carrying lots of energy drinks would help you”.

I knew he was not joking when he said this, for sure at this rate he was going to make me faint with exhaustion before he got enough of his love making.

I looked at him shyly and said “maybe I should have got the energy drinks today also had I known that you will do me so many times today instead of studying”.

We both locked in a loving embrace again kissing like lovers, I could feel Putta’s dick beginning to rise and grow against my thighs. I knew how tired I was and after Putta leaves, I would have no energy left for my family duties.

I thought about it and made up my mind that family is no longer my priority and they can go fend for themselves. I have spent my entire life taking care of them selflessly without considering my own needs.

Needs which I never knew existed till two days ago, needs that Putta showed me that I deserved to have. Right now my new young stud hubby was the only most important thing in my life and I was going to spend all my energies only on him.

I held his face and kissed him lovingly all over giving him my nod to proceed. Putta again started kissing me from head to toe, when he reached near my pussy I remembered he had cum twice inside me and surely it has to be a big mess.

I said “don’t go there Putta, it is very dirty right now”. The kind of stubborn person that he was, he didn’t stop but went down. He licked and chewed my clit but not my entire pussy area.

After he was done kissing me further down and back up, he got off the bed and pulled me to my feet. He took me to the bathroom under the shower. He knelt between my legs and I voluntarily opened them wider for him.

He cleaned me down there under the flowing water and then started eating me again. He went on for some time beginning to make me weak in my knees again.

I patted him to stop, he came up behind me and squatted a little trying to push his big dick inside me. In his second attempt he was successful and was all the way home.

He hugged me from behind while continuing his pumping action inside me. I was totally mad with pleasures feeling my next orgasm approaching very quickly.

My tiredness was also taking a toll but my mind was adamant on going thru with Putta till the end no matter what it takes. I grabbed the bathroom fittings and other hand on the wall slightly bending forward.

Putta cupped my boob with one hand fondling it while his other hand reached down below fingering my clit and if this was not all his dick was pumping inside me like a steam engine on full power.

After for what seems like eternity Putta groaned “Munni I am going to cum”. I wanted to drink him but within seconds he pumped really hard into me making my heavy body literally jump in the air every time and filled me.

I was extremely tired and weak now, luckily Putta hugged me from behind otherwise I would surely be on the floor. He held me for a few minutes still kissing me wherever his mouth could reach.

Despite my tiredness, his actions were surely arousing me like crazy again. I said “Putta please stop now, let’s finish our bath first”. He said “fine Munni darling, do you mind if I give you a bath now”?

Listening to what he said I was drowning in shame, my young loving hubby wanted to bathe me, bathe a woman twice his age. While I was contemplating what to answer him, Putta turned me around and was already cleaning me running his hands all over my body especially my privates.

His touch on my boobs and pussy again sent electric shocks thru me making my body tremble and lean on him. After my quick bath we walked to the bed and sat naked after towelling.

I was a little recovered now, I asked “are you thirsty or want to eat something darling”? He placed his hands on my boobs gently massaging them and laughingly said “yes I want to eat you Munni darling”.

I playfully pushed his hand away and went to the kitchen, Putta also followed me still holding my waist. In my mind I was also feeling joyful with him, the kind of joy I never knew existed, the kind of joy I only discovered with him.

I did not stop his advances at all submitting myself wholly mind, body and soul to him. I was so much in love with him now that if he asked me to move in with him right away I might have gone with him without battling an eyelid.

I drank lots of water and offered it to him, Putta said “Munni darling, I will drink the water from you only”. I thought he wanted me to help him drink it so I brought the glass to his lips but he refused.

To be continued….

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