Lady boss fell to my breakup story

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Hi all this is Ramesh again. Refer my old story on how i had my first sex with my dusky girlfriend. After breakup i moved to Banglore. I got a job in new company and with new. People I was going well. After a year i had a change of my boss. Her name is Andrea. She looks like an Anglo Indian woman. Has perfect stats and is aged 45 going through divorce life. I heard that she was divorced by her husband bcoz he caught her cheating. Things went well till my ex-girlfriend shared her marriage pics in Instagram. I was like WTF and started to become sober. In 2.5 years after breakup i had been sober more now. I lacked work concentration and was not able to work properly. My boss realised and asked me the reason. I confessed all. She said to forget her.

Then she boosted encouraged me. One weekend we had a office party and i was wearing a casual suit. She came in a party wear black saree. She was hot in the dress. We both boozed but i was normal. Her behaviour changed and i offered to drop her. While dropping her in her house she said bye and kissed my lips by saying she is there for me. I fell for the kiss. Next one week we didn’t speak anything. On Saturday morning she had called me i was playing football. But around noon only i saw my phone and called her back. She said invited me for lunch but as i already had she insisted me to come for dinner. I wore a normal dress and went to her home and Was surprised when she opened the door. She was wearing a 2 piece nighty with loose hair. while greeting me inside she kissed my cheeks. We had wine and dinner. We were talking, playing some Play station game While i was busy staring her she asked me to stay in her house. Her kids are in college in north india. I was watching TV and she had done something to look more seductive. Around 11 she came and sat near me.
Our convo

She- so.
Me- so.
She- How do i look.
Me- well nice. Looking good.
She- Still thinking of your GF.
Me- sometimes but u did a good job.
She- u should return the favour.
Me- sure i will give you treat when i forget her. (I know she is playing)
She- so u guys had sex?
Me- yeah 4 5 times.
She- So you aren’t a virgin.
Me- Yeah.
She- good. So what next. Any relationship plan
Me- no one i got
She- what about me.
Me- U r good woman
She- how do i look
Me- as i said…
She- no just see am i sexy.
Me- yes you are.
She- will you date me
Me- well i can’t u r my boss.
She- So else you will
Me- Maybe
She came near and hold my cheeks. She started to kiss my lips and we were playing with tongue.
She- Take me to bedroom.

We reached bedroom and kept kissing. I was Surprised when i went inside . She had AC on and kept candles around bed. She also have put flowers

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