Janey goes to the noodle camp 2

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Janey goes to the noodle camp 2

Janey and John were headed to the noodle camp. I knew it was a nudist camp, but since I was going to see bunches of noodles, I called it a noodle camp.

John had received a very valuable invite to an very exclusive party. I knew since we had to get blood tests to prove we had no STDs we would be in for one hell of a fuck fest. Little did I know what I was getting into.


In my many years on this earth, I thought I had done about everything sexual, but I was about to learn more.

My first perversion was licking my hand after using it to wipe my pussy after I peed. To this day, every time I pee, I wipe with my hand and lick it or suck it clean. While learning this trait, I also learned that I liked to be watched as I peed.

My next perversion was fucking my dog. It started by accident, but I enjoyed it immensely, and have done it for many years. It is the best fuck any woman can have. Through having sex with my dog, I learned to suck cock, which I dearly love, swallowing all that good cum, and take a big cock up my asshole. I want a cock so big in my ass, that it makes me cry from the pain, but then comes the pleasure. It is an acquired taste.

With my years with Teri, I have learned to be an excellent cunt licker. She taught me how to do a proper ass riming. Hardly a sex session with her, pasted without both of us getting our asses licked. and paddled. Yes a good ass whipping is good for the soul. Through this practice, I learned of the joy of a good enema. Both of us would get in the shower and see who could hold the most water before we gushed. (Oh I just cummed while writing this). Teri went on to show me how to spread the asshole and pour in an ice cold smoothie. Do I need to tell you how she got it out?

I have a collection of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, paddles, clamps, and suction tubes, second to none. I even have a sex swing hanging from my bedroom ceiling.

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A few times with Teri, she introduced me to two of her “underage” girl friends. This is where my ability to ‘eat out’ a good pussy came in. During these sessions is where I learned to taste, sip, and then drink piss as it comes from a young pussy. Tasting my piss was nothing compared to tasting the hot, streaming, sometime tasting sweet (or I thought so), piss as it gushed all over my face. In my eyes, ears, nose and soaking my hair. I try to drink it all, but there is no way when it is coming full force.

Having parted with Teri and hooking up with John, I have learned to enjoy licking a pussy that has just been filled with man cum. John would take me to parties where there was many gays and lesbians. Most, if not all were bi-sexual. This is where I had my first 3 way.

At the parties, I could pick out the cocks I wanted. I started out with a monster in my cunt a small one in my ass, and a long one in my mouth. I found that I could deep throat a 9 inch dick if it wasn’t to fat. Before long I was taking a large cock in both the cunt, and asshole, and still a long one in the mouth. These parties, I thought, were as depraved as I would ever participate in. Little did I know.

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