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Infamous Sex stories

Susan, a 21-uear-old, should’ve attended church, that Sunday morning in September, though at 11 o’clock, she’d awakened with unholy desires because she’d been reading a college textbook, “Women As Sex-Objects In The Bible” the previous night.

Considering her submissive nature, though, it excited her to learn that Old Testament wives were nothing but their husbands’ coital property, In fact, it’d been customary for husbands to offer their wives to male visitors in the home.

Especially since her parents were religious, she tried to imagine her dad doing that to her mom, with the idea being so forbidden that she climaxed while masturbating.

Nonetheless, she had frosted, dark-brown hair, a pretty face, and slightly-smaller than medium-sized tits that were firm like her butt.

Fortunately, she lived alone, and on the present morning, she dressed in black stockings covering her fine legs, black, high-heeled shoes, a short skirt, a blouse.

Next, she drove to The Erotic Times Adult Bookstore when x-rated, online videos hadn’t yet closed it for business and entered the establishent where her classmate, the white, 21-y/o Craig was the clerk.

‘What you doing, Susan?’ he greeted her.

‘I’ve never been here before and I’m curious,’ she responded.

‘Wel, I have something to satisfy your curiosity!’ Craig smirked as he stood, unzipped his jeans and exposed his 12-inched penis

He then waved Susan behind the counter, pushed her to her knees, rammed his pecker into her mouth and growled, ‘Suck my cock, bitch!’

‘Uh-hmmm!’ she mumbled while starting to obey.

‘That’s it, slut!’ he said, followed by him reaching down and slapping her bottom.

‘You’re such worthless piece of trash I ought to throw you in the dumpster!’ he remarked.

In a few minutes, he buried his rod in her throat and gagged her with his sperm before he pulled out.

Having done that, he removed a red laundry marker from the counter, wrote ‘PIG’ across her forehead, grabbed her tresses, yanked her foot-ward and shoved her into the restroom.

He pointed at the mirror and snickered, ‘That’s exactly what you are!’

‘Yes, sir!’ she replied.

‘Okay. I expect you come to a party at my house tomorrow night at 8. My address is 864 Roosevelt Street,’ Craig said.

‘Thank you for the invitation, sir,’ she murmured, after which she left and washed the writing off her forehead as soon as she returned home.

Once she’d gone to Craig’s house the following night, however, his white, 20-y/o friend Howard, asked,’Who’s the sexy, little cunt?’

‘Susan. I met her at the bookstore yesterday,’ Craig said.

‘Was she hoping to star in porn?’ chuckled the also-white, 22-y/o Jim.

‘Were you?’ Craig inquired.

‘No, sir.’

‘I’m surprised, being you seem real smutty!’ Howard grinned.

‘Yeah, let’s test your acting abilities!’ Jim suggested.

‘Yes, sir,’ – and Susan volunteered to disrobe to her stockings and shoes while Jim and Howard got naked.

‘Strut your hot stuff!’ Craig commanded before she began parading her body around his bedroom.

‘Alright, the skank needs our dicks!’ Jim noted.

‘Servicing cocks is the only reason you exist – huh, Susan?’ Craig said.

‘I’m enslaved to them, sir!’ she answered.

‘Wow!’ Jim declared as he lay back in bed, aimed his thick, 11-inched pole toward the ceiling and instructed, ‘Give me your ass, bitch!’

‘Eeeh, yes, sir,’ she squealed, then straddled him and dropped her anus onto his prick.

Howard then climbed up in front of her, launched his 10-inched spear between her lips and yelled, ‘I’m gonna’ plug the hole in your stupid face, you fucking, filthy whore!’

Simultaneously, Craig was sitting against the headboard in a t-shirt fondling his cock.

‘You’re filthier than a pigsty!’ he laughed.

‘Yeah, and lower than your own shit!’ Jim crowed.

Meanwhile, the tart was feeling thoroughly humiliated, which brought her to a moaning orgasm.

For 15 minutes, though, Howard and Jim violated her until the former withrew from her oral trap and sprayed jizz into her flinching eyes before Jim slammed his into her guts.

Craig then placed an ash tray on the floor, ejaculated in it and ordered, ‘Lick that clean, twat-rag!’

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