Getting Mom Naked (True story)

Due to this being a true story, I’ve changed our names so as not to embarrass my poor mom . . . . . . . again!

One day when I was 18, I was came back from 6th form school and turned into the driveway where mom’s car was normally parked and noticed that it was missing as mom would always beat me and dad back from school and work.

Presuming that she was either shopping or round her friends, I let myself in and made a cup of tea to refresh myself while I got ready to take a bath. Unknown to me at the time, mom was still making her way back home from work after being stuck on the motorway for the best part of an hour due to an accident right in the contra-flow of the perennial roadworks that blight Britain’s M-6 motorway.

As always, the heater was on timer giving me my usual tank full of hot water before dad got back and wanted his share. After finishing my drink, I took off my shoes then trundled upstairs into my bedroom and took off all my clothes, and then walked into the bathroom carrying my dirty linen which I then put into the wash basket, locked the door and started to fill the bath with hot water.

It didn’t take long for the bath to fill up and despite the water slightly burning me, I got in and lied down for a soak.

After a couple of minutes, I heard mom’s car barrel onto the driveway and stop, the drivers door slamming shut, followed by mom fidgeting with the keys in the front door, then the door slamming shut and the sound of mom running upstairs, along the landing towards the bathroom door.

Little did I know, but because she’d been stuck on the motorway, she was fit to burst and desperate for the toilet, and this opportunity would give me the chance to do what most teenage boys would could only dream of, not only seeing a naked woman in the flesh, but that woman being my own mom as well.

Before I carry on, let me tell you a bit about myself and my family. My name is Stewart or Stu to my friends and family and at the time I lived in the Great Barr area of Birmingham. Dad was a warehouse operative in Aldridge and mom worked as part time receptionist at a clinic in Bedworth.

My mom’s name is Claire with a height of 5′ 9”, and at the time of the incident was 35 years old with shoulder length raven hair and a curvy size 14 dress size with a pair of pert C cup breasts. I know this because I’ve done what most teenage boys have done and rummaged through mom’s underwear.

Despite the family living in close proximity to one another in a 3 bedroom house, We never saw each other naked, although I wished I had with mom. Many of my friends had told each other how they had managed to expose themselves to their mom’s which gave them, the most erotic sensations possible. The key was to have the guts to do it, and I’d never had it in me. The closest thing I had to see mom naked was on holiday in the Med, or in the back garden when mom used to sunbathe in her 2 piece bikini’s showing off her figure.

When she sunbathed at home, she used a sun lounger, right below my window. I spent many an hour staring at mom from above, leering at mom’s body, wondering what she looked like naked, until I couldn’t take it no more to the point I then had to masturbate to relieve the stress. Luckily for me, that was about to change as I will now explain.

Thump!!, went the door as mom banged against it expecting it to be unlocked then desperately tried turn the handle to no avail.

“Who’s in there?, is that you Stu?” mom asked, jigging up and down on the spot, her motions making thudding sounds on the carpet outside the door, her heart sinking knowing that the only toilet in the house was engaged

“Yes! . . . why?” I asked, not knowing the reason why mom was making a fuss.

“Oh . . . shit!” mom groaned, “How long are you going to be? I need the toilet! . . . . I’m pissing myself” she continued, stress sounding in her voice.

Upset that my bath was being disrupted and not wanting to open the door as mom had never seen me naked since I was 5, especially now that I had reached puberty I said.

“You’ll have to wait! . . . I’ve only just got in!”

“Mmmmm! . . . . Mmmmm! . . . .Mmmmm!” came from behind the door while all the time the steady thudding continued as mom hopped up and down trying somehow to relieve her discomfort.

“Come on Stu!, . . . let me in!, . . . I’ve seen it all before! . . . I bathed you enough times when you were a kid!” mom said, whilst still groaning.

A few seconds later, the door shuddered again and the handle rattled as mom relentlessly tried to get me to let her into the bathroom.

It was then I had a thought, a thought so outrageous I couldn’t believe it myself. Here was mom in a right pickle, desperate for the toilet and here’s me with an opportunity to get or coerce mom, if you want to call it that, to be completely naked in front of me, not only that but I would have the chance to expose myself to mom as well. It seemed so off the wall that I doubted it would work.

My heart then pounded as I put the plan into work. There was more noise and rattling of the door followed by mom pleading.

“Bloody hell Stu, . . . for God’s sake let me in!!”

I then executed the plan, question was, would mom buy it?

“Jesus Christ!!” I said, making out I was upset.

I then got out of the bath, the sound of water dripping off me echoing around the bathroom. Walking over to the door, I could hear mom’s groaning and hopping more loudly. Upon getting to the door, I put my weight behind it and then unlocked the door, then opened it slightly ajar, just enough so I could get my head around and look at mom who was half bent, hopping up and down with both of her hands between her thighs on her crotch.

Mom sensing that relief was at last at hand rushed towards the open door, but unfortunately it was not to be, as I refused to open it any more.

“Move then!!” mom ordered as she thought that I was being half soaked with my attitude.

Then I made the play, heart beating 10 to the dozen.

“You get undressed then!” I said, not believing that I actually said it.

“W. . W . . . What, what do you mean?” mom stumbled to reply, shocked that I just asked her to take her clothes off.

“You just told me I’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about being naked in front of you, so why don’t you practice what you preach.?” I replied.

Mom still half bent then said..

“Don’t be so bloody rude and open the door, you’re my son, I’m not getting undressed in front of you.” mom said then carried on.

“Besides you’re too young to see a grown woman naked, . . . they’ll be plenty of time for that when you get older and start courting and get married.”

I replied back.

“Oh! . . . so it’s ok for you to see your own son naked and see me get embarrassed about, it but not when it comes to you.” I then shut the door and said.

“You’ll have to wait then,” while I stood behind the door to see if mom would do it.

Mom groaned again from behind the door..

“Aaaagggghhhh! . . . . aaaagggghhhh! . . . I’m pissing myself! . . . ok! . . open the door!”

I opened the door ajar again and put my head around to see if mom was indeed stripping off, and she was. There she was on the landing, less than 3 feet away from me, franticly trying to get her clothes of, groaning even more intense due to how her bodily movements were affecting her bladder.

A few moments later, my plan had worked and my secret dream had come true, mom was naked in front of me, despite desperately trying to cover herself up from my eyes by putting one of her arms over her breasts. She then rushed towards the door, her hand across her crotch and forced it open wider, nearly causing it to smack against me, and headed towards the toilet. As she did she moved her arm from across her breasts and pointed a finger at me and said.

“You’re a bastard! . . . you know that?”

I then walked back over to the bath, turned around and sat on the edge with my hands down at my sides and opened my thighs slightly so as to give mom an uninterrupted view of how her son was turning into a man. My friends were right, exposing myself to mom was giving me unbelievable sensations, especially how vulnerable I felt.

As mom urinated into the toilet, I looked at mom’s naked body as she looked straight ahead, still cross that I’d made her expose herself to me. I took in the view of mom’s breasts, they were magnificent. Her nipples stuck out a couple of inches due to the temperature change from taking her clothes off which accentuated her areoles which were around 2 inches across each, all the time my cock getting erect from the view mom was giving me.

Mom wasn’t ignorant as to what I was doing and sternly turned her head towards me and said.

“You do know that it’s bad manners to stare like that don’t you?” which caused me to start blushing. She then shook her head a few times, right to left indicating her displeasure of me. She then opened her thighs wide open giving me an unblocked view of between her legs then said.

“Go on then! . . . . you might as well, that’s what you’ve been after, . . . have a good look while I’m here, . . . you won’t get another chance!”

I did what mom asked and stood up off the side of the bath, my hard on fully exposed to mom so it would allow me to look down between her legs then ogled to my heart’s content. Mom had a wonderful pubic triangle, not very thickly haired mind you, you could see her skin showing from underneath.

Then my eyes went further down, ignoring the passage of water emerging from mom’s urinating and took a big look at mom’s fanny and her lips. Mom’s fanny was nice and tight, her lips didn’t protrude very much which surprised me, but that’s what happens when the only fannies you’ve seen are from porn magazines.

Then it was all over, mom had finished, she got off the seat, wiped herself with some toilet roll then stood upright and without saying a word walked back out of the bathroom leaving me there to finish my bath. The whole episode of me and mom exposing ourselves to one another didn’t take more than a couple of minutes, but it was the best couple of minutes of my life up yo then.

Ok, so I’d upset mom and I’d be made to pay for it over the next few days but I didn’t give a damn, especially as I would now have the best orgasms ever fantasizing over mom’s body while I masturbated.


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