Fun With Rutu Aunty

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Hello Friends,

I am writing my new real experience which i encountered when i moved into new town few days ago.

I’m Akash working as an software professional in bangalore this incident took place few days back when i moved on to pune i told my friend to search for the house. As I’m new to the place I find it difficult to get the good house and finally he took me to his office friend who was staying
in a 2BHK flat. His name was Ratan and he was staying with his wife. He want to share his flat with some known person so that he can save some money of paying rent. I looked into the house and it was beautiful and i agreed to stay with them and later evening i shifted my things to his flat.Ratan told me that his wife has gone to her mother’s place for delivery and will be coming soon in early next month.Days went off i really started liking the place surrounded by beautiful aunties and sexy girl’s.

One day i cam back from work and told Ratan told me that his wife is coming this evening. I was waiting to see that beautiful gorgeous lady.Ratan wanted her to pick up from bus stop since he had
some urgent meeting in the office,he asked me to pick her up . I happily agreed and shared her number to call once you reach the bus station.I left to bus station by 6:00 pm to pick her.She got down from
the bus with her small kid. Wow such a beautiful and gorgeous lady she was .She was around 32 yrs of age ,very fair and perfect size ( 34-32-34) .Her breasts was pretty big ,round shaped and slightly hanging.
I guess she didn’t wear bra so that it would be easy to feed milk for her kid.

I went to near her and introduce my self.

Hi, I’m Akash .Your husband’s friend and he had some important meeting in office ,so he asked me to pick you up. She replied yes, he told me that by the way I’m Rutu and thanks for coming here to pick up.
It’s my pleasure .Can i carry your child. She replied why not ,please?

When i try to take her kid from her hands it hugged her mother neck tightly .My left hand got stuck between the child and her right boob. oh my god how soft it was and i felt how big it is. And suddenly my hands became wet
as milk was oozing from her breast. I enjoyed the tasty smell of milk and she was bit shy seeing milk in my hand. I took my hand kerchief and wiped my hand. Then i asked ok rutu can we go ? She replied yes Akash.

While returing home she didn’t speak much she was bit shy with the incident happened few minutes back.We reached home and found Ratan was not home still and her kid was crying she went to her room in hurry and i understood
she took her kid to feed milk. I went to my room and changed my clother and watched TV for some time .But my mind was giving me dirty thoughts as i was not able to forget about the gorgeous beauty.The after few hours i was waiting her her
to come out so that we can have dinner together but she didn’t come i went inside the room and saw both she and her kid was sleeping . I understood she was tired with her journey.

When she was sleeping she was wearing sleveless deep nightly without bra. I went near to her and i could see her big melons very clearly wow what an amazing view it was .My dick already started raising.Her big breasts was white in color with ligh brown
erected nipples.I couldn’t control seeing that took some courage and went to suck those nipples suddenly door bell rang. Bad luck i went and opened the door it was Ratan. I didn’t open the door i ran away to my room and again door bell rand. Rutu came and opened the door.I went
outside after few minutes as if i dont know anything and Ratan thanked me for picking her wife from bus station.

I said no problem and came back to my room. I couldn’t forget those big melons and started mastrubating in my room multiple times that night.Day by day my urge of sucking her big boobs and fucking her pussy got increased and was waiting for the pertect time and chance.We both were talking casually
and gradually became very good friends within a month.Now she also got confidence in me and was talking to me very freely and sharing everything with me.My lucky day came the next morning as Ratan told that he will out of town for a week on some office work. I was very much happy listening to this news.
That day i returned home with some sweets and Rutu asked me what’s the good news you bought sweets today. I told nothing special on the way i saw famous sweet shop and felt like getting it. The we both were eating the sweets.

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