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Hi my name madhu and 29 yrs old. I have a friend called Gururaj he is my buddy from school days and he is married to prema. They are more both 29 years old.

I knew guru was cheating on his wife. He has an affair with his colleague in office. Later she came to know about his affair and had argument with his husband. Gururaj left the house and informed me about the scene.

Prema dropped my house and explained me all the arguments. As me and guru are friends I initially defended my friend and said he can’t be a cheat, I know him from school days it could be just some misunderstanding. After couple of meetings i started interest in his wife. And I went to her place to check if everything is ok with her. She opened the door and she looked sad. I asked her about guru, she said it’s been weeks he didn’t turn up to her. She cried while replying to me. I consoled her and said that you were right he was cheating on you and said will try to bring the situation to normal once I meet him.
I tried calling guru but he dint answered my call.

Prema is good looking and 5.5 ft tall her figure was like 34 36 38. I asked her for a drink and she agreed, we had couple of glasses at home.
Then I sat next to her on safa, and said why don’t you too cheat on him. She looked at me, and asked what ? I was nervous, but couraged and said I am interested in her.

She smiled and kissed me on my forehead and said she too liked me from long time.

I was relieved and was on heaven. I kissed her back on her lips. We continued kissing for few minutes. Then she slipped her hand in my pants and was sliding on my cock, It erected in no time.
I tooked to her bedroom and kissed her lips. She unduned her night dress and was on her bra and panty which was black in colour. I removed my T shirt and track pant, now I was on my boxers.
I made to lay on her back and started kissing her passionately also was caressing her boobs.
She started to moan, I slid my hands to her thighs and later moved on her panty, after a while her panty felt wet. I removed her panty and bra, her boobs popped out and her nipples looked sharply erected.

As I started sucking her boobs and fingering her wet pussy, she was moaning loudly now. She got up and removed my undie and tooked my hard 8″ cock in hand and spitted to my cock and was moving her hand back and forth. I was in heaven, the I laid her on bed and moved down my head down there and started to lick her clitory which was already erected after few minutes she asked to put my hard boy in her. I followed her command and inserted in no time she made noise as it pained a little, then she crossed her legs to my back and asked to go wild. I started to bang her she was moaning very loudly and was calling my name madhu fuck me hard. After some time I fucked her in doggy style she was enjoying the moment and I made her sit on top and asked her to ride, she obeyed to me and we both cummed together and she fell asleep next to me. We had many turns that evening and I later got freshed and left the place as she still was in sleep.

Next part will update you soon. Do let me know if you enjoyed this story.

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