Firs encounter with a married mistress

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Hello everyone, this is my first story. Please pardon any mistake.

Let me introduce myself. I am 21 from Pune, slim and fair and the mistress/mommy was 37 with a good figure and stats. This is my first encounter through any online site.

This story takes place 6 months back when I was surfing through Locanto to find a mistress or sugar mommy and I was lucky to find one. As I was just scrolling, I found one Ad where the lady was searching for a young guy for fun. I immediately responded to the Ad. At first, I thought it was fake as many just do time pass and then stop replying. But I think I was lucky this time as I got a reply after 3 or 4 hours asking for my ASL (age, sex, location). I replied immediately with all my info.

After discussing things, we decided to meet on weekend outside a cafe. She told me she will be in her car and we can discuss everything there. If she liked me, we will take it forward or she will drop me at the same place where she picked me up.

Soon, the weekend arrived. I reached around 11:00 am outside the cafe and messaged her what I was wearing. Around 11:15, she messaged me saying that she was there and her car number.

I saw a car and went near it. She told me to sit inside. Then she started driving. After a few minutes of silence, we started talking about general stuff to make ourselves comfortable. As we were talking, she placed her hand on my dick and started teasing me. I was already hard looking at her.

She told me that her husband was working in Dubai and came back every 6 months. So, in between, she was lonely and sex-deprived and therefore she was looking for someone for sex. This was her first time out of her marriage.

Then she asked me whether I have ever served as a slave before. I said, “No, but I am ready to explore.”

She was happy with this as I could see a kinky smile on her face. She drove me to her place and we went to her flat. It was huge.

As soon as we entered the flat, she asked me to get naked. I immediately removed all my clothes and was standing naked next to the entrance. She saw me from top to bottom and was not pleased with the hair on my legs and ass.

She ordered me to follow her like a dog to her washroom. As we entered, she grabbed a trimmer and started trimming my hair. After she was done, she asked me to take a shower while she waited outside.

After some time, I came outside. She was sitting on her bed. I immediately went on my four and moved toward my mistress. As I reached her feet, she gave me a pair of stockings and her used panty. She ordered me to wear it. Her panties were too big for me but I somehow managed to hold them up.

Then my mistress ordered me to lick her feet and clean them like a good dog. I followed the order and started licking it like it was ice cream. After about 20 minutes of licking, she asked me to clean her house, do the dishes, etc. But while I was doing all these, she used to spank me randomly or hold my dick or throw another pair of panties and ask me to fetch it like a dog.

After doing all the household work, she asked me to follow her to the bedroom where she tied my hands with a rope and asked me to sleep on the floor on my back. I did what she asked for.

She started removing her clothes one by one and stopped till her panties. Her boobs were huge and I was hungry to suck them! She told me if I do everything she told me, I will get to suck her pussy as my reward.

The mistress went to the kitchen to grab something and came back with chocolate syrup and poured some on her legs. She asked me to lick them again and started licking like a hungry dog, cleaning every finger and the region in between them.

She then asked me to move on my four and shoved a panty in my mouth. She started spanking me 5 on each ass! I could literally taste her panties. She then grabbed the syrup again and poured some on her boobs and armpits. As a good dog and without any command, I started licking it.

Her boobs could barely fit in my mouth but somehow, I managed and licked her clean. She then placed her feet on my dick and started playing with it.

After a few minutes of playing, she asked me to massage her feet while she was sleeping. While doing so, I started moving upward. She didn’t respond to it. So I started massaging her thighs. But, as soon I was about to grab her ass, she got up and stopped me.

I apologized to her and started massing her feet again. After doing all these, she was happy with this dog and as a reward, she allowed me to lick her pussy with chocolate on it.

After licking it for a good time, we went for a shower together. In between, she pushed me down and started pissing on my body. As a good dog, I accepted it. After all this, it was already 3 pm and she had to go somewhere. But before leaving, she asked me to cum on her used panties.

Then she dropped me near the same cafe where we meet, gave me 4000 INR and told me to come back tomorrow so that she can train me as her slave/maid.

I will continue the story in the next part. If you liked the story, please leave a comment or mail me at [email protected].

Thank you and once again sorry for any mistakes as this is my first time writing something online.

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