Fifth marriage anniversary

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Last week we both have celebrated our fifth marriage anniversary as Anish is back from official tour ,he have arranged a party in Radisson Blu hotel for his colleagues as well as some neighbor’s .as both are going to hotel ,I choose a dress making me a hot bride ,putting a choli with lehnga on my body ,my sexy boobs looks like peaks of mountains as my sexy ass is round and dome shaped ,my body is covered with fragrance as Anish put his dress and both walked to our parking lot.a party hall in hotel with a deluxe room for us to stay tonight have been booked as we reached hotel at 07:30 pm ,while guests are not there ,we both looked after the management of party and than…………

It’s 08:20 pm as we both are in party hall to give our guests warm welcome,hubby’s boss Jairaj came with a gift box as he took me in his arms just to kiss my face while wishing us happy marriage anniversary,than hubby’s colleagues made their way ,Kirti with Sonal ,dozens of pair came there and we greet them as they started wishing us and than ,service guy is serving drinks to light music is rocking the hall ,I am with with wives of my hubby’s colleagues.lastly ,Sonal took a glass full of wine as she give it to me……..

“drink it you beautiful bride
(Bina)oh thanks.”

And I took first drink in hurry as I can see my hubby Anish with his boss and friends.lastly,guests took delicious meals as they all left the hotel and our marriage anniversary party is over at 11:25 Anish and Bina left for their booked room as we will celebrate our anniversary here tonight, walking to our room and opened the door as we have put a bag inside as we entered inside Anish called room service as service guy came there with our meals.later on ,Anish locked the room as I am feeling uncomfortable in my lehnga and I walked inside washroom with my brassiere and saree ,peticote,blouse to make myself like a bride.I removed my dress in hurry as I am nude ,Anish is knocking the door as I asked……..

“oh Anish wait for some time till I have my bath
(Anish)oh Bina ,I want to urinate baby.”

And I wrapped towel on my chest as I opened the door and Anish walking inside but I came out of it for a he came in room ,I moved inside and locked the door,now removed my towel and while sitting on my legs ,I put my hand on cascade as water started flowing on my I put body shampoo on my boobs to waist and thighs to legs ,covering my vagina and back portion also,now body is covered in shampoo as I rubbed my body for a while,than open the cascade to have my I rubbed my wet body with towel and than put my brassiere on my boobs,now in the corner of washroom ,I started wearing my saree , peticote and sleeveless looking nice in my traditional outfit ,I walked out of washroom as I can see Anish lying on bed with his undies and vest covering his I am standing there ,he woke up and with his clothes walked inside I spray a room freshener in deluxe room as I switched off the lights with night bulb still dinner is on table ,a bottle of wine is there with soda and packet of cigarette,now I opened the bottle as I put our meals on other table ,now sits on sofa as I poured wine in glasses with soda.anish came to me in his Bermuda and vest only as he sits near me,I hold my glass as we both touched it to celebrate our anniversary “cheers baby” and we started drinking wine as Anish lit the cigarette as I smiled………

“Anish ,today is our fifth marriage anniversary
(Anish)I know it baby,you will get gift also
(Bina)oh I see but you are not looking like a groom
(Anish)you are looking nice in your saree but who wants to put dress at first night .”

As I felt bit shy and both have finished drinks ,now I am in drunkun State as three large drinks have made me bit unconscious.
Anish now put his arms under my knees as he hold me in his arms to carry his bride on he took me on king-size bed as I am lying on it ,my clevage is visible as he is sitting near my face,Anish leaned on my face as he put his lips on my face just kissing it and my hand is on his back as we started celebrating our anniversary in a deluxe Anish have put his lips on my lips as our lips are locked ,his one palm is on my breast as he is pressing it on my blouse.later on ,I opened my mouth as our tongue is meeting nicely and he took it in his mouth to suck.His hand have pulled down my saree from my chest,massaging my breast hardly while I am tasting his mouths saliva ,both are inciting each other as he left my tongue and started kissing my boobs ,uncovered portion out of I am bit horny ,my legs are brushing each other and Anish started going down to my tummy and waist as he is removing my saree he kissed my upper parts while saree have left my body ,now lying on bed while wearing peticote and sleeveless blouse ,my boobs are going up and down as I am breathing Anish started lifting my peticote upto my waist as his hand is rubbing my thighs and I have surrendered myself as he leaned his face to kiss my strong thighs.He is in fire as his hand is on my vagina ,it’s clean shaved and bit distracted as it’s getting fucked for 6-7 years ,as his palm is rubbing my vagina ,his kiss on my thighs to legs are making me hot as I am

“oohh uuhh Anish don’t kiss my thighs please love yours vagina.”

And Anish removed my peticote as my vagina is nude ,putting my legs crossed as he turned me back to open the strings of blouse,as he removed my brassiere also.I am completely nude with my arms covering my boobs and Anish removed his vest and Bermuda as he put a pillow under my as he hold my legs to make it wide,I am putting it too close and not giving him easy access to my vaginal parts.looking at me ,he smiled……..

“Bina darling ,now see how your legs goes opposite.”

As he started kissing my thigh while rubbing others with his palm and now my legs are going wider as he put his face in between my thighs.anish put his nose on my vagina and smelt hard as he rubbed his nose on my vaginal hole and than he started licking it with his tongue as his finger is opening my vaginal mouth.oh god ! It’s amazing ,his tongue licking my cunt as my vagina is in fire ,he is rolling tongue on my clitoris and I have put my hand on his haurs……….

“uummm aahh Anish it’s horny ,fuck me soon my hubby.’ and he is licking my vagina like a dog.lastly took my vagina in his mouth as he sucked hard and walked inside washroom.

Anish is back on bed as he is sleeping nude and his long thick cock have made me horny as I leaned my face on it and hold it ,now rubbing it’s glans on my face to lips ,took out my tongue from my mouth ,as I put it’s glans on it and started rubbing it hardly ,he is shouting”oohh aahh love you my sexy wife ” and than his cock is in my mouth as I am sucking it with my head still.anish started massaging my boobs hard as I started swinging my head to enjoy his penis in my mouth.later on as I felt my vagina cumming ,I took out his penis to lick it with my as my cunt become juicy ,Anish made me a bitch on bed as he started licking my vagina with his tongue and I am shouting

“oohh aahh Anish fuck me fuck my cunt soon.”

And we took a short break.later on ,Anish is sleeping on bed with his legs straight as I sits over his penis, stretched my legs while Anish hold my waist and I took his cock in my I am putting his glans in my vagina ,it’s going straight as his cock is moving inside my wet cunt and Anish while holding my waist,fucked me hard from below as I “oohh aahh it’s rock hard”, his fuck surprised me but I am enjoying it being on his his long cock have vanished in my glory hole as he is fucking hard from below and than I leaned on Anish hold my waist and my boobs are on his chest ,as I am moving my ass fast to ride his penis in my vagina.a nice party is going to end but our sexual session is in process ,who knows Anish will fuck me again ? as he is a nice and strong fucker , loves fucking twice .as my vagina is getting dry and hot ,our sexy voice

“oohh aahh baby you are so sexy …….aahh fuck me hard my hubby” is making the room hot but after 10-12 minutes of fuck ,Anish screamed louder………”oohh I will cum soon.”

And his penis ejaculated in my vagina but I took his cock in my mouth to I got its taste…….we are tired…..slept on bed nudely………what’s next? Wait for it .

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