Cuckolded By My Son, Sissy watches as his son screws his wife

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Cuckolded By My , watches as his son screws his wife, It’s amazing how little you can be aware of what’s going on around you, right underneath your nose, even right in front of your eyes sometimes. By the time I was in my forties, I thought I had everything set just the way I wanted it. My wife, Laura, was still beautiful, a curvy redhead with slight plumpness she had gained with middle age, which only served to give her a happy, healthy glow. Even though our sex life had stagnated recently, she seemed happier than ever in the weeks leading up to the events that would change my life and my outlook completely. Our son Adam had just turned eighteen and had grown into a tall, broad shouldered, strappingly masculine man who was desired by every girl at school. Yes, I thought, there’s little more a man could want from his home life than a beautiful wife and a handsome, popular son. Well, I was about to learn just what can happen to a man with a home life like that.

Like I said, my wife and I hadn’t been having much of a sex life at all lately so I was somewhat thrilled and excited one evening to see her come into the bedroom wearing a very sexy shear dark blue babydoll that barely covered her round, peachy arse, and just about revealed the black lace thong she wore beneath. I’ve always loved sensual women’s lingerie, the soft feel of the material against skin, the way it hung from and clung to all the right places, enhancing already beautiful curves, so it was quite something to see Laura dolled up like this as she hadn’t for quite a while. She came over and began to kiss and stroke me, pulling all my clothes from me until I was completely naked and my arousal at this sudden turn around in her behaviour all too clear.

“Why don’t we try something a little different tonight, honey?” she said in a rich, seductive tone, “Something to spice things up a bit.”

“Anything you want,” I said, incredibly turned on by her sexy undies and suggestive tones.

“I want to be in control,” she said, “I want to tie you up.”

My heart skipped a beat in excitement, I’d never seen this kinky side to her before and it was really something that was getting me pretty hot and flustered. She had obviously been planning this as she took out a short length of rope. Doing nothing to resist, I happily let her lead me to a chair and sit me down in it, my cock now growing to a semi-hardon. She sat herself astride me, her large breasts heaving just inches from my chest, I looked down at her impressive cleavage, bordered by the thin material of her blue babydoll, her breasts looked even better. I had a silly grin on my face as she leaned in, pushing her breasts against me, kissing my lips, as she fed the rope around, tying my hands behind me and then to the chair itself. I was helpless to move, my hands were tightly tied and I couldn’t get up, but that didn’t matter, I wouldn’t want to get up from this, my wife’s sensual curves in sexy lingerie touching against my bare flesh.

Just then, however, came something much more unexpected. I heard the door open and someone come into the room but Laura in my lap prevented me from seeing who it was. I knew, however, that Adam was the only other person in the house and felt a flush of embarrassment run right through me which, in an instant, killed off my growing erection and left my cock pretty flaccid once more. After all, it was bad enough to be discovered, to have your only son walk in on you having sex, but even worse for it to be in this compromisingly kinky situation. I couldn’t imagine the thoughts and the embarrassment running through his mind on seeing his father naked, tied to his chair and his in sexy lingerie astride him.

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