Cover up sex with Sachin

Hi all, I am here to narrate one of memorable incident in my life. This is about how my elder sister’s son convinced me for sexual relationship with him

I am Ritika, I am 36 year old live with my husband who is a businessman. My son is a student at a prominent residential school at the outskirts of the city. I am fair by skin, stand 5.3ft tall, black eyes, shoulder length straight hair, I measure 34 30 36. I am bit proud of my appearance as I get good number of young and old men attention whenever I step out of home. My sexual life is below average as my husband is confined to his business where he spends lot of time on business and business tours.

Coming to the story, this incident happened about 3 weeks back. My elder sister also live in the same city with her family. Couple of months back her husband had been transferred to a different city for which my sister and her husband left to that city leaving their son Sachin with me so that he can continue his study. Sachin always been a sportive sincere, mischievous & fun loving guy at his 19th age. His presence at home removed my feelings of missing my son & usual boredom of loneliness whenever my husband is on tour.

In some days I started to feel uncomfortable with Sachin. His had changed his behaviour with me and his attitude towards me had changed. I could notice general character of a stranger men towards me. He had started to gaze at me, talk tricky double meaning words with me. He used to misplace my inner garments and I even found my inner garments in his room. I just had not taken it forward because he is growing up and these changes are certain to a 19 year old boy.

In some period of time I noticed sachin change his behaviour on me when my husband is on tour, that alarming me of his intentions. I was worried about his feelings on me. I didn’t find him wrong to feel for sex but felt wrong on his sex feeling on me. I was thinking ways to avert his sexual feelings on me.

One day, it was around 12.30 noon, by then had finished all my household works and cooking. I went to take shower. I completed shower, I came out from bathroom in nighty. Still body was wet, I was drying my hair with a towel.

Shockingly I saw Sachin was sitting on the bed and he was holding my bra and panty which I had kept to wear after shower. I felt disgusting still controlling my emotion said “Sachin bete, mein aake lunch deti hu, bahar ja”. Sachin replied “Masi aap inn blue bra aur panty mein bahot hot sexy lagegi, pehenlo”. I felt too uncomfortable, yet I calmly said “beta Masi se aise bate nahi karte, tum bahar niklo”. He glued there, he gave me those bra, panty to me and said “Masi aap bahot sexy lagti hai, pehenlo, aap ke momme aur gaand ek dum sexy dikegi”. I never expected to hear those words from him. I shouted at him to leave from the room and threatened him saying I would speak to his mom and dad about this. He was unmoved and he took out his phone saying “ok Masi, isko ek Baar deko, Baad mein bolo”. He played a video, I was burst in shock. I crashed and sat on bed. He had captured video of me sucking my husband’s friend’s dick.

Readers let me tell that, I was in a secret relationship with one of my husband’s friend, we used to have sex when my husband is on tour. I tried best to be honest to my husband but at a weaker situation I developed sexual relationship with a friend of my husband to satisfy my sexual needs. It was a secret affair between us where we used to sexually connect at rare times. In one of our meeting Sachin had shot the video in our sexual acts.

Sachin with that video blown me off, I was tensed and speechless sitting on bed. So many thoughts running in my mind like what would be my position if that video goes to my husband or any other family members. I was cursing myself and weeping. Sachin came to me and said “gabrovo na Masi, kisi Ko video nahi dikata hu” saying this he wiped tears from my cheeks and continued to say “aap kuch galat na ki hai, ye aap ki enjoyment hai Masi, bas us din aap ki nangi badan dek ke mein pagal hogaya aur aap ki nangi dhudhu, gaand aur chut roz dek ne keliye video karliya”. His words didn’t consoled me I was still weeping, he held my face and said “ro mat Masi, aap chahe mein video delete kar deta hu” that word was some relief for me. I asked him to delete it, I started to beg him to delete. Sachin smiled at me and he lowered his hand on my breast, he pressed hard, I said “Sachin aise mere saath mat karo”, he replied “please masi, muje bi enjoy karne do aap ke saath, abi delete kardeta hu aur kisiko nahi batavunga” I couldn’t say anything for him. He shown that video file and deleted and said “ab delete hogaya, please masi” saying It he hugged me he was brushing my back. He moved his hand to my front, unzipped my nighty and slide his hand in and cup my breast.

I was not in a position to trust him that he has no more copies of that video. I felt, to keep my affair with husband’s friend secrecy I should compromise with Sachin. I remained calm and didn’t protest while he cuddled my breasts and twisting my nipples. After a while, he started to pull my nighty from shoulders. He removed nighty from hands. I was sitting topless, to my shock he taken my blue lacy bra, he started to dress me the bra. His inexperience took much time to hook my bra as my breasts don’t fit into it. He then took my panty sat on floor, slided panty into my legs, he pushefop panty till my thighs, he looked at me and said “kade hoja Masi, Kyun dar Rahi hai?”. Before I move, he pulled me by waist, that tickled me & I stood on my legs, my nighty fell to my legs. Sachin quickly kissed my pussy. He pulled up panty, perfected panty on my waist. He came forward hug me tight and kiss my face. He had grown taller than me that he was able to kiss all over my face and lips. He was smooching all my body. I was shy and uncomfortable as he is much younger to me moreover he is like my son by family relationship. I was feeling like he’s taking me as granted just because he has caught me in my compromising situation. My suspicion that he may have video forced not to protest him.

He then took me to the mirror, he said “Apne aap ko deklo masi kitni sexy hai!”, He was behind me holding me by shoulders. I knew I look sexy, as I am perfectly medium built, with fair skin & extra meat on my breasts, butts & my flat tummy gives me perfect shape on all sides. He holds my breasts with both hands, massage softly. I was getting restless and slightly turned on. I was not able stand against his weight from behind, I moved a bit forward, he grabbed me held against him. He slipped his hand into my panty, he reached between my legs, rubbing my pussy and yet pushing me against him. His finger & nail were caressing my pussy, he found my hole one of his finger was in my pussy. I felt him excited as I could hear him breath. I too was bit excited, his act was turning me on. I sense his dick brush against my back above my waist. It was erect and the heat was passing on my back. As I kept locked in his arms, he pulled of his t-shirt, still kissing my neck. He put his hands through my hands cupped & squeeze my breasts. He unhooked & remove my bra and started to play his hands on my breasts. He was pinching my nipples. As I was fully in grip he still managed to pull his shorts down.

He was standing naked behind me, his dick was burning hot against my waist & hips. He kneels down at my back holding my waist with both hands. Kiss my butts over panty. He pulled my panty below my butts. He kissed my butts, he started to massage my butt cheeks while he smells my butt. His hands started to move all under my waist, from my butts to pussy & my naval. I found my self given up as he was feeling my body it was new feeling and nice it was. Though I was free to move I was standing in same position and dropped my panty down to legs for him to feel more. I was turned on fully that I started to breathe high and softly I was gasping each time he massages my pussy with his palms. I felt more pleased when his palms massaged my pussy and his tongue roll between my butt crack. I never been licked by butts. With that I couldn’t stand, I turned towards him. He responded quick by kissing my naval, he was smelling my abdomen and pussy. I spread my legs so he come under me, his lips, tongue and teeth were caressing my clean shaved pussy. He was licking my pussy deep with his tongue, I had my pre-orgasm. I couldn’t stand further I leaned & sat on bed. He came to me, kissed my mouth wild & deep.

He stood before me, I was sitting on bed. This time I could see his dick, it was fully erect. I got turned on more by looking into his size. His dick was much longer and thicker than my husband or his friend. While I think about swallowing his dick, he flashed his dick on my face and lips. I was not late to respond him, I readily opened my mouth. Sachin shoved his dick in my mouth. First time to have a mouthful dick. It was hard, hot & his dick was much longer that I couldn’t take him fully in mouth. Sachin was uncompromised, he held my face and neck & throbbing his dick deep into my throat. Still I was enjoying & wondering how a boy of 19 know to take control on women. He was holding my neck immoveable & he was literally fucking my mouth to deep throat. I was feeling rude but still liked his way, I understood I would see a new kind of pleasure once he starts fucking my pussy with such hardness. He took less time to cum may be because he is a first timer in action with women. His sperm shoot was huge and he shot all in my throat & mouth. I was feeling happy for him to cum in mouth soon as it certainly makes him to take much more time to cum while fucking me.

He then came over kiss my face wildly & telling me thank you for allowing him, his body weight came on me that I fall back on bed, he too fell on me, he again started cuddle my breast. He was squeezing too hard that I groan, he was biting my nipples and sucking them. I was holding his dick in hand massaging it to get erect. Sachin responded by saying “Masi aisi hi maslado mere lore Ko acha lag Raha hai”. Sachin slide his hand between my legs, rub my pussy and finger it while I continued to massage his dick and balls with my hand and asked him “Sachin, tume ye sab kaise pata?”, Sachin asked me “matlab kya aunty?” I replied “mere saath ho sab kar raha hai kaise pata hai?” Sachin replied “bohot sare chudayi ki video Deka hu aur thumara aur uncle ka bhi chudayi Deka hu”. I asked “tu mera video delete kardiya hai na?” Sachin replied “gabrana mat Masi laptop mein bi delete kardeta hu bas aap mere saath bhi sex karo”. I had rightly guessed he might have video with him. I told “Sachin tum ye sab kisi se bologe nai na?” He replied “don’t worry Masi” and he kept on needling my pussy and suck my breast one after another, I was playing my hands on his dick which by then was erected, his tomb was out. Sachin took my hand out from his dick & said “bas karo Masi, aap ki chut mein leak karna hai bistar pe nahi”. I felt him smart in his thought.

He got off and pulled me by waist near to his abdomen. I was almost commited to have sex with him with the way he physically and verbally treating me. I readily spread my legs. He adjusted himself & inserts his dick in my pussy. His tomb itself gave me good feel, he pushed all his dick in one shot. I yelled as his dick sneaked tight into my pussy scratching inner muscles. He started to give me hard strokes all at once that my body was bouncing up & down making me to moan on his movements in my pussy. He was skipping his movements as he was not able to keep his dick in my pussy as he was taking out in full in order to give me rough fuck. I laughed at him saying “video mein nahi bataya ke kaise choda jata hai?”. He smiled at me & said “kya Karu masi pura bahar nikal rahi”. I replied him “pehle dheere dheere chod badmein dikasakte ho apni mardangi”. I adjusted myself, spread legs & guided his dick in my pussy. I crossed my legs over his hips & said “ab chod le”. He started to throbbing his dick in my pussy but I was controlling his movements by my legs that his dick doesn’t slip out of my pussy. He was fucking better now and giving jerks & twist to my pussy that was sending unknown new pleasure. In the act I lost my own control that I was hisssing and leaving ooooohs on everytime Sachin was coming in and of my pussy. We started to breathe heavier and moan together. I released my legs, that gave him enough space to fuck me harder. He started to ramm on my abdomen more and more harder. Each time he rammed his dick in my body was shaking up with my breasts hoping up and down. I hold my both breast to stop them hoping to Sachin’s fucking movements. I was hearing only eachother’s breathing, moaning and our body colluding on each other every time he comes in my pussy. We were sweating profusely & still Sachin was still energetic though I lost my energy in 20 minutes of fucking. He was becoming more possessive on my body that he at a moment pulled me to him bite my lips & keep fucking me. He held my leg and neck together and fucking me aggressive. I had already squirted twice still he was digging in my pussy. He was able to find new deep in my pussy, grind his dick inside and fuck again. I was too exhausted, couldn’t hold my breath and at last he found new deep, couldn’t move out & release his sperm in me. He fell over me, I hugged him tight, encircling my legs over his hips. His sperm jets were splashing in my pussy quite a number of times. I was feeling nice & heaven again on bed after my initial days marriage.

Later this incident Sachin acted responsibly without giving hint on our sexual relationship. Whenever my husband is away, Sachin & me enjoy our private moments with new adventures.

Hope you all enjoyed my narration, please write your comments to [email protected].

Author: Shalini

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