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Hi guys. This is Sanjay from pune. I am 30 years old average built bank employee. I would like to share my experience with my cousin sister pallavi who is two years older to me. It happened in 2017 just a week before her marraige. Now she is married happily and had a son.
We have completed my graduation and her post graduation at the same time. She is the elder daughter of my mother’s sister. She is working as a maths teacher and i am preparing for my competitive exams. We use to talk on phones and use to chat daily. One day we were talking about love and marriage, i have made a point that i would like to marry a girl like her. From then on her attitude changed towards me and i got job as po. once i have gone to her place without knowledge of anyone ever my parents or hers on her birthday. I have called her from bus station that i am in her town and i have come to surprise on her birthday. She was overjoyed and reached with in one hour dressed like an angel. We have roamed like lovers and from then she started talking like i was her boyfriend.

In the meantime, her parents has searched for a suitable match and it got fixed. At that night she called me and told that she has imagined me to be her husband and her future with me. But i have clarified her that it cant happen. After lot of talking and convincing and crying, she finally came to the conclusion of getting married to make her parents happy. I was excited and feared at the same time as if any of my family members know about our affair. It was her engagement. I have spoken to the groom, he seemed to be nice and she was happy that i have come for her engagement. Her house was small, with two bed rooms and two beds, one in each room. At the evening i slept early on one bed and all have adjusted their beds lined on the floor. At 10 pm as everyone going to sleep i got up and used the washroom and again slept on the bed itself. At 12 o clock i was woken by a kiss on my cheek. I found that she is sleeping beside me, atleast i came to know she is acting as if she is sleeping and got her place beside me. As i ve slept early no one cared and she planned such that she got her place next to me.

After waking me up, she gave me a smooch on my lips and thats the starting point of our un ending french kiss marathon. I or she dont know how to french kiss, but we learnt that night amd kept sucking each others tongue till morning. In between she informed me that she gets turned on by kisses on her neck. I asked her how did she know that, she noticed as i kissed her. After that i started pressing her boobs, opened her nightgown in a frenzy and slid her pink cup bra upwards and started sucking on her nipples. Her breast were handful and i have squeezed and sucked on the nipples like a baby for some time. After what felt like eternity, with the fear of iur family members waking up as they were sleeping on the floor in the same room i have adjusted her bra correctly and zipped her nightgown, but the kissing session continued till morning.

In the morning, we have talked about our last night exploring each other and asked me how i learnt to french kiss. I told her that i have never kissed a girl like that and she was my first and i was lucky to have her. I have returned to my workplace that evening.

From then onwards we used to sex chat and video chat as i used to stay alone in a single bedroom flat that i rented outas my workplace and native place are different. She used sex chat till midnight and video cal me after everyone went to sleep. She used to show me her boobs by taking her to bathroom. Once she called me as her family members went out and i was having bath at that time. So i asked her to video call and gave her live show. It only lasted for a while but she has seen me nude.

Two months passes and her wedding date came fast. As planned, i with my mother reached before four days. She was very happy to see me, but we both only know the real reason. In the evenin, we were alone on the roof talking and i noticed that she was wearing black bra and panties under her white kurta and leggings. She hit me playfully. After tyat we went inside. After having bath, we along with her siblings sat on one bed and talking about wedding plans. we sat close and discussing things need to be done and without anyone notice i slowly slid my hands into her nightgown, fisrt caressing her calfs. She signalled me with her eyes that someone might notice waht we were doing. But i have a pillow in my lap covering what i was doing and everyone was deeply involved in the discussion. Next i have moved slowly to her thighs which were silky smooth and finally her pussy on the panty. I have played with her pussy, pinching and massaging her pussy lips. After a while i sensed that her panty is wet with our acts. Just before we were about to break for dinner, i have removed my hand and while leaving i smelled her juices on my hand and gave her a wink. She hit me on my back when no one is noticing and asked me where did got that courage to play with her private parts while everyone was around. Later that night, i slept with her brother on the bed and she with her sister decided to stay awake as her sister hald a supplementary exam.

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