Couple attends their first swing party in Ontario

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Couple attends their first in … It was a warm and sultry fall evening. Lori, my wife of fifteen years, and we decided to open our marriage and attend an adult swing party. It would be our first time. Between both of us, we didn’t know what steps to take. Add to the fact, I didn’t have to convince Lori because we had discussed an open relationship between a few rounds of alcohol. The discussion had proceeded between the silk sheets of our bed as we finished off with intense orgasms.

The next evening I had decided to-surf-the-web for an , or swinger’s clubs. It didn’t take long to find one in the Ontario city we were living in at the time. The process was easy. There was a form to fill out and it did not take long. However, while I was filling out the form, I began to feel a little embarrassed. I mean, the scariest part was, what if someone I knew would be reading this, or better yet, what if someone I knew would be attending the same club if we are invited? So, the anticipation was somewhat exciting, my heart begun to pound, just by filling out an online questionnaire. The first step was done.

A few days went by, I had already forgotten about the application to the swinger’s site. It wasn’t until the children where in bed when Lori told me that she had received a phone call confirming, if in fact, we were an actual couple. I was surprised by her actions throughout that day, she had logged-on to the website, scrolled all over the place, and even went as far as to retrieve the party’s bi-monthly itinerary and print it off. She also was given the address to the house. We had everything for the making of our first swing party. Little did we know that our second step was done.

Before the evening’s event, we had discussed the rules during an intense love making session. Lori had asked. “How far do you want me to go with someone else?”

I replied. “I wanna watch you ride someone.”

“You won’t get jealous?” She asked sheepishly.

How else could I respond but enthusiastically. “I’ll be there with you, and you know I am not the jealous type-I don’t want to get jealous ever again.”

I reached over and turned off the lights.

I whispered into her ears while she was grinding my hips. “I wanna watch you fuck someone else.”

She began to ride me with fiery only to slow down upon reaching an intense orgasmic rush.

Lori whispered back. “I would love to give you a show.”

I was turned on by her reply. I couldn’t believe that she had agreed. I mean, I know that she wouldn’t have any problems getting us hooked up with another couple. She is a very attractive blonde. Her natural waves are enough to make anyone want to comb their fingers through it. And her eyes are as blue as the fresh water lake overlooking our old apartment balcony. Her breasts are small but perky enough to hold in a fistful way. Her petite body stands at a staggering five foot two. Add to the fact, Lori’s ass is curved perfectly to grasp when it comes to making love— slightly rounded and firm. As I am writing and thinking of all of the alluring attributes that my wife possesses, I suddenly find myself twitching under by shorts and boxers. Excuse me for about an hour while I go and find her…

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