Conference Sex

“Why am I doing this?” Jenn muttered to herself, squeezing her thighs together tightly as she sat down in the lecture hall.

“I don’t know, it could be fun.”


Jenn jumped slightly at the unexpected response from the man she hadn’t realized was taking the seat next to her. Her heart, racing, was suddenly in her throat and her chest heaved, which wasn’t helping matters.

“The lecture?” the man smiled mildly at her, gesturing vaguely at the distant podium. “Could be fun.”

“Yeah,” Jenn smiled weakly back. “Maybe.”

Of course, he meant the lecture, she mentally kicked herself. He had no way of knowing that she wasn’t wearing underwear. No way of knowing that her boyfriend Dan, currently at home on the other side of the country, had insisted that sluts like Jenn had proven herself to be, don’t wear things like panties or bras while at a conference.

The man… why did he look oddly familiar… settled into the seat next to her and gave a polite smile. His eyes traveled swiftly down her body, examining her as men so often did. Jenn flushed under that gaze.

In a quiet, rational part of her mind, Jenn knew that her skirt was long enough that there was no way this man could possibly know she wasn’t wearing panties. Of course, the quiet, rational part of her mind was also rather un-quietly insisting that she go immediately into the restroom… the ladies’ room, this time… and put her underthings back on this instant. As she wasn’t listening to that part of her mind, Jenn was instead very aware of the man’s hot gaze lingering at the juncture of her thighs, as if looking directly at the neatly trimmed landing strip of her naked pussy.

The rational part of her mind was of no help whatsoever where her bra, or lack of bra, was concerned. Even if her blouse hadn’t been unbuttoned an extra button, the material was very thin. She shivered as the man’s eyes caressed the bare inner slopes of her breast, teasingly brushing over the dark outline of her nipples.

“I’m sure there’ll be something interesting,” the man smirked. “I’m Karl, by the way.”

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“Jenn,” she replied, favoring him with a smile.

There was definitely something familiar about him. Of course, there were a lot of people at the conference. Still, the thought that she had just run into him at a different seminar or in the vendor’s room didn’t feel right. No, something about seeing him made her flush in a way that suggested something else. Had he been in the hotel bar the other night?

Trying to put him out her mind, Jenn fixed her eyes on the podium and fidgeted in her seat. She couldn’t quite seem to decide whether crossing her arms over her chest helped by concealing her nipples or just made things worse by pushed her breasts together, so her cleavage was even more pronounced. She was sure Karl was watching, amused and attentive. The flush on her face seemed to be spreading down her neck.

Up at the podium, the morning speaker started in on his presentation. As it did not include any general announcements concerning her slutty behavior or explicit naked pictures of her (there were many on her phone), Jenn started to relax. Thirty minutes later, she started to get bored.

How long, she wondered, was this seminar supposed to last anyway? She wasn’t even entirely sure what it was about. Something about management techniques, she thought. That didn’t make it any more interesting.

Out of the corner of her eye, Jenn noticed that Karl had also clearly given up listening in favor of staring at her breasts. He wasn’t being crass about it, she was pleased to note, but he was definitely looking.

The warmth she’d felt earlier grew. The idea that this stranger was enjoying his view of her partly exposed breasts sparked a thrill of excitement in her. Playfully, she shifted in her seat, stretching and arching her back. Karl pretended not to notice, but there was a hint of hunger in his sideway glance.

Shifting a little in her seat, Jenn decided this actually could be fun. After all, last night she’d gone down to the hotel bar in a slinky dress with no bra or panties…

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Oh my God, she thought, memory flooding back.

She had been standing by the elevators, on her way down to hotel bar. At Dan’s instance, she had just taken off her panties. Feeling wicked, she had pulled up the hem of that slinky black dress, exposing her pussy, and snapped a quick picture of her reflection in the mirrored elevator doors. A moment later those doors had opened, and two men had stepped out.

They had seen her, standing there in her slinky black dress, her heaving cleavage, her hiked up skirt and the neatly trimmed landing strip of her naked pussy. One of the men looked away quickly, red-faced, and walked on past. The other man stood there for a moment, drinking in the sight of her. Under his hot gaze, Jenn had felt a surge of unmistakable desire. She’d made no move to cover herself. She hadn’t wanted to.

“Good evening,” the man had said with a grin and then walked past her.

Now, he was sitting next to her. No wonder she was sure Karl knew she wasn’t wearing panties. He’d already seen her pussy once, last night. She had no doubt he had recognized her, probably before he had even sat down next her.

Her face flushed even more, the heat spreading down her neck and her breasts. A different heat rose between her thighs, the same unrestrained desire she had felt standing in front of that elevator. Yes, she decided. She was going to have fun.

With a wicked, half-hidden grin, Jenn ran her fingers down the open edge of her blouse, lightly brushing the side of her breast. Karl’s eyes followed her motion, drawn to the skin of that bare inner slope. Teasing, she pulled her blouse ever so slightly open. His gaze was fixed on her tit now. How much could he see, Jenn wondered as she felt a warm tingling spreading over her whole skin.

Slowly, she let the fabric fall back into place. Her fingers again traced the edge of her blouse. She toyed, with studied idleness, with the next button down. Opening it would be going too far, she thought, but hinting that she might certainly had her watcher’s attention. She could see Karl shifting in his seat next to her.

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A wicked thought entered Jenn’s head. She looked down at herself, at the flushed bare skin between her breasts, at the dark circle of her nipples pressed against the thin fabric of her blouse. She made a feigned sigh of exasperation, tugging at her blouse just over her nipple. Imagining she saw a piece of dust or lint just there, Jenn brushed her fingers over her nipple.

The spark of pleasure was shockingly strong. Her tingling skin flared with a heat that rushed downward to the growing wetness between her thighs. She barely contained a moan. Nearly forgetting her audience, Jenn teased her own nipple again, feeling it harden under her touch, feeling the electric heat rushing through her skin.

Beside her Karl shifted again, pulling her attention back to him. She hid a grin as he moved his conference program over his lap, concealing the obvious bulge in his pants. Jenn felt the hot wetness growing between her thighs. Distantly, she worried her skirt might be getting damp.

Smiling, she returned to toying idly with the button of her blouse, twisting it casually between her fingers. She found that if she held herself just right, the heel of her hand brushed tantalizingly against her hard nipple. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched Karl watching her.

She was surprised when suddenly the lecture ended. The morning was over, and people were breaking for lunch. In the seats around, conference attendees, oblivious to the aroused pair in their midst, started to stand. Flushed and hot, Jenn stood as well. Karl, still seated next to her with his program held over the tent in his pants, smiled politely at her.

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