Call by mistake : prostitute for a night

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It happened in afternoon,as I am in kitchen preparing lunch for hubby Anish is out of station as I heard my mobile ringing and I walked to dinning hall to receive call,may be Anish have called me but as I reached there ,mobile stopped ringing and I took my looking the mobile no ,I can’t recognise it ,it’s an unknown mobile no.for while sitting on sofa ,I am thinking about the call as my suspicious mind speaks to call I started ringing on that mobile no.and than I heard sound……

(Bina)you have called me on my mobile no.
(Voice of a men)sorry ,it was a call by mistake as I was calling Neha
(Bina)oh I see ,Neha is not available here
(Men)yes ,she is a prostitute as I got her no.frim my friend
(Bina)sir ,you need a prostitute
(Men)yes but why you are asking ?
(Bina) I know one of them ,I can give you her mobile no.
(Men)sure and her name
(Bina)her name is Priya .” As I have him my other no.,I thought to earn and enjoy with a my hubby Anish ,his boss Nishant is out of station ,my other bed partner Raj is busy in his ,my mobile started ringing again as I received it and started talking……..”hello
(Men) hi ,Priya madam speaking
(Men)I am Monty ,need your service
(Bina as Priya)ok ,when?
(Priya)what’s your age ?
(Monty)35-36 years
(Priya)ok for a night charge will be 25000rs.
(Monty)oh you are too costly
(Priya)why not ,I give a nice service to my clients .”

And our deal happened as I am going to enjoy a night with a stranger in a hotel.He have assured me that he will book room in hotel and will convey the location to me,at 05:35 pm Monty called me again as he provided me the details of I hired a cab to move Lajpat Nagar as it’s 06:45 pm and I put a crop tops with miniskirt upto my knees length as I put sandals on my I put my purse in shoulder as I walked to apparatment’s gate .now I am in cab as traffic is heavy on noida-delhi path ,driver is riding car smoothly and after 45 minutes ,I reached hotel hilltop in Lajpat Nagar. I left the cab as a service guy guided me to reception and I can see a matured men waiting there ,now he walked to me……..

“sorry Priya for not receiving you from your events .”

As service guy hold his small bag in his hand and walked towards lift and after a while,we both are in a luxurious room on second floor.service guy walked away with some items to be served and I sits on sofa as Monty is near me.He is a smart guy in his early thirties as his height is 6’0 feet,his white complexion as well as strong arms makes him nice.looking at me he smiled…….

“Priya you are beautiful but have to see your inner beauty
(Priya)sure Monty ,it’s my profession
(Monty)have you got experience
(Priya)not so but for 5-6 months .”as he put his arm on my shoulder and rubbed my nude arms…….”Monty money first
(Monty)sure Priya.”

As he took out his purse and than have me money ,I put it in purse as door bell started ringing and Monty……..”come inside door is open.”

And service guy came there with a bottle of wine as he put it on table and walked Monty closed the door as he came and sit near me.I am feeling nervous as well as shy ,never been on bed with a stranger for money.looking at Monty,I opened the bottle of wine as I started putting it in glasses with just like a prostitute,I sit on his strong thigh and took a glass as I am putting wine in Monty’s mouth.He have hold my back as he is rubbing my back and than he took out a packet of cigarette as I put it in my mouth and lit Monty is drinking wine as my left boobs is on his chest and he is smoking cigarette also.we both have our drinks as I stood in front of him ,I removed my sandles and now put my one leg on his thigh as my mini skirt is up-to my pelvic zone and Monty put his hand on my thigh as he is massaging it slowely………

“oohh you are too sexy.”

And I pulled down my skirt to my legs as I am in G string I sits on his thigh again as I put my lips on his face while unbuttoning his boobs are on his chest as I am sitting on his lap with my legs Monty hold me in his arms as he is kissing my lips with hands rubbing my Monty took my lips in his mouth to suck and I pushed my long tongue in his mouth as he is sucking it hard ,I am feeling the joy.after 2-3 minutes ,he pushed my face as my tongue is out of his mouth ,now kissing his face to neck ,he took out his shirt as his hand is on my nude ass.I am making him hot as he put me on sofa and I started removing his jeans ,now he is in his undies only as I can see bulge of penis on it.monty started putting wine and soda in glasses as I am removing his vest also,a strong men with his hairy we both are drinking wine as Monty hold my breast and pressed hard “ooh aahh don’t press it too hard.”

But he is pressing it hard as I am in drunkun State ,I stood again in front of him ,now my one leg is on sofa as he is kissing my legs to thighs and I am feeling the sensation as he started kissing my vagina on my G he stood infront of me as he put his hand on my tops and removed it.I am in my brassiere as well as G string only and Monty hold me in his arms as I am pressing my boobs hard on his chest ,he is kissing my face to Monty took me on bed as he slept with his legs straight and I pulled down his undies making him I leaned on his top as I started kissing his face to lips and Monty is rubbing my back,my lips are on his chest as I am kissing his body while going down and than kissed his looking at his long thick penis ,I hold it and it’s a longer as well as thicker cock than my hubby or his while holding his penis ,I started kissing his thigh as I am kissing it wildely,going to his legs ,I kissed his both thighs and Monty is screaming……..

“oohh aahh you bitch suck my cock.”

As my client ordered me for blowjob ,I put my lips on it ,kissing its base to shaft and than rubbing it’s glans on my face as I smelt it hard and than its on my lips.I am rubbing the glans on my lips as my hand is moving on his thigh,now I opened my mouth as I took his cock and started sucking it mouth have hold his cock as his penis is getting the nice jerk on it ,I am in fire as Monty have hold my breast to massage.I am sucking his penis as his cock is hitting my deep throat and he put his hand on my back as he removed my my boobs are nude as he is pressing it hard and now I took out his wet penis from my mouth as I put my tongue on it to lick.monty is screaming in pleasure……..

“oohh aahh you dirty whore ,aah lick my cock fast.”

As my vagina is in fire and Monty while sitting on bed pushed his long cock in my mouth as I am on my knees ,I am sucking it hard as he have hold my hairs tightly ,he is fucking my mouth from below.monty is moving his hand on my sexy ass as he unhooked my G string and now both are nude as I left his penis and walked to washroom to urinate.after washing my vagina ,I am back on bed as Monty pushed me.He put a pillow under my ass as I stretched my legs wider ,he is rubbing my vagina…….

“nice vagina Priya ,you are too hot and your vagina seems to be more glittering as of other prostitute.”

And he put his lips on my vagina to kiss ,he is kissing the labias as I put my fingers on vagina to widend the hole ,Monty is licking it with his tongue.He have pushed his long tongue in my vagina as his long finger is also fingering it and I am feeling the heat inside my cunt……..

“oohh aahh Monty ,lick my vagina fast.”

As his tongue is going inside vagina ,I am shouting……..”oohh I will cum soon.”

And he took my vagina in his mouth as he sucked it ,my vagina is wet as it’s have cum and my client licked it to taste it’s we both are in short break as Monty is drinkinh wine and while sitting near him on sofa ,I am rubbing his chest as his hand is on my left breast as he is pressing it hard while pinching my nipple.after 10 minutes of break ,we both are on bed as Monty ask me to knelt as he is going to fuck me in doggy position but I took out a packet of condoms from my.purse as I put it on his 8-9 inches long and 2-3 inches thick I am on bed like a bitch with my legs spread ,monty is sitting behind me as he started rubbing his cock on my looking to him ,I smiled as he pushed his cock in my vagina and slowely his 1/2 of penis is in my vagina as it’s seems to be a hot iron Monty put his hand on my waist ,as he fucked me hard and his long cock is in my vagina as I shouted……

“oohh Monty your cock is too hard and hot.”

But he is deaf now as he is fucking me wildely ,his cock is hitting my vaginal depth as I have never got this size of penis in my vagina but I am enjoying it like a whore and than my ass started swinging as Monty hold my breast to press it hard ,now he is fucking my vagina with speed as well as power as he is giving me a hard fuck…….

“oohh aahh Monty fuck me hard
(Monty)tum Randi Jaat ki bur Ko faadna bahut muskil hai.”

And he is fucking my vagina fastly ,now my vagina is dry as well as hot but I don’t know Monty’s potential of fucking.when his cock will ejaculate? Is in my mind but now I am a prostitute as I have to give him satisfaction for a I am shouting……..

“oohh aahh Monty my vagina is in fire ,rain your cum
(Monty)but Priya I think I will take 10 minutes more ,need a break.”

As he took out his cock and both walked to washroom as I removed the condom from his penis .now both are nude under cascade as I hold him in my arms and opened the tap of both are having bath as I am kissing his face and lips ,my boobs are on his chest as he slapped my ass……..

“now suck my penis you dirty whore.”

As I knelt in front of him and hold his cock,kissing it wildely ,I took out my tongue and started rubbing it’s glans on it.monty is screaming……..”tum Randi number one ho ,like your way you love my penis.” As I took his cock in my mouth ,he hold my hairs tightly and he is fucking my mouth with his dick as I have hold his waist.monty is fucking my mouth as I am too horny for fuck but client have their desire.after a while ,my tongue is rolling on his cock and than he asked me to suck it again as I started sucking it with my face moving faster ,he hold my hairs again and he is fucking my mouth and lastly ,he screamed……..

“oohh drink my cum you bitch.” And his penis ejaculated sperms in my mouth as I drink it.after having nice bath together ,he fucked me once in midnight.readers will get more…….wait for it.

Added by Bina Mishra

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