Brother gets fee to help sister elope with her boyfriend

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Brother gets fee to help sister elope with her boyfriend, Having visited Madurai umpteen numbers of times, it wasn’t difficult getting a room in my favorite lodge. I was immediately allotted my preferred room which was on the third floor and away from the hectic activities of the lodge. I could see a lot of surprise in Raji, my sister’s eyes for all the respect I commanded from the staff and she smiled at me feeling somewhat secured.

“I am feeling better,” She told me as we got inside the elevator. I smiled in reply.

Raji and I grew up in Bangalore under the strict surveillance of our parents. At 19, she looked like the typical angel from the heavens. I knew that there were many guys who would do anything under the sun for a date with her. I was thrilled to see her grow into a gorgeous teenager and obviously my eyes were attracted to her sexy curves and wonderful well shaped tender breasts. Not so surprisingly, she remained my favorite fantasy during all those masturbation sessions.

I was understandably upset to know that she was in love with Karan. I was jealous of him although he was a handsome guy with neat habits and hailing from one of the illustrious families in the city. I knew that my parents had other ideas about Raji’s marriage and hence it would be impossible for her to convince them about Karan. Somehow, I realized that I had a fat chance of getting her laid if I extended some support to their love affair. Soon, she began trusting me to the hilt unsuspicious of my intentions to take her virginity before she married her lover.

As expected, a huge volcano erupted once my parents came to know about Raji’s boyfriend. They were unrelenting as they categorically made it clear that Raji could never marry Karan so long as they were alive. Fortunately, they weren’t aware of the clandestine support I have been providing to the young lovers. When you are lucky, you remain lucky most of the time.

“We are going to flee from Bangalore,” Raji had informed me a few days ago. “We are planning to get married in Madurai and may never return here.”

I immediately felt a gloom settling all over me. I feared that my fantasies about my sister might never get fulfilled if they do as they had planned.

“You are at some risk if you do that,” I tried reasoning with her. “You don’t know the influence Dad has in the police. He can trace your whereabouts within hours.”

“Do you think so?” Raji sounded really concerned. “What else can we do now?”

“Listen carefully,” I said holding her hands. “You have to come to Madurai with me under some pretext. Let Karan join a day later so that nobody can doubt anything. You do whatever you wish once he comes and I won’t stop you.”

We had to tell a lie to our parents that a close friend was getting married in Madurai. I persuaded my parents by telling them that I could use the opportunity to talk to Raji and influence her in changing her mind. As I had expected, we both were allowed to proceed to Madurai. Obviously, Raji was delighted about the whole thing. She never knew that I was more delighted than her.

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