Blue film of my wife

I’am Samuel , a business man staying at Ranchi. I have got a hardware shop. My wife Sheila is about 45 years old. She is basically a housewife. She looks very young. She has got an attractive look. She is quite healthy, having 40″ size breasts. She has flabby hips, shapely arms. She wears lowcut blouse always. Her boobs are always projected.

In my locality, there are many houses where engineering students stay having their mess. Always there is noise and commotion outside. Sheila is the star attraction in that area. I have seen many students stare at Sheila”s boobs when she walks. Sheila was doing a part time job in a beauty parlour since last year. She was assisting in bridal makeup which was in demand.

Her friend was the owner of the parlour. Sheila was going in the afternoon only for 3 hours. Once Sheila had gone to her native place Dhanbad to visit her parents for about 15 days. I was alone in the house. Daytime was passed in my shop. But at night I was feeling bored. I had a VCD player and was watching films. There was a big CD shop in the market.


I have heard many times the owner of the shop gets arrested for keeping blue cds. But he gets bail immediately. Hence he continues his illegal CD business. I went to his shop one day and asked for any indian blue CD. Oh! you don”t know about that famous CD where an auntie is fucked by two students! Kya majaa he yaar! Dekh ke to batao !!

I was very much excited and purchased this. Night after finishing my dinner I sat down to watch the VCD. The film seemed to be shot in a house. There was one double bed. One lady was sitting on the bed. OOOOOOO – it is Sheila only. I was dumbfounded. My curiosity was increasing. Sheila was wearing a blue transparent saree with matching low cut blouse.

Her boobs were portruding outside. There was a knock in the door. When she opened, two youngmen came. They happened to be engineering students. They sat on the bed on Sheila”s both sides. One was a tall black fellow and the other was a short white fellow. My name is Ajit,the tall black man told. I am Sudhir,the short white man said. We have come to see you.

Then Ajit told, auntie, we have heard about your sexy boobs, we have come to taste your milk. Before Sheila could open her mouth to say, Ajit removed the saree over her blouse completely. Then Ajit squeezed her left boob and Sudhir squeezed her right boob at a time. After 5 minutes Ajit tore her blouse and removed her bra amidst Sheila”s protest. wow! her round watermelon like boobs were visible.

The black nipples with brown aurioles were in full view. Ajit pressed her left tits and told her to raise her both arms. Oh! what a bushy armpit, Ajit licked her armpits and sucked her left boob chewing her stanabhundis mercilessly. Sudhir was also sucking her right boob. For full 5 minutes both were sucking her melons.

Sheila was closing her eyes and moaning sssshhhh—–ehhhh–hmmm—ooohhhh—–aahhhh—- Then Ajit removed her petticoat. Sheila was wearing a red panty only. Her massive bums were shining. Both the boys were pressing and licking her thighs and bums. Then Ajit pulled her panty from her backside by 2″ so that her gand opening was visible.

Now Sheila”s half panty and half gand was visible. Oh! what a sight! Ajit was putting his tongue inside her gand and pulled the panty down Now Sheila was fully naked. Both the boys laid her in the bed. Sudhir spread her thighs and licked her cunt. Ajit held her hair and ordered her to suck his lund. By this time both the boys were nude.

Ajit”s lund grew upto 4″ and he then started sucking her cuntlips. Sheila was sucking Sudhir”s lund. Then Sheila was forced to suck both the lunds at a time. After 5 minutes Ajit started fucking her cunt. He increased his speed shouting, saali tuje aaj raat bhar chodunga——-tera fudi ko phatadunga——–

In the meantime Sudhir was squeezing her stanabhundis mercilessly and fucking in her mouth. After 5 minutes the boys changed their positions. Sudhir lied down in the bed and told Sheila to climb his thighs. Sudhir started giving upward thrusts to her choot for 10 minutes. Ajit was licking her ass and getting ready to fuck her bung hole.

After 5 minutes of licking her ass hole, Ajit entered his 4″ long cock in her gand. oooohhhh maaa——-ehhhhhh—– chhod do mujhe— bahut dard ho raha hai—— Sheila cried. Ghabraomat auntie sab do minit me tumko maja aayega, Ajit told. Sheila was getting banged in her cunt and ass. oohhhhhhh—-aahhhh——chodo mujhe——randi ka ladka—– meri fudi ko phatado—

oohhhhhh—– mere gand maro—-aur ghusao —– ohh god———fuchhhhhh meeee—————-aur jyadaa pahar do———-ahhhmmmmmm—-itna maaja ata hai——– Sheila as urging them to fuck at full speed. The bed was producing phat—khat—-phhhaatt sound. Ajit was slapping her bums making her red and vigorously grinding her ass.

After 10 minutes of marathon fucking both of them discharged in Sheila”s mouth. Her mouth was full with copious quantity of white semen which she swallowed. That was the end of the film. I had discharged twice watching the movie.


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