Big Booty Girlfriend (Interacial fantasy story)

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Then she said:
-Ooh wee I hit a jackpot. So now I will need you to fuck my with your lumpy, but not yet downed and you better pump me good of your white sauce cause I need it really much of it what you think this size can be satisfiend only after one jizzload not a chance so prepare yourself boy cause tonight you‘re gonna graduate from being virgin.

– Ohh jeebus I never had such fast in ever… – Longsplitter replied.

Suddenly his cock jumped back and were good as before Valeria sucking his cock but this time she presented him with her wide sultry and volupteous which had a little pink lips of her pussy being seen from a crack in the middle.

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She taken by her hand his cock and guided down her which started dripping down on books, but they didn‘t care that books was surrounding them . As guided penis slowly, but surely entered Swallowtails moist pussy she greeted it with most horny moan you could ever hear woman produce. While he started moving his cock inside her slowly she were starting to make crazy eyerolls from having such a fat cock it was truly exiting. Johny replying with his half groans were increasing cock ramming tempo.

When Valeria started moaning even more harder while he also tried softly spank her big soft ass. She were into it so much she told him to change position from to and then told him to suck her while his dick were inside her moving up and down. His balls were clapping down her moist pussy all the time. Valeria on a jump surounded Johny‘s head inside her breats and slowly told him:

– Come on Johny I want you jizz in my pussy!

He not being able reply but hearing these words made him extremely happy and even more encouraged. Immediately made him increase his cocks ramming intensity for a short moment till it slammed with such force upon Swallowtails pussy that overflow cum didnt had were to go it was perfectly plugged. When his seed shot out into her warm womb she succumb to uncontrollable spasms strongly suffocating his head between her breasts. As he was pulling out his cock, cumload was unplugged and being slowly pushed out of Valeria‘s pussy. Jizz were so hot you were able to see it steaming.

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Then she said:

– Oh my god Longspliter I think you just breed me for life gyahhhh- uncontrolably moans- Now I need you inside my ass and you better dont be cheap skate about it, you need to fill it as much as my pussy.

Johny not being able to reply were downed a little but she saw this and got upon his cock and started revitalizing it with soft strokes and chugging suck skills upon his penis head. He responded undoubtedly. She sat down upon him inserting his fat cock in her anal point which nearly made her gouge her eyes from intensity of pleasure.

Swallowtail felt his manhood entering down her brown point. Valeria initiated riding his shaft slowly, but surely after being crouched she wasnt able hold this position for a long time so she dropped on her knee‘s while Longsplitters Cock was inside her and starting moving all her upper body into rhytmic clapping oppon his hairy thighs. Johny wasnt able to hide his exitement he immediately started playing with her breasts playing little violins with her .

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