Aunty sex

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Hello friends this is basically im from telangana. Not mentioning my hometown. So coming to the story.we have house with 2 portions on it and we gave ot to rent . So days passing by we ame to know our neighbours well.

So one day my parents to my relatives house and i was alone at home. I got horny AF and don’t know what to do so i called my neighbour aunt downstairs telling that there is some gas leak and i don’t know how to fox that and she came and she went into the kitchen to see the problem. Gas cylinder was i side the cardboard and she bent over to see it. When she bent down i took my dick outside and slowly started rubbing it over her ass.

She felt it and she pushed me away and she was trying to run and then i confessed my feelings to her that every time i see her i felt like fucking you and kissing and all and then she some how came near me and consoled me and started to give lectures abt feeling and so. I couldn’t resist and i kissed her and she also started kissing back and we made love for some time and i took in my bedroom and switched on the AC and removed the pallu.

I slowly started touching her navel and made her horny she begged me to fuck her but i inistied i want to see how bad she wanna get fucked. I remover her blouse and lehenga and started kissing her thighs and legs. Slowly removed her undie she was wet AF she begged me for my penis. I slowly kept my penis in her pussy and then i released in less than 2 mins and the we began kissing and she played with dick and made it hard now i wanted to fuck her hard and kept my penis in her pussy and fucked hardd she was moaning and screaming to stop but i didn’t i was feeling the joy i tried all the positions and went for like 12 mins and cummed.

She enjoyed it a lot and then she confessed abt her sex life that she didn’t had sex for like 7-8 years and she was missing this fun. And then we went to shower and had some sex in there too we walked naked. She cooked some pasta. I fucked in while she was cooking that was funn. I made all my fantasy sex that day and she went up and we used to chat in WhatsApp sometimes.

So thats y story guys hope you like it see you with another story.

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