Adventure with my colleague during business trip

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Hello to all readers out there. This is Mr. K here again from Bangalore. Thank you for good responses for my previous story. Here I am sharing an interesting adventure that happened during November last year. The main character of this story is my colleague – Riya (name changed for security reasons).

She is in her mid-30 and little elder to me. Though she is married and has a small kid, she still looks young and attractive like a university student. Riya usually maintains some distance among male colleagues in our office but pretty chill with me as she trusts me. She is medium built and normal height with silky hair way beyond her shoulders. I must tell that she looks beautiful in both Sari and western dresses. And that is a big reason for me having lust on her from a long time.

Let us move to the main incident. We had to attend a business meet in Mumbai. After we reached there via flight, we both checked into a posh hotel with different rooms for both of us. The next day morning, we went to the business meet and returned by evening to our hotel. I suggested to have some drinks and she agreed for the same.
We were casually chit chatting and after couple of drinks. I was getting uncomfortable after I had started looking at Riya as she had come to the bar in her shorts and T shirt. My eyes were constantly looking at her breasts which she seems to have noticed and I was little high to worry about it.

After the drinks, we were going to our respective rooms but Riya insisted to give her company in her room as she was getting bored. So I agreed and went to her room. She went to take a shower and came outside only wrapped in the towel and winked at me. I was getting more aroused looking at Riya and she came towards me. She told me that she saw me checking out her assets while having the drinks. And she asked me if you would like to touch her boobs or just keep ogling at them.

I told her I am more than happy to feel her melons and for which, Riya told me to unwrap the gift by myself. I went close towards her and she unwrapped herself along with me. There she was fully naked and inviting me to enjoy the gift. I then proceeded to kiss her juicy lips and had a good kissing session for quiet sometime. At the same time, I was playing hard with her breasts. The scent from her dripping wet hair was driving me crazier. She broke the kiss and placed my head on her breast. Her breasts were of 34D size which I got to know later. I sucked both of her breasts hard and I left bite marks on her melons. She pinched me and told me, naughty boy but she was okay with marks from my biting.

Riya then made me completely naked and kissed all over my face and my neck and over my nipples. She insisted me to kiss her neck and I proceed to do the same. Later she told me that kissing on her neck makes her more aroused. I kissed all over her belly and went straight towards her love hole. I started to lick her clean shaven pussy and it was already wet with her juices. When she was about to release her juices, I placed my palm over her pussy and did not let her climax. This drove her even crazier and shouted my name when I released my palm and finally she let out her juices.

She wanted to return the favor to me and sucked my dick like a pro. That feeling of her sexy lips giving me a blowjob was unexplainable in words. I exploded in her mouth after few minutes and she drank it all without spilling a drip. She asked me to enter her right away but we did not have condom with us. So I dressed up and went to buy condom from nearby medical. In the meantime, she got dressed up and ordered dinner for us.
Soon after, we had our dinner but there was a banana which she had requested specifically with food. I asked why she did not eat it when she had asked for it. She told me to wait and watch as this was for something special. After the dinner, we both undressed ourselves quickly. Riya came close to me and gave me the banana. She asked me to peel it and put it in her pussy. I pinched her boobs for the naughty plan. Then I inserted the banana in her pussy and took it out. Now she asked me to share the banana with her mouth to mouth. We both ate half each and ended up kissing on our lips.

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