Adopted son and long lost mother experience GSA

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This is my longest story to date, written exclusively for Literotica. There’s a lot of build-up in case anyone’s hoping to knock out a one page wonder. I researched all over the internet on the subject of Genetic Sexual Attraction, but don’t expect 100% realism.

This is a work of fantasy fiction and all characters are of the age and mind of consent. Enjoy!



Marie Redgrave was nineteen years old when she gave birth to her one and only. Now thirty eight, she was as content as she believed she would ever be, alone and happy in the apartment she had called home for over a decade and with a job she actually enjoyed.

But for some, the definition of contentment bore little gravity over the reality. When a lifetime is spent overcoming terrible mistakes and personal tragedy, just the idea of coming out the other side to relative stability qualified.

Over the years she came to believe that the way things happened was for the best. It was eighteen years ago that she had escaped her abusive boyfriend. Her baby Robert, she instinctively felt, even while he was long for the outside world, was better off adopted. She had barely been able to protect him in the womb. That put all manner of insecurities on her mind, to become deep rooted so quickly.

Kenny had shown no desire to change as the baby bump grew. He still drank all day every day, by any means necessary such as their welfare, and had never any intention of working. He showed her no more affection than what already came from the back of his hand. She put him up for adoption and the rest was history; long, bitter, painful and drawn out.

She escaped some years later, realising what he had cost her, all that she had compromised just to remain on the leash of a failure who cared for nothing but where the next bottle of booze came from. She had wasted her youth on that bastard, and turned her back on the most important part of her life, and for what?

That train had long ago rolled out of town. Her bed was made. The only thing she could do was to move on and try to pick up the pieces and to put it all behind her. And with those pieces, life became about the little things and what she was happy to settle for.

So many years had gone by that she doubted she’d ever be able to find her way to Robert, let alone to somehow be a part of his life. It seemed unnatural to her, the way some people sauntered into their children’s lives after so many years, expecting everything to work out.

It just didn’t work the way some believed it should. She was very aware of the differences between ideal and reality. Maybe someday the boy would come looking, but her heart had grown not to expect it. There would be less disappointment with zero expectation.

So as she had done time and time again over the course of her life, she moved on and lived for herself…


It was a Saturday morning when, out of the blue, Marie was checking her emails and then her Facebook messages when she found a Rob Hanson in her inbox. At the time she thought nothing of it until she actually read it.

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