Tricked my wife into getting a bang with stranger

I am around 45 years and my wife around 35. Her name is ruby and is probably the sexiest chick who can beat sunny leone and Mallika Arora hollow. I wanted to have some real exciting fuck with her and as she also felt tat sex was hiring I suggested we go to Alibag a place close to Mumbai. We checked into one of those sleazy hotels to get the right environment.

In the evening we went to the beach and she wore on those hot teaser pants which was tight ad showed her panty line. She had a short top with no bra and we roamed hand in hand. We had some drinks and then returned for dinner. There was a DJ night with some sleazy Bollywood songs being played. The crowd was rough and as we danced we could see some boys staring at us. She moved erotically with her sexy moves with hands just touching her crotch. Ruby was high and I liked it. When we sat the two boys came along and asked if they could dance with her and I said no problem. She continued with the same moves as they held her close. One boy called Tom tried touching her ass and she did not seem to mind,
We finished and were to return to our room. I went back and told Tom and his friend Ali that they could have a blast if they wanted as I would be fucking my wife and they could watch across the room. They were thrilled. They must have been in college but looked well trimmed. As I left I heard Ali tell Tom in Hindi, chal hum dekhange kaisi hai ye randi. Gaand to first class hai, aur choot Bhi sexy hoga.
I smiled and went back.
Ruby was now in a short black tight shorts which showed everything and a transparent top. She felt shy when I kept the light on and told her let us go to the balcony and make out. I lit my cigarette and she also lit hers. We had some rum and that made us high. Tom and Ali had kept their lights off and from the corner were observing with their cameras. Once ruby was convinced no one was there I started kissin* her in the moonlight. She was standing there smoking away as I moved my hands on her ass and boobs. I kept saying, darling you are so sexy and I am going to fuck you like mad. She kept giggling as I played with her boobs. I slipped her top off and she was topless now and I turned her towards the opposite house so that the boys could see this sexy bitch. I turned her around and then kissed her and managed her crotch. She reached for my cock and I said, baby, wait for it. So saying I took off her shorts and here she was in the nude in her high heels in the balcony with the moonlight on. I removed my shorts and my cock sprang forth. She held my cock as I made sure the boys had a good view of my wife fully nude in glory of her hot ass and crotch. I used her top to tie her hands and kissed her and signalled to the boys to come along,
You have a surprise darling I said and before I could complete it Tom and Ali climbed up and were feeling her. She was shocked but as Ali put his finger in her cunt she moaned. Naughty boys she said as tom was now kissing her boobs. I went back and sat down and took another cigarette and watched the boys running their hands on my wife.

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They had their cocks out and she smiled when she saw these two thick cocks. Tom turned her around and as she held the railing he shoved his cock in her cunt from behind and kept ramming her. As she moaned, Ali said, behenchod maro choot Ko and kept playing with his cock. Ruby was in a full orgasm as tom spurted I side her cunt. He withdrew and told Ali tha5 it was his turn. Ali asked me and I said, Maro Gand ko and kept sipping m6 drink as Ali fucked her again and burst in her cunt. *
As she tried to sit down, Tom took over and asked to get on her knees and then stuck his cock in her mouth and banged in until he came again. He laughed and told me, thanks a lot . I said okay. But just what. Let s all three fuck her. I will take her cunt, Ali take her mouth and Tom her asshole. So saying we banged all together and she yelled as all three cocks came at one time.
We washed and the ordered some snacks and ruby served us all nude as we got ready for another fuck. One by one we fucked her and Tom and Ali were thankful.

Ruby told me tha5 she enjoyed this and 5hat we should do so often.

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