Erotic Sex With Old Lady – Part1

Hi, I am Raj, age 32 and married person from Karnataka. I like to read indian sex stories from long period. Now I want to share my experience with you. I didn’t expect this could happen in my life. The story happened between me and a 65 year old lady, who stays besides my house.

Naughty milf – part1

Gemma was lying on her bed listening to Jamie her 21 year old son and his friends who were staying laughing in his bedroom, she knew she wanted two of them as everytime they came to her house she would watch them untill they went out, she reached over to her bedside draw and took

Sex with Hydrabad Aunty

I am a guy based out of Hyderabad and this is my first instance of extra marital sex She is in her late 40s, short height, slim and very hot. You won’t believe, she doesn’t look elder than me. I have very good tuning with her since her marriage with my paternal Uncle. We meet