My Experience As CallBoy Part-3 From Hyderabad

Hai this is call boy Praveen. Idhi 3rd client tho jarigina story. Ippati varaku nenu dengina puku lu 50 paine untai. So, evaraina natho denginchukovali ante msg cheyyandi. My Call Boy Experience Part-2 From Hyderabad Fron Ika story loki vellipodha, na 2nd client tarwatha oka msg vachhindi whatsapp lo, hai ani nenu evaru ani adiga. Is

Down the memory lane of a Cabaret dancer

I am Catherine. I am now 70. During my twenties and thirties I was a very successful cabaret dancer. Now when sitting at home alone I recollect those colourful and cheerful days sometimes. I am narrating here my memories of those days for your pleasure. Cabaret dance shows are the night life of western world.