Sucking my cousin’s cock

It’s true that teenagers love to enjoy their days as they want to do something nasty ,guys starts smoking as well as drinking while gals starts their search for lovemate.I have attained the age of 21 years as my too many friends have narrated their story of losing virginity and enjoying physical love with their

Wonderful experience with my Aunt in Bangalore

To all the fans here I am once again dedicating a wonderful experience I had with my own aunty. I had got a very good response from you all for my last story published here. First of all an introduction, I am Abhi working in Bangalore now in an MNC company here. My uncle and

Unique Family — Open minded parents have no issues taking their children

Unique Family — Open minded parents have no issues taking their children.. To say that my family was unique would be an understatement. I was sitting in the living room, sipping on a glass of wine and watching golf on TV. I could hear Debbie, my wife of twenty-four years, moaning her approval from the

Mom and me. Perfect sex

I was 15 when I first overheard my parents saying to each other how good they were in bed. Day would say, “You suck my cock like you love it.”, she would reply, “I do love it and enjoy you dumping that big load down my throat. Then she would say something like, I love