I Hope That We Both Have Girls

I can’t say that I’m really surprised when Danielle handed me divorce papers. Our lives were completely turned upside down ever since that night, when she woke up to find me dumping my load into our 16-year-old daughter. Lindsey had come immediately to my defense. Trying to explain, that it was something that she wanted,

It all started after that massage

I was just about to do some more unpacking when there was a knock on the door. I was in half a mind to ignore it but then there was another knock, this time much louder. Damn, I wasn’t in the mood for uninvited guests. However when I opened the door I was pleasantly surprised.

Hot incest summer: Chaperone daughter’s teen orgy

Hot incest summer: Chaperone daughter’s teen orgy Pt. 2 – The Day after. I awoke the next morning lying flat on my back, dreaming of the night before with daughter Julia and her best friend Hannah (See “Hot Summer Night”). As usual, my cock was hard with a morning woody. The very real dream probably