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Hi friends am vaishu a south Indian girl from tamilnadu now doing my engineering in Mumbai.I love to share my sexual experience  to you friends.This is my first story so please forgive me for my narration and leave your comments on can contact me through gmail and hangouts.
I am vaishali 19 years old girl now staying in Mumbai with my cousins.My body stats are 33-28-34.I have a fair complexion with a curvy figure.I am a normal girl from tamilnadu.When I came to mumbai the city and people were more modern and ultra modern.I was feeling inferiority on myself how am gonna finish my engineering in this city.
Anyhow,I had got a seat in one of the best colleges in the city.Almost one month i was more uncomfortable in college.After that everyone became close to me.I started loving my friends.
We started enjoying in canteen;roaming in college.we are a group of 4 girls and 2 boys.In that 2 boys one is Anup thakur he is the hero of the story.He had lust on me.He often moved closely with me.He will be hugging me daily sometimes brushing my boobs and touching my ass without anyones knowledge.I never felt it intentionally.One fine day i was alone in my class.he came and we were started chit chatting suddenly he kissed my lips.I was shocked but cant ignore him because i loved my first kiss.Then,somehow we broke the kiss he said sorry and i too apologised him.
Months passed again one day he called me and said that his parents were out of,I went to his home in a tshirt and Jeans.He just pulled me and hugged me tightly.My boobs got crushed to his chest.He unbuttoned my jean and inserted his hand in to my panties.He started insering his fingers in my pussy and  ass.I cant control my pleasure and started kissing his lips.I bited his lips and our lip kiss was taking place for almost 10 mins.I removed his shorts and started shaking his cock the precum started oozing out from his cock.
Then we removed all our dress and got ready for sexual pleasure.I lied on the bed and he came above me and kissed me from top of my head to knee.He started licking my pussy wildly.I cant control myself and asked him to start tucking.I took his cock and placed in my pussy hole.when he pushed inside, i jumped in pain.He was fucking me like a bitch and at the end he splashed a heavy load of semen.The hot fluid was flowing all over my body.Almost we had five to sex sessions.
For my next story and your valuable comments kindly contact me on you all guys and girls.

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